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  • Stone Pages
    Presents a comprehensive guide to Europe's stone circles, dolmens, standing stones, cairns, barrows and hill forts.
  • Heathen Monuments
    Legends about ancient alters, graves, megaliths, mounds, rune stones and other such monuments.
  • Dolmens in Denmark 
    Photographs of Danish megaliths.
  • 2Stonehenge - A short introduction to Stonehenge, including general information, Ley Lines. and the Summer Solstice
  • Ancient Ireland, Unexplained Mysteries, Pyramids, Megaliths - Examines construction similarities between Ireland's megaliths of 3500BC and Egypt's pyramids. Includes images of the winter solstice at the Newgrange megalithic site.
  • Ancient Celtic New Zealand - A book about New Zealand, of an archaeo-astronomical nature, concerning ancient Celtic, pre-Polynesian inhabitants, showing stone and astronomical observatories that relate to Stonehenge.
  • Dolmen restorers from the future - A group of space spanning, go getting, futuristic, stone age to rock age dolmen restorers who wish to revive interest in our megalithic heritage
  • Earth Rod - A documentary fim company based interested in megalithic landscapes. Photo gallery, art gallery, mazes.
  • Heathen Monuments - Legends and tales of numerous standing stones and other Pagan monuments
  • Megaliths, An Answer to Rising Sea Level? - Claude Lantz proposes that the megaliths might have been erected as an answer to the rise of the ocean level: a cult towards heavenly bodies which govern seasons and tides.
  • - A site by Anthony Sakovich dedicated to gathering and disseminating information about ancient megalithic cultures and their technological achievements. His personal passion is for megalithic construction, so it is around this topic that most of the works center.
  • Metalithic Grids, Blood & Cannibals on Mars - A theory about a global grid of megaliths and how its architects could have been Martian gods who sacrificed humans at the sites and fled the earth before the biblical flood.
  • Mysterious Malta - Amazon Research Subscriber Network proposes that women had a leading position in the culture that created the megalithic temples of Malta. Photographs and commentary on monuments and statues.
  • Mystery Hill: America's Stonehenge? - Illustrated description of a megalithic site 40 miles north of Boston, USA, with theories of its builders and use, from The Museum of Unnatural Mystery.
  • Needles Of Stone - Web-publication of a 1970s book by Tom Graves which proposed a purpose for stone circles, standing stones and megalithic remains - from a dowsing/acupuncture viewpoint
  • On Dr. Anthony Perks' Stonehenge As A Symbolic Vulva Theory - About Dr. Anthony Perks' Stonehenge theory that this ancient monolithic structure was designed to symbolically represent the vulva aka vagina of the "Earth Goddess" when viewed from the sky.
  • Stonehenge Clones and Metaphorms - Stonehenge has given rise to many replicas in the United States of America. Pics and information.
  • Stones of Wonder - An online guidebook to prehistoric monuments in Scotland which have orientations to the sun, moon or stars.
  • The Geo Group - Modern day stone circle building. The group encourages and promotes the creation of sacred spaces and environmental art for the purposes of world peace and planetary healing.
  • The Sacred Island - Chambered cairns, mythology, astronomy and megalithic art of Ireland.
  • The Womb of Ceridwen - An essay about the folklore of Pentre Ifan based on work published by Julia Murphy of the Department of Archaeology at the University of Wales.


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