Atlantis, Dinosaurs and the Parallel World

by Rich Anders

Hardly any mystery of ancient times has appealed to human imagination as much as At-lantis. There is an air of vagueness around this very name that fascinates regardless. Many scholars and scientists have looked for Atlantis. Many have found a theory that mostly nobody else endorses. Nobody has found hard evidence. And yet Atlantis fasci-nates people the world over. What makes Atlantis so special?

Let's deal with the little there has come down to us through the ages:

The Greek Solon the Wise heard about Atlantis from an Egyptian priest when visiting Sais. He was told not only about Atlantis. The priest also informed him about great disas-ters that strike a planet periodically and said it was in the course of one of those global disasters that Atlantis disappeared.

The priest said Atlantis was located outside the Pillars of Hercules, which was the name of the rocks of Gibraltar in ancient times. This puts Atlantis somewhere in the Atlantic, which could be assumed to be the name of the ocean surrounding Atlantis.

Solon brought the knowledge of Atlantis back to Greece and passed it on to a man named Dropides who told his grandson Critias about it. The Greeks were a curious people and loved to discuss things. They had special places for this and special people who were es-pecially good at developing schools of thoughts. Those were called philosophers. One of the most famous ones of this breed of people was Plato.

Plato conducted talks and the most famous of them is the one he held with Critias, the grandson of the provider of the information about Atlantis. There were others present and one of them, Timaeos, mentioned Atlantis in the written texts referring to that a specific discussion.

The Egyptian priest at Saiz who gave the information to Solon was impressed with the advanced civilization of the Atlanteans. This is remarkable because in those ancient times Egypt was thought to be the most advanced civilization there was. The priest mentioned that the Atlanteans were in possession of a very advanced technology. He also claimed that the Atlanteans did not fear death. Either they were immortals or they knew enough about death and the afterlife not to be scared. Most importantly, the priest told his visitor that periodically great cataclysms devastate the planet and that in the course of one such major cataclysm Atlantis disappeared. He did not say "was devastated" he said "disap-peared".

The Greeks of early times that were called the Hellenes knew about a place in the Atlan-tic called Aea. It was said to be place where the sun always was at the center of the sky and the inhabitants of Aea were not afraid of death. It can be assumed that this Aea was to the Hellenes what Atlantis was to the Egyptians. An interesting note: in the very early Greek paintings the sun was always shown in an afternoon position. Ancient texts men-tion that the sun stood always at the same spot. - Both accounts indicate that in those re-mote times the planet did not rotate around its axis.

Many scholars assumed that Atlantis was fictitious and that Plato used the Atlantis story to present his philosophical thoughts on what a perfect society of his time should be like. Had these scholars been familiar with the mythology of ancient times they could have assumed otherwise.
Plato gives detailed descriptions of Atlantis as a huge island. He marvels at the power and the riches of the King. He presents a form of government, which in his time would have been ideal. He also mentions the god Poseidon as the one in charge of Atlantis. To Plato this made perfectly sense because in the Greek pantheon of gods Poseidon was in charge of anything that had to do with the ocean. Atlantis as a huge island in the ocean, there-fore, for a Greek had to have Poseidon in charge.

Plato overlooked one very significant peculiarity of the various pantheons of gods: they all were locals. The Hellenes had Zeus and his gang of deities called gods whom the Greek took over when they took over Greece after the great cataclysm of approximately 2150 BC that left most Hellenes dead and the country empty. The Romans, the Etruscans, the Teutonic Tribes, the Slavonic tribes, the Celts and so forth, they all had their own pantheon of gods. Had Atlantis been part of the ancient order of things as it was the case in Europe, the Atlanteans would have had their own pantheon of gods. Poseidon had no connection with Atlantis!

Therefore, one can see a break in the story: the information that came from the Egyptian priests tells of a huge landmass in the Atlantic Ocean "outside the Pillars of Hercules". The priest told of a highly developed civilization with very advanced technology. He also claimed that the people of Atlantis had no fear of death. - All of this was alien to the Greek mind. Therefore, it can it can be assumed that Solon got this information from someone non-Greek, the Egyptian priest. It is noteworthy that the Egyptian priest ridi-culed Solon and his fellow Greeks for their lack of knowledge. Clearly, the above was alien to the Greek minds.

What comes next in Plato's account is purely Greek: the Athenians defeating the At-lanteans 9000 years earlier could only have been a Greek fantasy because at that time there was no Athens. Poseidon could not have been in charge of Atlantis because he was a god of the Greek pantheon. He had no business outside the area where his people, the Hellenes and later the Greek lived. So it is very clear that Plato used the story of Atlantis to invent a further story as add on to the original.

Having neatly separated the original story from Plato's follow-up philosophical yarn the question remains: what is the real story of Atlantis? What fascinates people to the point that thousands of books were written about a topic that nobody knows anything about?

Whatever we know about ancient times is documented in structures like temples, pyra-mids, historical accounts or mythology. There are artifacts to be found or stories of events to be learned. Nothing like this ever could be credibly linked to Atlantis. There is no sunken continent anywhere to be seen. There are no remnants of buildings that can be cross- referenced to Atlantis and there are no accounts of anything historical about Atlan-tis. There are no names of rulers and no information about the civilization and technology the Atlanteans possessed. Is Atlantis just a myth as many claim?

As there are no tangible witnesses telling of Atlantis the only real source of information can be legends and myths of ancient times that might relate to Atlantis or the Atlanteans.
Also, the concept of parallel worlds and of a change of worlds needs to be addressed.
This is not the right place to explain what a change of worlds or a change of dimensions is. The topic is difficult and it would take too much time and space to deal with it here. In my article The Time/Space Dis-Continuum published at world-mysteries.com such changes and the forces at work to bring such changes are described in detail. For the pur-pose of this article let's assume that there is a parallel world.

The Egyptian priest at Sais told his Greek visitor of great cataclysms, which periodically hit this planet. He said that Atlantis disappeared in the course of one such event. He did not say Atlantis was destroyed, he specifically mentioned that it disappeared. This is an indication that this event was accompanied by a change of worlds or change of dimen-sions as one could call it, too.

There is another indication that there was indeed a change of worlds. In the ancient Greece of Hellenic times the sun always was depicted standing in an afternoon position at the same spot. During those times the planet did not revolve around an axis. Later Greek paintings show the sun in different positions. For thousands of years this planet has been revolving around an axis. Clearly, this is an indication that in the world before the planet did not revolve around an axis.

Furthermore, the predecessors of the Greek, the Hellenic people, knew of a place in the Atlantic called Aea. According to legend, its inhabitants were technologically very ad-vanced and they did not fear death. Either they were immortals or they knew enough about death not to fear it. Most importantly, though, it was told that over Aea the sun was always in the midday position. This is yet another indication that as long as the parallel world, the paradise, existed this planet did not revolve around an axis.

A further possible source of information about the Atlanteans is the Edda, the saga of the ancient Nordic people. It predicts the Twilight of the Gods, which is a faulty translation of an original text in which it is called The End of the Gods.

In the Edda there is a lengthy account of how the gods of the Nordic pantheon are over-powered and killed by a variety of other gods, monsters or the forces of nature. After they all have perished, miraculously, a brand new beautiful world appears, which shows no signs of the utter devastation that brought the preceding world to an end. This is a very clear statement, which only can refer to a change of worlds respectively a change of di-mensions.

There is very convincing evidence that there were gods living among humans before but there are no gods in this world. The world before is remembered dimly as the paradise lost. The question must be: how do cruel, bloodthirsty gods who exploited mankind to the point of slaughtering sometimes thousands of humans at a time in sacrificial ceremonies designed to boost their energies fit in paradise?

The sudden appearance of 5 centers of civilization about 5500 years ago indicates an in-vasion from space. The alien gods invaded the world before, the paradise, and changed it to their ways by oppressing and exploiting humans. Then, according to Greek accounts, the gods suddenly disappeared about 3500 years ago. But are they really gone for good?

In this world slaughters of humans at a grand scale always took place and it is still going on. People like Alexander, the Great; Attila, the Hun; Kublai Khan; Napoleon; Hitler; Stalin etc. caused the deaths of millions of people and brought unspeakable misery and suffering to millions more. The Soviet Premier Nikita Chroushchov provoked the Cuban Missile Crises and all life on this planet came to within two hours of extinction. Even if the gods are not around any more in their original bodies the evil deeds of many of man-kind's leaders tell of their origin. These must be reincarnations of the ancient gods follow-ing a destiny they know nothing about and yet they bring suffering and death to a tor-mented mankind.

These considerations bring an interesting twist to the Edda. Obviously, the end of the gods must come as a one-two punch. The first punch happened when the last change of dimensions annihilated the alien gods in physical form because this world is a place for humans only. The second punch must be the next change of worlds, which will annihilate these evil creatures in their disguise as humans. This change will be from the present world to the next one, which is announced as a beautiful New World that will show no sign of the devastation that brought an end to the preceding world. Consequently, it is this present world, which will be utterly and totally destroyed.

The Edda is very clear about the end of the gods. It is also very clear about the beautiful New World to come afterwards. It is clear that the Edda talks about the return of paradise cleansed from the invaders from space. The Edda also talked about good gods who were here before the evil gods invaded this planet. The evil gods were afraid of them and this tells a big story. Clearly, the good gods were the ones living in paradise and when the beautiful New World, the paradise, comes back these good gods are the ones to come back again. There are no accounts of superior beings of prehistoric times except for the Atlanteans. Consequently, it is logical to assume that Atlantis and the Atlanteans will ap-pear together with this beautiful New World the Edda announces.

There is strong evidence that there was a different world at some time past, a world with different animal life. This evidence was found at Ica in the Andes of South America. A simple farmer found etched stones with the images of humans interacting with live dino-saurs that were depicted anatomically correct. This happened 1966 when science had not yet reached a level of knowledge of dinosaurs, which made a correct assessment of dino-saur anatomies possible.
There were many thousands of these stones showing men riding dinosaurs, children play-ing with them and men getting killed in fights with dinosaurs or killing them. This find caused a sensation in the scientific community. Dinosaurs went extinct 67 million years ago. At that time humans did not exist. The etchings could not be duplicated in exactly the same manner with present technology. Scientists tried in vain to explain this impossi-ble situation and, therefore, avoid this issue.

Another mystery are stones with etchings of this planet's surface. It shows the location of the continents where compared to present geography they were 13 million years ago. This cannot be explained by conventional science. But if there was indeed a parallel world on this planet, fantastic as this sounds, it could be that not only plant and animal life evolved differently. It could be that the planet's surface in the world before had evolved only to the level where this world's surface was 13 million years ago.

There is another case like the Ica stones. At Acambaro in Mexico thousands of clay figu-rines were found and many of them show different species of dinosaurs. These figurines show anatomic details of dinosaurs science only lately has found out. Furthermore, figu-rines of humans and dinosaurs together give the same message as the stones of Ica; there was indeed a world on this planet's surface where humans and dinosaurs existed together. Some of the figurines show children playing with dinosaurs. Others show a person riding a dinosaur. There are also figurines showing humans and dinosaurs fighting. One figurine is especially impressive. It shows a human on top of a dinosaur and the animal has its tailed coiled around the human's neck clearly choking him because the man has his tongue sticking out and he does not look happy.

There are examples all over the world that at some time in the distant past humans knew about dinosaurs. For instance, on a Sumerian cylinder seal are pictures of two brachio-saurus with the necks intertwined. An Egyptian painting shows black men hunting a di-nosaur at a riverbank. Germanic lore talks of dragons in many different stories. A little town in Austria, Klagenfurt, has a huge dinosaur statue in the center of its town square. They call it Lindwurm and legend has it that the town was founded on the site where a brave knight slew the dragon. The same type of animal is known in Vienna as the Tatzelwurm. Even the bible has its dinosaur story: St. George slaying a dragon. - How these dinos made it into the present world is a mystery. But it is less of a mystery consid-ering that they could have originated in a world that disappeared 3500 years ago than try-ing to figure out how they survived 67 million years after the alleged total extinction of all dinosaurs.

If one believes that there exists indeed a parallel world with very different living condi-tions, a different plant and animal life the stones of Ica, the figurines of Acambaro and the other examples have a dramatic impact. The world before, the paradise lost, clearly had a very different kind of evolution than the present world. In this world there was no extinction of dinosaurs and they existed at the same time as did humans.

The above examples are the most mind boggling and the most irrefutable proof that there indeed was a world before the present one, a world, which was very different from ours. Add to this the fact that instant changes in the electromagnetic structure of a planet cause instant changes in the planet's matter and the fascinating possibility of a change of worlds becomes feasible.

Reading Sumerian Epics and other ancient accounts it is very clear that the change from paradise to the present world was sudden, radical and total. Climate, plant growth and animal life is different the present world and there are no gods in physical form. Greek, Sumerian, Egyptian and other mythologies tell of a time when gods lived among humans. There are many stories of relationships, sexual and others, between gods and humans. Suddenly that stopped and we even know when that happened.

There were several great floods that devastated this planet. The Sumerians accounted for a devastating flood about 3100 BC and they used this date to discern between a pre-diluvian and post-diluvian history. Very probably the Great Flood mentioned in the Bible refers to the same event. There is one great flood mentioned in Greek traditions and it struck around 1500 BC. It is called Deukalion's flood because he and his wife were the only gods to survive it. All the other gods perished in the course of this cataclysm. It is known from mythological accounts that the two survivors were actually demigods as they were the results of unions between a god and a human, which probably is the reason why they survived.

No matter how great a catastrophe, the forces of nature do not selectively annihilate a specific kind of people. This only can happen after a change when the new material di-mension does not provide suitable living conditions for a specific kind of people or ani-mals. The mass extinction of animals, for instance, after the Perm, the Trias and the Ju-rassic period is a clear indication that this happened before.

Ancient structures many of which we don't understand can be found all over the world and they relate to humans like temples or pyramids, which were used for human sacri-fices. However, no gods and nothing that belonged to them can be found even though the mythology of many nations gives many detailed accounts of gods and their stay on Earth.

Generally it is assumed that gods were invented by humans about 5600 years ago when humans suddenly had the urge to worship superior beings who exploited, tortured, abused and killed them in sacrificial rites. But there have been no gods around for a long time and there is nothing we can directly relate to gods. Consequently, it is erroneously as-sumed that there never were any gods at all.

Taking into account the possibility of a change of worlds respectively a change of dimen-sions the picture changes dramatically. In the previous change of worlds structures like temples and pyramids, mute witnesses like the stones of Ica and the clay figurines of Acambaro, legends, mythologies, history, religious systems and the traditions of humans all over the world did not change. Together with humans they made it into the present world and there is plenty of evidence in these accounts that in ancient times gods and even dinosaurs really lived among humans in physical form.

In view of the above the conclusion is obvious: the Atlanteans were gods who did not make it into the present world. Nothing that belonged to them did. No temples or pyra-mids can be found that can reliably be linked to Atlantis. Clearly, the Atlanteans did not use religion as a means to exploit the humans living in their territories if there were any. This is a further indication that the Atlanteans in all likelihood were the good gods the Edda is talking about, the ones the evil Aesir gods feared. Therefore, all the theories about locations of Atlantis in this world are mere assumptions, which are altogether wrong. Atlantis and everything that belonged to it remained in the parallel world, the paradise, which disappeared about 3500 years ago.

The Edda announced a brand new beautiful world to appear after the total destruction of the present world of violence. Legends tell of the paradise lost. Jesus talked of his king-dom to come as a world of love and peace. If this world is the return of paradise Atlantis, for sure, will reappear with this paradise and then, at long last, the exact location and the existence of Atlantis will be an established fact.

Copyright 2002 by Rich Anders

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