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   Lost Civilizations

Links to sites dealing with Atlantis and other legendary lost civilizations.

The Golden Age Project
This site has been set up by the Patrick Foundation, an independent research organisation, to provide a down to earth, common sense base, for all those open minded people who seek the highest standards of information on human origins, history and human relations subjects.

Jim Alison's Geodesy Site
This site presents Jim Alison's fascinating investigation of the geodetic relationships between ancient cultural centres, and highlights  'Atlantis-candidates' suggested by geodetic analysis.

Gilbert De Jong
The webpage of Gilbert De Jong, a dutch landscape designer with a penchant for the unexplained. His balanced personal exploration takes on 'quest' proportions, and he discusses various mysteries, some familiar to us, others not. Most intriguing of all is his placing of Atlantis at El Fuerte - the site on the Canary Islands recently brought to the world's attention by Thor Heyerdahl - using the Piri Re'is map as evidence.

The creators of this site believe Atlantis is to be found beneath the South China Sea, and have attempted to provide evidence to support this claim.

Rand and Rose Flem-Ath are the authors of When The Sky Fell (1995) and Rand's new book, Atlantis Blueprint, co-authored with Colin Wilson, will be published by Little Brown in Fall 2000. This site deals with important and controversial subjects like crust shift and ice cap melt rates, but is made wonderfully easy for the layperson with excellent maps and diagrams.

Cutting edge research of satellite imagery analysis used in the search for remains of Atlantis.  New online magazine. The images include, pyramids in the Bahamas, a large triangle off the coast of FL and an apparent roadway off the coast of FL.  All finds are underwater!    

Satellite Discoveries is releasing a new find off the Berry Islands chain in the Bahamas. The find consists of several large, underwater, terraformed triangles to the West of the Berry Islands and North of the Andros Island. An approximation of the scale of the main Berry Island triangles reveals this feature to be 24 miles on it's longer side and over 13 miles on one of it's shorter sides. Could these features be evidence for a highly advanced technological culture that existed over 10,000 years ago? Satellite Discoveries plans to unveil more features in the Bahamas region that appear to point to an advanced ancient culture, quite possibly a portion of the Lost Civilization of Atlantis.

Earth From Space (NASA)
The NASA Space Shuttle Earth Observations Photography database of over 400,000 images is a national treasure.
This site contains selected photos and related captions to provide a glimpse of this national treasure to the public.

Lost Civilizations - More Links

Archaeology and Alternative Archaeology

  • World Ages Archive.com
    The aim of the WorldAgesArchive.com is to provide an extensive web-based reference source for the study of the various ground breaking fields of ancient chronological revisionism, catastrophism, and the Afrocentric discourse.
    Largely inspired by the works of Immanuel Velikovsky, the site centres on the book Planet of the Greeks: The Great Time Warp of History by Meres J. Weche. Several links also provide some important background on the debates and controversies covered in the book. Among those, the readers are encouraged to familiarise themeselves with the history of chronological revisionism, the Velikovsky Affair, as well as the ever-growing controversy surrounding the debate on Martin Bernal's Black Athena book series.

    This is a list of links listed under heading such as: 'Serious Archaeology', 'Cult Archaeology', 'Ancient Maps', 'Pyramidiots' and 'The Archaeology of Roman Britain'. 

    Slightly more anthropological in nature, but no less intriguing, the skulls mentioned in the URL were found at Ica in Peru over the last few years and their shape seems to suggest any number of possibilities concerning the arrival of people into the Americas. 

     Explore the Sacred Sites
    Explorer-anthropologist Martin Gray has spent 18 years as a wandering pilgrim visiting, studying and photographing over 1000 sacred sites in 80 countries around the world. 

    A serious study of one of the more well-known and intriguing of phenomea: the Mayans and their incredible calendar. Clearly set up by scholars with enthusiasm, this is given a more original twist that many in the search for the truth.

    Dr. Thor Heyerdahl
    This is the web-site of Dr. Thor Heyerdahl who has been conducting research on the pre-history of the Guanche, the native peoples of the Canary Islands. Part of Heyerdahl's mission is to "promote the spirit of open-mindedness and curiosity". Heyerdahl seems adamant not to want to speculate but let the reader decide.

    The Society for Interdisciplinary Studies
    Site of the The Society for Interdisciplinary Studies, a UK-based organisation with worldwide membership, formed in response to a growing interest in the works of modern catastrophists who have stimulated controversy in the fields of cosmology, geology, catastrophism and ancient history. SIS releases two journals per year, sent to members, but it also publishes reports on the web.

    Mysterious Places
    Dedicated to Mysterious Places, as the URL suggests. It has easy to browse links to colorful and informative pages on many of the archaeological sites.

    Mythical Ireland
    Great site about prehistoric Ireland, with a focus on megaliths and Neolithic astronomy. The stuff on the huge megalithic complex at Knowth is especially fascinating - the site was designed to capture the sunlight in a special way only at the equinoxes. There are some wonderful photos taken there at the September 22nd 2000 equinox, and of many other things.

    Angkor Resources
    This simple site contains very useful research resources relating to the fabulous temples at Angkor, Cambodia.

    James Q. Jacobs - Photo Stock, Mesoamerica, Andes, Anthropology, Astronomy and more...

  • 2012 - Daily science news from an alternative viewpoint - topics include archaeology, cataclysms, ancient mysteries, cosmic rays and evolution.
  • Alternative Archaeology - Alternative Archaeology is a nonprofit organization dedicated to uniting the alternative community and giving serious, unbiased, scientific inquiry into anomalies of ancient civilization.
  • Analyzing the Vinland Map - Interactive presentation of evidence in chemistry, cartography, pigments, and archeology, bearing on the question of the authenticity (or lack of it) of the allegedly 15th-century map showing "Vinland".
  • Ancient Mysteries - Various mysteries, including drawing of ancient flying machines, astronomy, ancient structures and evidence of electricity, hieroglyphs, and geoglyphs.
  • Archaeological Cover-ups - Evidence of anomalous archaeological artifacts from around the world.
  • Archaeological Forgeries - Shinichi Fujimura, the Vinland Map, the Piltdown Man, Kensington Stone, and other archaeological fakes.
  • Archaeology, Astronautics and SETI Research Association - Includes comprehensive information on the subject of astroarchaeology and extraterrestrials on earth. Very connected to Erich von Däniken and his ideas.
  • Aspects of the Ancient Past - Ian Alex Blease is critical of author Graham Hancock's theories of a lost civilisation and views Atlantis as a metaphor.
  • Blekinge's Most Ancient Runic Inscriptions - Örjan Svensson presents a new interpretation of remarkable Old Futhark inscriptions in Blekinge, Sweden, in the light of Kjell Aartun's assertion that Old Futhark inscriptions are manifestations of a Semitic fertility cult.
  • Doug's Archaeology Site: Skeptical views of fringe archaeology - A skeptical archaeology site. It contains references to other sites and articles not found elsewhere which expose 'cult' or 'fringe' archaeology. Highly recommended.
  • Earthlore Explorations - Cultural legacies of our world. Features include gothic dreams, earthlore from Ireland, mythic worlds, mysteries of lost and hidden histories.
  • Easter Island - Featuring the island in the South Pacific with the big weird statues. Did the inhabitants of the island do that or did space aliens leave the statues as a marker?
  • Edo Nyland's Linguistic Archaeology - Some new ideas about the origins of many of the languages of the world and the whereabouts of Odysseus. In depth articles.
  • Farshores Ancient Dimensions - Regular updates of news and articles on the subject of ancient mysteries, including lost civilizations, out-of-place artifacts, ancient technology.
  • How to survive 2012? - All the facts about the coming pole shift in relation to the ancients Egyptians and Maya.
  • LexiLine - Original ideas regarding ancient civilizations, archaeoastronomy, Stonehenge and biblical mysteries.
  • Mathematical Methods of the Historical Dating - Investigation of the correctness of the historical dating developed using mathematical and computer based methods.
  • Mid-Atlantic Geomancy - Explores the realm where human consciousness meets and dialogues with the Spirit of the Earth. Archeaoastronomy, dowsing and sacred geometry
  • MOM and Atlantis, Mammoths, and Crustal Shift - From the Talk.Origins newsgroup archive, disputing the "facts" of The Mysterious Origins of Man tv series
  • MOM and Oronteus Finaeus Map of 1532 - Disputing the "facts" of The Mysterious Origins of Man tv series, with references
  • Museum of Unnatural Mystery - Are there really flying saucers? What killed the dinosaurs? Is there something ancient and alive in Loch Ness? The Museum takes a scientific look at these, and other, questions.
  • Mysteries of Ancient History and Archaeology - Follow the traces of the famous Amazons, the ancient history of Malta and the enigmatic culture of the Berbers
  • Mysteries of History Solved! Phaistos Disk decipherment - The Massey Twins present their original research on the Phaistos Disk and other ancient mysteries. Includins "Mysteries of History Solved!", an ebook describing the complete decipherment project.
  • Mysterious Earth - MysteriousEarth.com is a web-log of myriad investigations into civilization's forgotten past.
  • Mysterious Places - Mali, Easter Island, Stonehenge, Chichen Itza, and other ancient civiliations and sacred sites in a visually stunning and thought provoking site.
  • Mystery Park - A theme park in Interlaken devised by the Erich von Däniken Foundation to present the unexplained phenomena of the world. News, sponsors, construction pictures.
  • Mystic Places - Explore three of the world's most enigmatic places...Easter Island, Nazca Lines, and Stonehenge. Lots of photos and commentary for each place.
  • Mythology's MythingLinks: Land: Sacrality & Lore - Collection of links to sites featuring sacred landscapes, stone circles, labyrinths, spiral mounds and mountains.
  • Paleolithic Art Magazine - Promotes acknowledgment and interpretation of paleolithic art everywhere in the world, and of the origins of Man. In English and Italian.
  • Pharoah Hercules - Herodotus wrote about Hercules as being Ethiopian and Egyptian in origin. This book excerpt reveals that Hercules was actually of African descent.
  • Places of Peace and Power - Photographs, writings and theories regarding sacred sites, power places, pilgrimage traditions, and ancient mysteries by anthropologist, photographer, and world traveler Martin Gray.
  • Polynesian Pathways - Article by Peter Marsh explores the origins of the people of Polynesia. Includes a location map.
  • Satellite Discoveries - Analyzes satellite imagery for the use of archaeological discovery. Underwater objects, Giza face and the like.
  • Science Frontiers Digest of Scientific Anomalies - Online editions of the bi-monthly Science Frontiers digest, produced by William R. Corliss
  • So, Pyramids, or Something Else? - From Pravda, a joint expedition of Russian and Uzbek archaeologists has discovered several ancient pyramids in Uzbekistan.
  • Stone Coins Tools and Weapons Discovered in Ludhiana India - Indian veterinarian's illustrated interpretation of items he has collected.
  • Sussex Archaeology and Folklore - Covers the archaeology, earth mysteries, ghosts and folklore of the county of Sussex, England in great detail.
  • The Amazons of Lemnos - Connections between Amazonian myth and the Greek island Lemnos.
  • The Daily Grail - Descriptive links to news items concerning esoterica, including ancient mysteries.
  • The Golden Age Project - Human origins, Garden of Eden, an alternative Genesis, Atlantis - New Age/Elohim religious perspective, books available
  • The Great Pyramid and the Bible - Chronology from the beginning of Creation to the end of the World
  • The Noise Room - Rob Speight gathers news and information on modern mysteries, ancient history and the new research. Affiliate book sales.
  • The Sacred Landscape - Catherine Yronwode's collection of illustrated essays on sacred sites, sacred geometry, archaeoastronomy, and vernacular sacred architecture.
  • The Signposts Perspectives: 700 Million BC - 50,000 BC - A timeline of facts and possibilities regarding lost civilizations and technologies, prehistoric catastrophism and evolutionary twists.
  • The Talk.Origins Archive: Catastrophism FAQs - Arguments for and against Catastrophic theories
  • Roman Coins: http://www.forumancientcoins.com
    Description = We have more than 2500 ancient coins from a wide array of ancient cultures, including hundreds of coins from ancient Rome and ancient Greece


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