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International explorer, archaeologist and author Jonathan Gray has traveled the world to gather data on ancient mysteries. He has penetrated some largely unexplored areas, including parts of the Amazon headwaters. The author has also led expeditions to the bottom of the sea and to remote mountain and desert regions of the world. He lectures internationally.

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Is This Scandal True? 


“Your body… my brains,” she said.

“After the experiment, that’s how we turned out!… Hey, Jonathan, don’t look so shocked.”

I must admit, Carolyn’s “news” got me thinking.

Did Space Giants Experiment With Us?

Has Our Human Race Been Tampered With?

Here’s the greatest scandal… if it’s true!

We are assured by our education system that early man struggled for endless millions of years as a primitive, dumb and stupid creature, unable to accomplish anything on his own.

Then, suddenly one day about 5,000 years ago we find mankind totally sophisticated and mature. He is SUDDENLY using an intricate, high science and technology.
After millions of years of NO technology, how did ignorant man leap overnight, as it were, to produce thousands of scientific wonders, including 64 secrets that were ahead of our 21st century?

You don’t have to be smart to sense there is something wrong here.
So one popular theory has sprung up suggesting that maybe galactic visitors were responsible.

You’ve probably heard this idea. It says aliens crossbred with primates to produce modern man, then left behind all these sophisticated artifacts from their visit.
You have to admit, it’s an interesting theory.

So was this earth really “seeded” with human life by traveling astronauts from a far-away galaxy?

I spent over 12 years researching the little known secrets of all the lost civilizations. And because so many people like yourself have asked about this “alien” idea, I decided to give you the benefit of this research.

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In Dead Men’s Secrets you not only get the answer, which is NO. But also six good scientific reasons to back it up.

There’s not enough space here to give you all those reasons. But here’s one of them.

This “space aliens” theory does not resolve the problem of the origin of intelligence. It only removes it to another planet.

You then have to account for civilizations on two planets, instead of one, and you still have to find out how the first began.

Now naturally, if evolution cannot account for it on this planet, isn’t it equally impossible to explain a more highly intelligent man evolving on some other planet? What do you think?

The whole ebook is downloadable. The download is fast. It takes about 7 minutes. You just follow the instructions step by step. It’s easy, even for a computer illiterate like me.

Dead Men’s Secrets - 1,000 discoveries from lost cities of the dead - is crammed with amazing secrets of our past... forbidden discoveries...forgotten technology.

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Mystery Micro Artifacts startle modern scientists


Ross was trembling with excitement. “You need a microscope to see these!” he exclaimed. “And they’re thousands of years old? How did they do it?”

Oh… I’d better explain. Did you hear the news?

Gold prospectors in the Ural Mountains area of Russia are finding unusual, spiral-shaped artefacts made from copper, tungsten and molybdenum?

In case you didn’t know, today tungsten is used for hardening special steels and for the filaments of light bulbs; molybdenum is used for hardening steel and giving anti-corrosion properties to tools.

But get this. The size of these artefacts range from 1.2 inches (3 cm) down to an incredible 0.003 millimeters. That’s right! They’re MICROSCOPIC!!!

Exact measurements (using electronic microscopes) show that these tiny artefacts are constructed according to the “phi proportion” (also known as the “golden section”).

You’re probably familiar with the “phi proportion”. In ancient times this fraction was the iron rule in geometry and architecture.

These microscopically tiny artefacts are the product of some inexplicable and highly advanced technology from the past. They bear remarkable resemblances to control elements used in micro-miniature devices in our latest technology “nano-machines”.

You know what? Most of these artefacts were found from 10 to 40 feet (3 to 12 meters) underground.

Anyway, they have been examined and analysed at the Russian Academy of Science in Moscow, Syktyvkar, and St Petersburg, as well as the Helsinki Institute (Finland). Declared to be of technological origin, they are dated at thousands of years old.

What do you think? Who, thousands of years ago, was able to manufacture such micro-filigree objects – something our technology is only now just beginning to achieve?

To be frank with you, this was no surprise to me. You see, research through 30 countries for the book Dead Men’s Secrets had already blown me away!

But if only someone had warned me you could be ambushed, slandered and kidnapped for it!

Believe it, this stuff is controversial. It’s in high demand!

This will shake the scientific world!

And you can have this powerful information in your hands NOW.

forbidden secrets from lost cities of the dead…
1,000 ancient facts …
astonishing lost technology.

But let me warn you. Dead Men’s Secrets contains spine-tingling facts to keep you awake at night!

Try it on your friends - and you’ll enjoy endless fun!

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The Man Who Turned to Glass 

“The man was turned to glass? How?”

“Don’t know. But I got out fast!”

Hamilton was back in Calcutta. He sounded like someone gone crazy. But his trader friends had no reason to doubt his story. They knew him to be a man of integrity – and as sane as any of them.

It was the 19th century. The explorer-hunter H.J. Hamilton was in the forest areas between the Indian mountains of Rajmahal and the Ganges.

Hamilton received a substantial shock when he entered a low-domed building.

But it’s better if I let him tell you direct, just as it happened:

“Suddenly the ground gave way under my feet with a curious noise. I got into a safe place and then widened the hole, which had appeared, with my rifle-butt and lowered myself into it.

“I was in a long and narrow corridor which got its light from the space where the dome had split.

“At the bottom I saw a kind of table and chair, made of the same ‘crystal’ as the walls. An odd shape was crouching on the seat, with vaguely human features. Looking at it from close by, I thought it might be a statue damaged in the course of time.

“But then I glanced at something which filled me with horror: under the ‘glass’ which covered that ‘statue’ a skeleton could clearly be seen!”

Well, what do you think of that?

You know, there are many things in this odd world which we may never fathom.

Anyway, there it all was…

Walls, furniture, people – melted, then crystallized.

From research I have undertaken, it appears that no natural burning flame could have produced a heat intense enough to cause this phenomenon. I’m no expert in such things, but there are experts who claim that only the heat released through atomic energy could have done this damage.

I ask you, could this be telling the same story as those ancient radioactive skeletons uncovered in some Indus Valley ruins?

There’s a whole chapter on this subject in my controversial new e-book Dead Men’s Secrets – discovering ancient technology and lost secrets. This is set to shake the foundations of mainstream archaeology.

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HOW TO SAVE PETROL: …an ancient secret?

The other day a man in South Africa emailed asking HOW TO INCREASE CAR MILEAGE BY 85% - as I had hinted in an article on ancient technology.

In case you’re also wondering, here is my reply to him. In modern automobile tests, an ultrasonic reactor attached to the carburetor almost doubled petrol mileage with very little exhaust gas.

This simple gadget was based on a system of harmonic resonance within the atomic structure of liquids. This information comes from the Dead Men’s Secrets e-book (page 303), which speaks of sound wave technology in the ancient world being used to lift massive weights.

In Dead Men’s Secrets, we show a man standing looking up at some giant stone building blocks, weighing as much as 2,000 tons and as big as a bus, which are raised up to two stories above the ground. He is so dwarfed by them that you can hardly see him.

We have no cranes in the world today that can budge, let alone lift and transport, such titanic blocks.

Did you know that ancient reports from Babylon and Egypt speak of sound waves being used to raise heavy weights?

The relationship between sound and weightlessness is still a mystery to us. We are reminded of the Bolivian legend that thousands of years ago vehicles were kept airborne by means of sound vibrations at a certain pitch, produced by continual hammer blows.

Here, perhaps, is the explanation for those technologically impossible prehistoric constructions, many of which seem literally to have been thrown up to the tops of mountains and perched on the edge of precipices, as if the giant stones had flown there!

Additionally, there are many ancient reports of statues and various objects suspended in mid-air or being maneuvered into position while floating in the air.

You’d be amazed at how many such reports have survived. These come to us quite independently from Greece (4th century BC), Egypt (400 AD), Syria (2nd century), Asia Minor (5th century), Tibet, Arabia and Ethiopia.

And would you believe, local native tradition in South America, Ponape, Easter Island and India, concerning ancient ancestors, parallels this.

On the basis of such widespread traditions, I think we need to reconsider the method by which those enormous stone blocks strewn throughout the world were set in place.

The explanation offered by the ancients – who lived closer to the events than we – cannot lightly be brushed aside. Even the legends of their widely separated descendants should at least be given a hearing.

And let me tell you this. Outrageous though individual accounts may sound, a comparison does reveal an interesting thread of agreement running through them all – the concept that heavy objects were made to levitate.

People everywhere are talking about this controversial book, Dead Men’s Secrets. Here’s what two say:

· “I’ve just read it through for the FIFTH time. WOW!” (Pat Brannigan, Los Angeles).

· “This is the best book of its kind I have ever read. You cannot put it down; it keeps intruding into your thoughts.” (Ron Davies, London)

You really owe it to yourself to get your copy – while the 6 FREE bonuses are still being given away. People are saying I’m too generous and I must admit, I’ve thought about NOT giving all these other books away free.

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This guy has uncovered some amazing facts. As part of my ongoing program to find the absolute best information for you to enjoy, this is without doubt at the top of my list.

The resource is Dead Men’s Secrets – with 1,000 forbidden discoveries, forgotten technology and controversial ancient secrets. It’s crammed with surprises from our past.

I highly recommend that you check this out. I think you’ll SEE the world as you’ve never seen it before. You’ll discover ANSWERS you never had. You’ll gain a new ENJOYMENT, stimulation and challenge.

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I tell you, as soon as I saw this, I was blown away! …

It was like dropping down suddenly onto some unknown planet… And I think I felt that same swelling excitement… but in fact it was just this earth of ours 5,000 years ago… in its forbidden past, bubbling with surprises.

  • forbidden discoveries,
  • forgotten technology and
  • controversial ancient secrets.

But let me say, this information was so incredibly powerful, it can change your life …forever!

The resource is Dead Men’s Secrets – a collection of discoveries from lost cities of the dead …with 1,000 forgotten secrets.

Step by step, Dead Men’s Secrets strips bare our secret past. And you discover a lost super science emerging from the seafloor, jungle and desert sands all over the world. You’ll find this an incredible experience!

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You may be shocked to discover how real-life archaeology tramples evolution theory. It may make you a little angry to discover we’ve been cheated out of important knowledge about our past!!!

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You know what? I’ve found this INCREDIBLE website on secrets of the lost civilizations. 
I was blown away!

It was like dropping down onto some unknown planet… and I think I felt that same swelling excitement… but in fact it was just this earth of ours 5,000 years ago… in its forbidden past, sizzling with surprises.

This site is crammed with

  • forbidden discoveries,
  • forgotten technology, and
  • controversial ancient secrets.

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In various parts of the world are mysterious ancient tunnels under deserts and mountain ranges. 

Who drilled them?
Why were they made?
What were they used for?
Where are they?
Why haven’t we heard much about them?
Does anybody live in them today?
Who has been inside, exploring them…
and come back out again?

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Did you know about the scandal that’s going on in the scientific world today?

It’s a scandal that is cheating you and your family of many serious benefits you should be getting from existing scientific knowledge.

You have probably been cheated – with misinformation – many times this year without you ever knowing!

Here’s how to crack secrets from our past that will blow your mind… an amazing collection of lost buried treasures, mysteries, and scientific secrets.

Is it true that discoveries in archaeology are overthrowing the evolution theory?


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Did you know about the mystery satellite orbiting the earth, but not put there by any modern nation?

And the 15 minute ancient”movie” of luminous pictures that activates each day as the sun sets over the Onega River in Russia?

Discover the two 70 foot towers in Ahmedabad, India, that sway to and fro in rhythm with each other.

How does a bird in the Andes turn hard rock to be soft like putty? Did the ancients know this formula?

The secret of a vast artificial tunnel in a remote corner of Ecuador, which was explored by astronaut Neil Armstrong..


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This is the most amazing archaeology book you’ll EVER see!


Dead Men’s Secrets … an assemblage of astonishing discoveries from lost cities of the dead… crammed with over 1,000 forgotten secrets.

Dead Men’s Secrets strips bare are secret past. And reveals an unknown, lost super science emerging from the seafloor, jungle and desert sands all over the world.

I (J. Gray) highly recommend this book.

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This may be about the most astonishing thing you ever heard - A CITY 6,000 FEET UNDER THE SEA!

But if you'll be patient with me, there's something else you may be      interested in first... 

The Swedish research ship "Albatross" had just returned from a peaceful reconnaissance in the South Atlantic. 

Had you peeped through a lattice window in a little house outside Stockholm, you might have seen two men, one ofthem bearded, huddled across a table, engaged in lively talk. 

One of them, in fact, looked almost wild-eyed.  But, knowing him as a well-balanced, sober man, you would have to admit that whatever it was that now had him so excited must be something extraordinary. 

"I swear to you, it's incredible!  Do you know, we were sounding the seabed 700 miles east of Brazil.  And we brought up core samples of fresh-water plants!  Can you believe that!  And do you know how deep they were?  Three thousand metres!"   

The speaker was Professor Hans Pettersson, who had led the expedition. 

And he added: "These samples actually contained micro-organisms, twigs, plants and even tree bark."  


Within a similar time frame, discussion was hot in London. Coral had been recovered from depths of over 3,000 feet (1,000 metres) in mid-Atlantic Ocean sites.  Now we all know that coral grows only close to sea level. 

So in London, England, someone else was making a chilling diagnosis: "Either the seabed dropped thousands of feet or the sea rose mightily."  


Meanwhile, at Columbia University in the U.S.A., Professor Maurice Ewing, a prominent marine geologist, was reporting on an expedition that had descended to submerged plateaus at a depth of 5,000 feet. 

"It's quite amazing," he said.  "At 5,000 feet down, they discovered prehistoric beach sand.  It was brought up in one case from a depth of nearly three and one half miles, far from any place where beaches exist today. 

"One deposit was 1,200 miles from the nearest land." 

As we all know, sandy beaches form from waves breaking on the edge of the coastal rim of the seas.  Beach sand does not form deep down on the ocean bottom. 

Then Ewing dropped his bombshell:  "Either the land must have sunk 2 or 3 miles or the sea must have been 2 or 3 miles lower than now. Either conclusion is startling."  


These facts mean one of two things: either there was a mighty ocean bed subsidence (unexplainable by orthodox science), or else a huge (likewise unexplained) addition of water to the ocean. 

Let's briefly consider these.  

1. Sudden subsidence  

Much of the landscape that is now drowned by the ocean still has sharp, fine profiles.  But these sharp, fine profiles would have been eroded, and the lava covering the ocean floor would have decayed if all this rocky terrain had been immersed in sea water for more than 15,000 years.   

You see, chemical and mechanical forces are very destructive. Sharp edges and points can be ground down and blunted by abrasion, erosion, and the action of waves.   

But the entire seabed below the present surf zone has retained its sharpness of profile.  Had the subsidence taken place gradually, chemical and other forces would have ground down this sharp profile within a few hundred years. 

If the land had sunk slowly, even the surf would have worn away these profiles.  No, it was a rapid subsidence, if a subsidence it was. 

This sudden collapse of an area covering many millions of square miles does not support a gradual sinking, but rather a cataclysmic event. 

Such subsidence is perfectly in keeping with the centuries-long adjustments that occurred after the Great Flood trauma.   

2. Pre-Flood sea level lower  

However, some of the data strongly suggest that the sea level actually was several thousand feet lower than at present - that there was LESS WATER in the ocean at one time.  These discoveries suggest that we are uncovering evidence of a former sea level! 

But this would call for a relatively sudden increase of 30 percent in the volume of the ocean.  The compelling question is, WHERE DID THIS WATER COME FROM?  Few geologists can bring themselves to answer this. 

Obviously, melting ice sheets could never have contained enough water to raise the ocean level thousands of feet.  So we can forget melting ice sheets being the cause.  


Now for another surprise.  This time the excitement was in the Pacific.  The year was 1965.  A research vessel named "Anton Brunn" was investigating the Nazca Trench, off Peru. 

The sonar operator called for the captain. "I don't know what to make of this," he murmured.  "Around here, the ocean floor is all mud bottom.  But just take in these sonar recordings... unusual shapes on the ocean floor!  I'm puzzled." 

"Better lower a camera," came the order. 

At a depth of 6,000 feet a photograph revealed huge upright pillars and walls, some of which seemed to have writing on them.  In other nearby locations, apparently artificially shaped stones lay on their sides, as though they had toppled over. 

The crew rubbed their eyes and kept staring.  Could this really be? ...the remains of a city under a mass of water more than a mile deep! 

Was it overwhelmed suddenly by some gigantic disaster?  And now it was buried under 6,000 feet of ocean? 

If you would like to know more about  the world BEFORE the Great Flood,   Click here >>

That lost world was like a paradise, in many ways.  It was different beyond our wildest dreams.  Yet it was a REAL WORLD.  As real as ours. 

Secrets of that forgotten world BEFORE the great disaster

This picks up …WHERE Dead Men’s Secrets LEFT OFF

  • Was Antarctica once a tropical paradise?
  • Did man really know the secret of eternal youth?
  • Did giant humans really stalk the planet?
  • Where did all the different races come from?
  • Is there really a carbon dating cover-up?
  • The astonishing truth about the ages of stalactites,
    sandy beaches and canyons

Jonathan Gray

Can you explain….........HOUSES INSIDE COAL?



My head is whirling at the thought of it. Can you imagine - two miles down inside a coal mine - an ancient building!!! That's right... inside he coal.  

Yes, I promise you we'll get into that in a minute. But first, what do you think of these?: 

  • Western Australia:  In 1975, water drillers 80 miles from Perth struck concrete 30 feet below the surface.  Investigation proved the existence of a concrete wall. 
  • France:  At Aix-en-Provence, from 1786 to 1788, coins, stumps of columns and other worked stones, were discovered 50 feet down, below eleven beds of compact limestone. 
  • Kentucky:  At Blue Lick Springs, underground, below the remains of a prehistoric mastodon, was discovered a pavement of cut-stone tiles. 
  • Ohio:  In the autumn of 1868, in a strip of coal mine operated by Captain Lucy near Hammondsville, at 100 feet below ground a large mass of coal fell into the shaft, unmasking a large, smooth, slate wall covered with inscriptions similar to hieroglyphics, in lines about three inches apart.  Crowds flocked to see this marvel.  By the time qualified scientists got there with proper equipment, the slate had crumbled in the air and the writing was destroyed. 
  • Pennsylvania:  In November 1829, in a quarry twelve miles northwest of Philadelphia, at a depth of 69-70 feet below ground, a block of marble was found, which bore an indentation containing the raised alphabet characters 'I' and 'U'.'  The discovery was authenticated by several reliable witnesses and two years later an illustration appeared in the American Journal of Science, vol.19, p.361. 
  • Omaha, Nebraska:  About 130 feet underground, coalminers found a carved slab of rock.  The marks on it divided the shape into diamonds.  In the centre of each diamond was an engraving of a human face.  The earth had not been disturbed - and the coal was dated at 300 million years.  (Omaha Daily News, 1897) 
    All right, here is what I promised you... TWO MILES UNDER - COVERED IN COAL! 
  • Oklahoma:  In 1928, in coal mine No. 5, near Heavener, at a depth of two miles, miners encountered a wall composed of 12 inch cube concrete blocks.  The blocks were so smooth and polished on the outside that all six sides acted as mirrors.  A solid wall was exposed.  About 100 to 150 yards further down the shaft, the same wall or one very similar was uncovered. 


When they reported the discovery to the mining officers, the men were pulled out of that mine and sent to another mine.  That part of the mine was then filled up.   

Hey, what's going on here? Who's afraid these things will get known? 


There are just two ways you can understand this: 

  1. EITHER civilized man (the grand finale of so-called evolution) was on earth BEFORE the "coal age" (up to 300 million years ago) 
  2. OR coal was NOT laid down 300 million years ago, but very recently, after civilized man. 

Either way, the evolution sequence is in trouble. 

So what is the truth... REALLY?  Is this something to think about?  

You will appreciate that to present you with the truth convincingly and with sufficient evidence to do it justice, is impossible in such a brief article. So I won't try.

But if you really want to dig into this further, click here for these and many more astonishing facts - and gives answers with hard evidence.  

Yes, can you imagine it? My head is still whirling! As deep as two miles (3.2 kilometres) underground!  We're dealing with a deep mystery here concerning our civilized ancestors.

Jonathan Gray

Ten years’ research uncovers secrets of our planet DURING the Great Disaster
The big event, step by step

YOU CAN’T AFFORD TO MISS this gripping sequel to The Killing Of... PARADISE PLANET


Here are two SHOCKING answers to two outrageous questions...


This whole thing started when Fred (my neighbour) plopped down on my porch. And he asked me, "Did you see that TV program that said the Amazon jungle was several million years old?"

"Yes," I responded. "But, Fred, what if it's only 3,000 years old?"

"You're having me on," he laughed. "Why, everyone knows..."

No, I'm not kidding.

Were you aware that huge stone cities, very ancient, with paved streets and tall pyramids choked with forest, have been sighted in the Amazon jungle by several explorers in recent years?

These mysterious cities were built when the climate in the Amazon basin was more temperate and the rivers drained a fertile area, but BEFORE the jungle took over.

Some of their ruins have been seen, so this is not fantasy. Many of their alphabetic letters are identical with those of the Phoenicians and Greeks, 3,000 and 4,000 years ago.

Did you know that when cities were first built in South America, the whole Amazon basin was a shallow inland sea? And some Brazilian scientists say they have evidence that this Amazon Sea existed AS RECENTLY AS 1200 BC?


In those early days, when South America was still free of jungle, the human race had already settled and built a civilisation.

Perhaps you have no idea how wonderful and elaborate these cities were. The citizens wall-papered their houses with thin sheets of beaten gold. You can see further details in the book Dead Men's Secrets. Click here for more information.

The cities were built by people with fine features. They used gold coinage and operated fleets. Their buildings were of shining white stone. Their cities boasted magnificent plazas, paved streets, ornamented temples, round-topped pyramids, mansions and fountains. They erected lighthouses and used lenses and reflectors, the elements of the telescope.

And the cities were walled - not against savages, but the mighty gulf, or sea, of the Maranon (the Amazon Sea).

According to native traditions, they used a light source akin to our electric bulb.


Recently a scientific "expert" wrote that the Amazon jungle has been there for millions of years, that only primitives have lived there.

Traditional "experts", I fear me, often constitute near tragedy.

Little of what is known has found its way into textbooks. Our sacred theory of evolution is at risk if this information gets out.

The truth is: Overwhelming evidence exists that South America was well known in antiquity. Before the jungle took over, it was resplendent with great cities.
Mighty empires spanned the continent. They knew how to write.
And global communication in the distant past equalled that of modern times.
It is abundantly clear that history needs to be rewritten.


This raises THE SECOND QUESTION: why do primitive tribes worldwide have NO traditions of having evolved UPfrom a sub-human past, but rather that they DE-volved from superior ancestors?

Here is the truth. After the cities were destroyed by earthquakes, volcanism or war, the survivors degenerated into a primitive lifestyle.

Before long, the green forest covered the whole landscape.
Many ancient traditions survive of an advanced culture which flourished thousands of years ago to the north and west of the Brazilian highlands.

Their descendants are now scattered as primitive tribes throughout the jungle.


Again, traditional "experts" tell us that writing was unknown in South America.

Wrong again!

Books of wonderfully executed paintings and hieroglyphics have been found among naked Panos savages of the deep Peruvian forests near the gorge of the Ucayle, in the Amazon headwaters, in the eighteenth century. The Indians explained that the books, handed down, contained a history of events in the days of their ancestors.

The pages of fine cotton, in external appearance resembling modern quarto leaves, were bound with a cover, glued together and fastened by agave threads.

One of these ancient books was acquired by Fray Narcissus Gilbar and sent to Lima to be inspected by P. Cisneros, compiler of a periodical called El Mercurio Peruano. A number of people inspected it.

Every page was covered in paintings and organised lines of hieroglyphic style characters.

So here we have modern savages, living in a primitive state, but with a heritage passed down from superior ancestors.

In an article as brief as this it is impossible to reveal very much and also provide evidence, but if you are interested to know more, click here

Evolution? No, de-volution. That's the pattern, worldwide.

Oh boy, I'm in for it now!

* * *

Introducing to you BOOK 3 of this series: The Corpse CAME BACK!

Book 1 – The Killing Of... PARADISE PLANET  lays out stunning
evidence of a once-global paradise, with a temperature-controlled climate, idyllic landscape and long-lived human giants… but a super culture ready to wipe itself out.
The world BEFORE the Great Flood of 2345 BC

Image source: National Geographic

Book 2 – SURPRISE WITNESS  shows what happened DURING that great Deluge - the cosmic calamity that ripped the Earth to shreds and wiped out the original Mother Civilization.
Not only were the antedeluvian people buried, but their technological achievements were destroyed, including all
form of machinery and construction. The skeptic may shout himself hoarse. But this event surely happened. We have evidence that is more substantial than for any other event of history.

Book 3 – The Corpse CAME BACK! Now comes the fast moving, fascinating story of the settling down of Planet Earth AFTER the Flood, and its effect upon human history.


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