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When we stand back and behold certain accomplishments of mankind, such as powering a spaceship to the planets, building the pyramids, the incredible architectural feats, and on and on, we may comprehend the vast amounts of resources that it has taken to accomplish some of these tasks. 
It is further easy to deduce, that when we lay this template of resource usage over the feats of nature, being the egocentric creatures that we are, that we come to the conclusion that it has taken billions of years to create what nature has created. 
This, simply because we cannot duplicate it. Unfortunately, this may just be one of the greatest failures of mankind. We falsely believed that when we were able to build ships to cross the seas that we had mastered the oceans of the earth; 
When we thought that we easily understood electricity, that we had conquered it; When we landed an instrument on Mars or found a rock from Mars here on Earth, that we knew the planet and its secrets. We have failed due to our own puffed up egos. It seems that although years have gone by, we still believe ourselves to be the center of creation. 

The very fact of the matter is, that we continue to be subject to the whims of nature. Cataclysmic weather and earthquakes are weekly occurrences. To add to the stew, it seems that this egocentricity, that has consumed us, now causes us to be at greater risk due to our poor and ineffectual interpersonal relationships. In other words, unless we suffer disaster personally, somehow we are able to deny the existence of suffering due to natural causes entirely. We see it on the evening news, we read it in the newspapers and we even pass by it on our freeways. Yet we continue to ignore, through psychological denial, the possibility that we are facing a cataclysmic disaster. Perhaps worst of all, we are becoming accustomed to disaster and indeed numb to the future possibilities. 

So here is another reality check. If the indications for such a future occurrence are here, and we continue to not prepare for such an event, then perhaps a look into the past when these things have happened before, will help. There is recorded documentation, if we take the time to look, that global changes have actually occurred. Further, that our ancestors have had to adapt to survive. Here is yet another proof and another reason to prepare.  Read on if you dare. 

Ancient Stone Technology

by Will Hart

There are many more significant and pressing questions about human history
and the archaeological ruins that litter the planet than have or are being
asked. Unfortunately, established scientists do not care or dare to address
these issues. This is becoming critical because they are promulgating and
protecting false theories and speculations, which could well bury the truth
within a generation or two.

It is utterly absurd to claim that the ancients used primitive tools, methods
and knowledge to produce very sophisticated results that we would have
difficulty reproducing today with modern technology. I am a professional
investigative reporter and I have delved into this matter thoroughly. It
takes a very heavy duty crane to lift an object weighing more than 100 tons.
The highest rated cranes are in the 300-ton capacity and they are a specialty
piece of equipment. The crane that lifts the space shuttle is rated to
450-tons and it had to be custom made. I live within 25 miles of one of the
largest copper mins in the country. It takes an Earthmover to transport a
200-ton + load.

That earthmover is so large that it is not allowed on the highway. Anyone
that believes the ancients quarried, lifted, transported and precisely cut,
fitted and hoisted megalithic blocks of stone in place is uninformed about
the practical challenges. The ancient Peruvians and Egyptians lacked
wheeled-vehicles, pulleys and they only had stone tools. Let me see one of
these theorists test their ideas in the real world. I can guarantee their
speculations will prove false.

In fact, such tests have been attempted in Egypt several times with
disastrous results. Several teams have tried to duplicated what Egyptologists
have claimed were the tools and methods at the ancient's disposal without
success. The most recent was an effort sponsored by NOVA, filmed and
supervised by Mark Lerhner and other prominent Egyptologists. They uttely
failed to quarry a rather small 35-ton block of stone intended to be used as
an obelisk. The dolorite hammer they say the Egyptian quarry workers used
could not do the job. They they failed to move the obelisk after calling in a
bulldozer to quarry it. They had a truck transport it instead.

The list goes on. Every major piece of an archaeological site that has needed
to be moved has posed a major challenge even using modern equipment. We have
simply been and are being lied to and I can prove it. In fact, I would love
to be challenged.
A Japanese team tried to build a scale model of the Great Pyramid in the
1970s using ancient methods. They completely failed at every step and had to
call in trucks and helicopters. The finished pyramid was mess. They could not
achieve any precision using modern technology.

2002 Will Hart

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