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Parallel World
Gods, Humans and Dinosaurs living together

by Rich Anders

In 1966 near the little town of Ica in the Peruvian mountains the town physician Dr. Cabrera found thousands of stones etched with images and many of them showed humans and dinosaurs living together. In 1944 near the town of Acambaro in Mexico the German businessman/anthropologist Waldemar Jusrud uncovered thousands of clay and stone figurines and many of them showed humans interacting with dinosaurs. These finds got instant attention in the media and with evolutionary scientists because they show something thought impossible: humans and dinosaurs living together.

It is commonly assumed that dinosaurs got extinct 67 million years ago when a cosmic bomb devastated this planet's surface and changed its climate so drastically that it did not support dinosaur life any longer. Humans appeared on the fossil record millions of years later. To establish a link between these two species does not seem possible. Could this assumption be wrong?

It has been established beyond the shadow of a doubt that the great dinosaur extinction took place. It is also very clear that humans appeared many millions of years later. Therefore, scientists either prefer not to touch this topic or conclude that these mute witnesses of co-existence between humans and dinosaurs are fakes. The proponents of co-existence convincingly show that these artifacts cannot be fakes. The result is a stand off that has not been solved up to now.

The mystery is deepened by the fact that some stones at Ica show this planet's surface with a distribution of the continents as it was approximately 13 million years ago. Moreover, Dr. Cabrera found human remains next to plant specimens as they existed during the Mesozoic age, which ended with the demise of the dinosaurs.

Many stones at Ica show surgeries of the brain, heart transplants, caesarians deliveries and many more medical procedures. The pictures show a degree of sophistication present medicine just now has achieved. There are clear indications that rejection of transplants was known and measures were taken to avoid that. Acupuncture was used for anesthesia and treatment.

At Acambaro many human figurines show racial features as they are found all over the planet. There are many figurines with a huge variety of dinosaurs and some of them are unknown to us. Most remarkably, the dinosaurs are shown anatomically correct. Some of them show features science discovered only a short while ago, many years after the figurines were unearthed.

The stones of Ica and the figurines of Acambaro present a mystery that cannot be solved by science. It is not conceivable that science is mistaken so badly as to have overlooked a contemporary existence of humans and dinosaurs. An explanation outside of conventional wisdom and knowledge can be the only solution to this mystery.

There is another species of which is commonly assumed that it never existed because the gods of antiquity are not around any more in physical form. 5500 years ago humans were hunter-gatherers or simple farmers living in very small villages. Suddenly, 5 centers of civilization appeared: Egypt, Sumeria, Japan, Peru and the Indus Valley Civilization.

From the very beginning religion was of highest importance. Gods and deities demanded total subservience from humans and in Egypt this went as far as calling humans the cattle of the gods. Besides religion political systems were implemented to control the growing human population. Civilization experienced a very rapid expansion and within less than a thousand years was well established all over the planet.

Humans not only were coerced to slave labor. Sacrifices of all forms were demanded including ritual slaughter of sometimes staggering numbers of humans. Humans of those remote times lacked the sophistication and the intelligence to invent such a scheme of utter exploitation. To assume that humans could have invented this system of total control and of systematic abuse is beyond naive.
Along with religion temples and pyramids were erected. The scientific information imbedded in these structures has been available to modern man only recently. The technical construction know how and the ability to move stones of sometimes hundreds of tons show clearly that people with very advanced scientific knowledge and methods were at work.

A wealth of information about the gods and their associates, the deities, has been reported throughout the ages. We know very little about the gods of the Indus Valley Civilization, we know more about the Asian gods of Japan and China, we know much more about the gods of the Americas, and we know very much about the gods of India and Sumeria. Most of all we know of the gods of Egypt and the gods of Greece.

Mythological accounts tell us who the gods were, who they married, who their children were and what they did. The gods best known to Westerners are the gods of Greece. They provided an abundance of stories, which are part of our culture even today. Most of all we know that the Greek gods and goddesses had a very healthy sex drive because tales of their amorous exploits have been reported throughout the ages.

Zeus was the boss of the Greek pantheon. His numerous amorous affairs and the names of the children he fathered are well known. - The children of unions between a god and a human were called demigods. - There is a list of 34 goddesses and human women the god Poseidon had sex with. The goddess Aphrodite was known for her sexual promiscuity and among her sex partners was even a donkey. The goddesses mixed freely with humans just like the male gods but there was a double standard. When Zeus caught a human, Iason, having sex with the goddess Demeter he killed him.

The stories of gods and goddesses having sexual and personal relations with humans serve best to prove the point that the gods really existed. How could anyone have sex and produce children if he/she didn't exist?

While the Greek gods provided a lot to gossip about, later generations of gods did not provide any stories at all. For instance, the Roman gods are real bores compared to the Greek ones. There are no stories telling of their personal relationships.

The difference can be explained by the time factor. The Greek gods lived before the great flood the Greeks call Deukalion's flood. Legend has it that Deukalion and his wife were the only gods to survive this great cataclysm. Both of them were demigods, children of unions between humans and gods. That might have saved them.

This flood happened about 3500 years ago and that's the time when the island of Thera exploded in the course of the most violent volcanic eruption of the past ten thousand years. At the same time the Middle Kingdom in Egypt came to an end and the Minoan culture received such a severe blow that it practically ended right then. The original inhabitants of Greece, the Hellens, were wiped out and the ones we know today as Greeks moved in to take over the empty lands. Clearly, a major cataclysm had hit this planet.

The gods occupied this planet between 5500 and 3500 years ago. The Ica stones cannot be carbon dated. Carbon dating for the figurines at Acambaro gave dates between 4500 and 3500 years ago with one result of 3100 years, which could have been a dating error or the work of an artist who continued the tradition of earlier times.

Peru and Mexico were not the only places where in ancient times dinosaur were found. A Sumerian cylinder seal figures prominently two bracchiosaurus. An ancient Egyptian painting shows men hunting a dinosaur on a riverbank. The Teutonic tribes have legends of dragons terrorizing their people. When in Western societies' legends dinosaurs appear they usually are called "mythological beasts" and this is the end of them. Nobody wants to touch a topic, which could upset the current theories of evolution.

There is one direct link between gods and dinosaurs. Contrary to Western cultures in Asia the dragon to this day is a symbol of divinity. One passage in the Bible cites: "The Lord and his angels fought the dragon and his angels but the dragon did not prevail". This indicates that the gods were at war with each other and the reference to angels on both sides indicates that non-human troops were involved in the fight. That shows that there were indeed large numbers of non-humans at some time living on this planet.

Time wise there is a direct connection between the gods of antiquity and the dinosaurs as shown by the figurines of Acambaro. But there is another connection: both species did not make it into the present world.

Legends tell of a paradise lost. Atlantis has been searched for all over this planet. To date nobody has been able to prove yet that he/she found it. Dr. Cabrera found traces of Mesozoic plants alongside human remains. There is no trace of Mesozoic flora in the whole world. Dinosaurs are known to be mere relics of a very distant past and gods are nowhere to be seen. This situation and related topics are a major mystery.

There are examples of wholesale extinction of up to 90% of the world's fauna at the end of the Triassic, the Jurassic and the Cretaceous period. Only recently the mammoths and other so-called Ice Age species disappeared from this planet. Something dramatic happened and only some species survived the ensuing change. In every case the change was drastic and selective. Not just a few of most species survived. Most species did not make it into the new environment at all.

We cannot assume that a major catastrophe blew this planet out of the Mesozoic right into present times. But we can assume that the cataclysm, which hit this planet, brought very major changes. While the human species made it into the new environment two major species did not: the gods and the dinosaurs.

At this point the question is: "how come there were gods and dinosaur on this planet's surface just a few thousand years ago"? This world shows no record that either species existed here in the last 67 million years. The answer to this mystery is fantastic but it is the only one that makes sense.

Some Ica stones show this planet with the continents as they were 13 million years ago. Dr. Cabrera found plant specimen of the Mesozoic age next to human remains. The only possible explanation can be that this planet is home to two worlds: the present one and another one, which lags 13 million years behind in its geologic evolution. This other world did not experience an extinction of the dinosaurs and, therefore, evolution took an entirely different course. Humans and dinosaurs did coexist in this parallel world.

Many of the stones show scenes of space flight. Commonly it is assumed that these scenes show the mysterious people of the Ica period leaving this planet and fleeing into space. I choose to think differently. I believe it shows these people arriving just as the known gods of antiquity did 5500 years ago. Very probably these people were gods who even might have brought humans to this planet. This assumption is backed by the time frame carbon dating provided for the figurines of Acambaro.

Two parallel worlds for one planet is a fantastic concept. It means when one world disappears the other one materializes. The change from one world to the other one must have a reason and we only can takes guesses what this reason is. But we can try to figure out why and how such a change can happen.

The physics part of a change of worlds is a complex and difficult matter. I wrote an article about it. You can check it out at world-mysteries.com. You'll find it under "guest writers". It is called "The Time/Space Dis-Continuum".

Only such much be said in this context that a change of worlds is possible. Practically all religions in this world speak of an end of the world. The Bible says it will take place in a blink of an eye. Physics of the quantum vacuum tell us that it will be even faster because it will take place in zero time. The Christian religion talks of a world of love and peace to come. Presumably that means that the parallel world, the one remembered still as the paradise lost, will come back.

The big question, however, is: "how did the paradise get lost in the first place"?

The Bible tells us that god drove Adam and Eve out of paradise because of disobedience. This information is not exactly in accordance with this article's topic. But it gives a hint. If we equate god with the gods and Adam and Eve with humans in general then gods and humans coexisted in paradise. But how and why would the gods have driven the humans out of paradise?

This planet is home to two worlds. The world before was called the paradise and this implies that it was a positive world where the circumstances of life were good, there was peace and everybody had an easy good life. Ending paradise and bringing into existence the present world, which never knows peace and where hard work is needed to produce food and everything else was a major undertaking because it meant a change of worlds.

The behavior of the gods clearly indicated that they were cruel and abusive to the extreme; in short they were exceedingly negative beings. If they really arrived from outer space approximately 5500 years ago they did not invade this world; they invaded the world before, the paradise, a very positive place and, therefore, not really fit for them as a placed to live. - The evidence shows that they immediately went about transforming paradise to a place, where they could feel at home.

All over the world religions were implemented; humans were subjugated and every conceivable abuse was used to create a very negative situation of life. The gods transformed the positive world before into a negative place. Abuse of humans and ritual slaughter of humans at sometimes immense scale as well as constant wars and fighting between humans produced huge amounts of negative energies. This way the gods gradually changed the positive world before, the paradise. When a certain point was reached nature reacted to the gods' deeds. The positive world before dematerialized and the present negative world appeared.

During the change everything that belonged to the world before disappeared. The planet's surface, the dinosaurs, the mesozoic plants, everything that did not belong to the coming world disappeared. A totally different environment appeared and with it the humans who had been prepared for a negative situation of life by the massive abuse they had suffered from the gods. But there was a major mistake in the gods' plan: they did not suffer abuse in the positive world, they were the abusers. Therefore, they were not prepared to enter the new, the present negative world.

In view of the above conclusions we now can state that scientists on one side and the stones of Ica and the figurines of Acambaro on the other side are both right:
- Science knows the evolution of this world and is right about it. In this world humans and dinosaurs never met.
- The stones of Ica and the figurines of Acambaro tell of the circumstances of life in the
parallel world that existed on this planet before. This world did not experience an
extinction of the dinosaurs. Humans could and did exist at the same time as dinosaurs.

Copyright 2002 by Rich Anders
Publication in part or whole only with the author's written permission.

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