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  Ancient Egypt

    This amazing site has won a host of awards. It contains reference information on ancient Egypt, up-to-date information on Egyptological events and museum sites and exhibits, as well as a chat-room and a bulletin board. It uses photographs and special panoramic animations to put across the feel of the major ancient Egyptian sites. 
    The official web-site of Dr. Zahi Hawass, Egyptian undersecretary of the State for the Giza Monuments, can be found on this site at the address below.
  • Newton Institute
    This is an Egyptology resources site that was developed with the help of the prestigious Newton Institute, Cambridge. It claims to receive around 2 million hits per year, and is full of interesting news bulletins and useful links regarding Egyptology.
  • Rudolf Gantenbrink
    This is the web-site of Rudolf Gantenbrink, the man behind the Upuaut robot designed to investigate the so-called 'air shafts' in the Pyramid of Cheops. The site contains a complete report of this project, including CAD graphics and photographs.
  • Pre-Dynastic Egypt and Human Evolution
    The pages on this site are a real pleasure to read. They discuss two topics, Pre-Dynastic Egypt and Human Evolution, with great clarity and balance.
    A great site full of resources to aid any study of myths and legends, including links to online dictionaries, encyclopaedias, and specific articles organised by geographical region.
  • The Rostau site
    The Rostau site, dedicated to the mysteries of the Giza plateau. There are three articles here at the moment, including one on a stone circle and mound that existed at the location of Pepi II's Pyramid Complex prior to its construction.
  • EgyptWorld
    This is the EgyptWorld web-site, with a neat animated introduction and interface. It contains a virtual museum focusing on the Pyramids and Ancient Egyptian art. In addition there is a selection of multimedia teaching clips, a discussion forum, a guide to other interesting sites and real-life museums, and even a java game in which you can test your ability as a Pharoah.
    A wonderfully interactive new site, which looks in depth at the astronomical implications of the Great Pyramid, but also claims to answer in less detail various conundrums of our past, from the Maya to the riddle of Easter Island. Good fun, even if you don't necessarily agree with all the conclusions.
  • The Death of Gods in Ancient Egypt
    Jane Sellers is primarily an author on ancient Egyptian belief systems, and her work is central to those interested in the mythology behind the unique dynastic folklore that we still do not fully understand. Her work is recognized as important in the field. Her book on display here is The Death of Gods In Ancient Egypt. The site is still in development, so plenty more is yet to come.
  • John Anthony West's Official Website
    West and his geologist colleague, Robert Schoch, caused a storm in the early 1990s by arguing that the erosion of the Sphinx implies an age thousands of years greater than that conventionally accepted.
    This unorthodox dating of the Sphinx has stood up extremely well in the face of biting attacks (more from egyptologists than geologists), and remains one of the strongest pillars of evidence for the "lost civilisation".
  • The Temple of Abydos
    Site dealing with this ancient Egyptian religious centre, "the city of the djed".
  • The Great Pyramid
    Page dealing with the Great Pyramid. Contains some nice photos.
  • Ancient Chronology - This list is dedicated to discussing the Neo-Courville Interpretation, i.e., the view that the Middle Bronze 1 (or EB-MB) pottery horizon represents the biblical Exodus and Conquest.
  • Ancient Egypt - An interesting site with pictures,facts and theories about a great civilization that lasted for over 4000 years and yet we find that there are mysteries to this civilization that still await discovery.
  • Ancient Egyptian Ethnographic Mural - The Ancient Egyptian ethnographic mural found in the tomb of Rameses III, and where the Egyptians were in the ethnic universe. Link to other select sites.
  • Ancient Egyptian Flying Vehicles - Images found on the ceiling beams of a 3000-year old New Kingdom Temple, Abydos, are purportedly of ancient aircraft.
  • Ancient Metropolis Hidden Under Giza? - Interpreting subsurface images as evidence of hi-tech survivors of previous civilisations.
  • Ascending Passage - A commentary and directory of Ancient Egypt with discussion of anomalous archaeological sites and the secrets of Egyptian spirituality. Includes photos.
  • Astronomy in Senmut's tomb. Secret of megalithic temples in Egypt and on Malta - astronomical calculations and pictures concerning to astrophysical secret of Senmut's tomb- it is tied also with Dendera's Zodiac, megalithic temples in Egypt. Astronomy in Egypt
  • David Rohl: New Chronology - At the heart of David Rohl's work is a radical reassessment of Old World chronology which has become known as the 'New Chronology'.
  • Edgar Cayce, Clairvoyant (1877-1945) - Biography and predictions including those concerning the Hall of Records and the Sphinx. From Morgana's Observatory.
  • Flying in Ancient Egypt - A bird statuette found in a pyramid has the qualities of an aeroplane, according to Dr.Khalil Messiha. Photographs and description.
  • Mysteries of Ancient Egypt - Investigates the possible origins of the pyramids and Sphinx.
  • Open Cheops! - Site presents new theory based on observable features and repeatable mathematical facts. Shows an entrance to Cheops, introduces an interior ramp method of construction, illustrates the scientific and not religious nature of Cheops.
  • Rediscover Ancient Egypt - Aims to promote, encourage, and facilitate the study of ancient Egypt in an alternative way.
  • René Schwaller de Lubicz - Article on the man and his work by Gary Lachman in Quest Magazine. Lubicz argued that Egyptian civilization was motivated by a central metaphysical vision.
  • Secret of ancient megalithical temples - Microwaves, optics, acoustics and ancient Egyptian temples.
  • Sphinx Stargate - Using the Sphinx as one of the keys, Paul LaViolette has discovered a message hidden in the zodiac constellations, that warns us of a possible future cataclysm.
  • The Labyrinth - According to old manuscripts this construction was the largest building in ancient Egypt. Patrick Geryl and Gino Ratinckx believe they have found where it lies buried.
  • The Modern Riddle of the Sphinx - Article by Graham Hancock on the controversy over a small "door" discovered in the Great Pyramid in 1993 and claims of tunnels under the Sphinx, from Morgana's Observatory.
  • The World Ages Archive - The aim of the World Ages Archive is to provide an extensive web-based reference for the study of ancient chronological revisionist, catastrophist, and the Afrocentric discourse.
  • Thought of Egyptian Religion by Makram Rizq - Discovery about the belief of the ancient Egyptians that their souls will go back after death to their creator, the Sun-God and become ACHU-Sunrays arising eternally after death every day with the Sun. Also about the Schawabti-Figures who were Holy-Sun-Trees and not servants.
    Ancient Egypt online is a growing resource covering; history, architecture, society, language and religion. As well as Gardiner's complete list of hieroglyphs, the site has detailed tutorials to help anyone learn this fascinating ancient language. There are detailed pages on many of the gods, goddesses and Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt and many beautiful pictures.




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