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The Blue Room Consortium is a modern-day study and experience center for the timeless Mysteries to do with relations among the human, planet, and cosmos. Its focus is the Earth’s vast array of sacred sites and the global pattern they create, and its approach is collegial, interactive, and initiatory, involving the human, elemental, hierarchical, and angelic kingdoms, and the Spirit of the Earth.

The Earth has many thousands of sacred sites, all of which have inner subtle aspect (visible, that is, to clairvoyance) in the form of light temples and energy structures. All of these can be visited and interacted with to our edification and the planet’s benefit. The inner, subtle aspects of the outer sites are of many different types: so far, about 95 distinct features have been identified, and these exist in multiple copies, in numbers ranging from three to many millions, distributed more or less uniformly across the planet.

Most of this information has been lost or forgotten in world culture. The Blue Room Consortium will restore this vital knowledge to public awareness.

Many of these features are only dimly remembered today in myths by such names as Grail Castles, dragons, Cities of the Gods, the Underworld. But the myths are actually doorways into the true geomantic reality of the planet. The term geomancy means divining Earth’s energy secrets, that is, understanding and refreshing the planet’s visionary geography, itself a hologram of the spiritual worlds and the galaxy and all their layers and features.

The totality of these many features comprise a planetary pattern or a visionary geography that is in effect the planet’s aura and subtle energy body, mirroring on a larger scale what metaphysical traditions have attributed to the human. Others have called this the Anima mundi or World Soul of the planet.

The Blue Room Consortium’s agenda is to thoroughly document, inventory, and map this complex planetary array of sites and their inner features to produce an interactive computerized model that exhibits the entire picture, which includes the outer, physical aspects and the inner Light temple aspects.

This model will be used as the basis for sacred site tours, designer initiation itineraries and pilgrimages, workshops, short and long-term training programs, publications, and initiations. It will serve as the foundation for extrapolating planetary changes in the areas of weather, geology, sociology, volcanism, human development, and other physical parameters.

The staff of the Blue Room Consortium will consist of clairvoyants and scientists, scholars and researchers, with consultancies among physicists, mythologists, meteorologists, astrologers, geologists, mathematicians, folklorists, and others, to accomplish both short and long-term research goals.

About the Founder/Director

RICHARD LEVITON is a trained clairvoyant, skilled researcher, a professional book editor, a published journalist-author for 25+ years, and the author of 14 books in the fields of natural medicine and world myth. In addition to this, he has published 400+ feature magazine articles on these topics.

Leviton has conducted many workshops, tours, and experiential field trips to do with sacred sites as a foundation for illumination and initiation in the U.S. and England; he has been studying and researching Earth energies and Mysteries since 1984; and since then he has been in regular collegial contact with an angelic order called the Ofanim who have helped him develop the geomantic model.

Among his books germane to this work:

•The Imagination of Pentecost: Rudolf Steiner and Contemporary Spirituality (Anthroposophic Press, 1994).

•Looking for Arthur: A Once and Future Travelogue (Barrytown, Ltd, 1997).

•Physician: Medicine and the Unsuspected Battle for Human Freedom (Hampton Roads, 2000)

•The Healthy Living Space: 70 Practical Ways to Detoxify the Body and Home (Hampton Roads, 2001)

•What’s Beyond That Star: A Chronicle of Geomythic Adventure (Clearview Books, 2002)

•The Galaxy on Earth: A Traveler’s Guide to the Planet’s Visionary Geography (Hampton Roads, 2002)

•The Emerald Modem: A User’s Guide to the Earth’s Interactive Energy Body (Hampton Roads, 2004)

•Signs on the Earth: Deciphering the Meaning of Virgin Mary Apparitions, UFO Encounters, and Crop Circles (Hampton Roads, June 2005)

•Encyclopedia of Earth Myths: An Insider’s Guide to Mythic People, Places, Objects, and Events Central to the Earth’s Visionary Geography (Hampton Roads, November 2005)


•SACRED SITES MODEL. Develop a commercially viable, interactive, multi-aspected computer model and program to portray the Earth’s vast array of sacred sites, showing both outer and inner features. For example, Stonehenge, outwardly as a stone circle, and inwardly as an array of energy and light features. You can zero in on localities, states, provinces, countries, or regions, like Europe or all of the U.S., to see which features are present, and to see the overall pattern.

•PILGRIMAGE MAPS. Prepare large-scale maps, both flat scale and computer-modelled, of individual states, provinces, or countries, showing the array of sites, emphasizing their esoteric features (i.e., which of the 95 geomantic features are present). If you’re planning a pilgrimage to sites in Germany, for example, the map will give sufficient information to plot an itinerary according to the desired theme, using Germany’s inventory and diversity of sites.

•LANDSCAPE STAR MAPS. Thoroughly detailed star maps of the 432 landscape zodiacs (one of the 95 features, and an especially interactive one) found around the Earth, the most famous being at Glastonbury, England. A landscape zodiac is a hologram of the galaxy overlaid on a portion of landscape, from 1/2 to 100 miles across. For purposes of group interaction, ritual, ceremony, education, and activation at these features, the star maps show where all the constellations (144 depicted in all) and their individual stars fall on the landscape.

•INDIVIDUAL STATE MAP DEMONSTRATIONS. Plot the entire visionary geography for individual states, starting with the myth-rich ones, such as New Mexico. Show the geomantic features and their interconnections at the numerous mythically referenced landscape sites (in New Mexico, primarily the Navajo mythic language), and demonstrate their interconnections; make the maps available to the public as educational or pilgrimage-travel tools.

•BOOKLETS. Publish booklets on specialized geomantic themes emphasizing effective interaction methods in an on-going series called Primers on Earth’s Geomantic Reality. Sample topics: 1) The Gods in Their Cities: The Ray Masters—Their Celestial Cities and Sanctuaries, and How to Interact with Them; 2) The Stars on the Earth: Domes and Stargates—Homes of the Star-Gods and How to Interact with Them; 3) Profiles of the Major Star-Gods. Also publish geomantic guidebooks to local hotspots, such as Sedona, AZ; Santa, Fe, NM; Mount Shasta, CA; and many others, marketing them in these target areas.

•BOOK PUBLISHING. Publish selected books that emphasize the themes of the Blue Room (Earth’s visionary geography, relationships among the sentient realms, lucid experiential accounts, protocols, conference proceedings). First book to publish: Fraser’s Angel, a book already written by Richard Leviton; publish 1 title/year for first 2-3 years, trade paperback format (Fraser’s only as hardcover) as suitable titles become available. Imprint called Blazing Star Press. Other titles for the Press by Richard Leviton: My Friend, Blaise; Terraforming the Earth; Star Stories: Real Time Biographies of the Constellations.

•WORKSHOPS. Offer workshops of varying lengths, including 1-day, 2, 3, 5, and longer, emphasizing conceptual information, meditation, and interactive field trips to sites. The series to be called: Interactive Visionary Geography: A Practical Workshop on Spiritual Geomancy. The workshops, if local, are tailored to New Mexico sacred sites; if elsewhere, then tailored to local geomantic features.

•WEEKLY CLASSES. A year-long (or longer) curriculum of weekly classes (2 hours) in a series called The Grail Quest Is Fun! Introducing people to the 95+ feature nomenclature (e.g. The Holy Grail, Grail Castles, Dragons), using myth, literature, field trips, and facilitated experiences as teaching tools.

•TRAINING INTENSIVES. Comprehensive experiential, conceptual immersions in visionary geography with small groups or individual students, emphasizing interaction protocols with Santa Fe and New Mexico geomantic features and lasting for 3-6 months, or longer, as appropriate to interest.

•TOURS AND FIELD TRIPS. Offer short and long-term immersion experiences at distant sacred sites, emphasizing protocols for spiritual interaction with the sites’ esoteric or Light temple features. Sample themes: 1) Visiting The Light Temple and Celestial City at Mycenae, Greece; 2) Attuning with the Earth’s Umbilicus at Avebury in Wiltshire, England; 3) Going Inside the Planet’s Solar Plexus Energy Center at Uluru, Australia.

•DESIGNER SPIRITUAL PILGRIMAGES. Tailor pilgrimages to specific countries, correlating the client’s desires for certain types of experiences with the available geomantic features present in that landscape and correlated with one’s birth chart to maximize the suitability of the timing for the trip.

•INTRODUCTIONS. Protocols for meeting and interacting with Nature spirits (elemental kingdom), various angelic orders (emphasizing the Ofanim), members of the Great White Brotherhood (hierarchical kingdom), and friendly ETs and “aliens,” to help reinvigorate the Earth’s visionary geography.

•INITIATIONS. The Blue Room Consortium offers a unique geomantic initiation experience called the Christed Initiation in the Buddha Body. It involves a fresh experience and infusion of the Christ energies and consciousness in the context of sacred sites, typically over a span of 3-5 days dedicated to this.

•SITE INVIGORATIONS. The Earth is spiritually anemic due to long-term inattention to its energy body. Regular human interaction at and psychic cleansing of sites is much needed spiritual food for the planet as a whole. This work is perfectly suited to group work in the context of working field trips.

•CONSULTANCIES. Offer consultancies to individual land-owners, towns, communities, states, for the geomantic disposition of their property and any energy imbalances or psychic pollution aspects present, and their removal.

•CURRICULUM SUPPORT. Work with educational institutions to incorporate information about Earth’s visionary geography into curricula. Work with Ph.D. candidates exploring the ramifications of this information.

•PUBLIC EDUCATIONAL DISPLAYS. Prepare large-scale graphic map of sacred sites and geomantic features for Santa Fe and all of New Mexico for presentation at Santa Fe’s 400th anniversary celebrations in 2010.

•SEARCHABLE DATA BASE. The results of past and on-going research will be collated into a searchable data base, accessible for a fee by the public. This will include dossiers on the 95+ geomantic features and their locations and function and specific sacred site profiles, history, myth, and current status.

Research and Development

The Earth’s visionary geography has an overall pattern: it is a hologram of the galaxy and the spiritual worlds and all the stars and “structures” within them.

The 95+ documented energy features in the Earth’s visionary geography are each aspects of this celestial array, and both are also found in the human being. This exemplifies the famous Hermetic axiom, though amended here: As above (the spiritual worlds and galaxy), so below (copied in the human), and in the middle too (found in the Earth’s visionary geography).

When we interact with the Earth’s sacred sites and access their inner Light temple aspects, we are plugging ourselves into this galactic matrix as well. We benefit through illumination and contact with a larger part of ourselves, and the Earth benefits because spiritual light and “hellos” are given to it through us.

The core of the research and development phase of the Blue Room Consortium is to generate a dynamic, accurate, fully documented, real-time model of this entire array. Then to use this as the basis for pilgrimages, initiations, extrapolations, and the fulfillment of original research and development goals.

In short, first we develop the model, then apply it creatively. Such a model, incidentally, does not currently exist, nor has one for many millennia, so it will provide a unique and valuable perspective on the Earth and reveal it to be a spiritualized being and a carefully designed, purposeful habitat, just as we now are beginning to appreciate human beings to be.

Here are some research and development highlights:

•COMPLETE THE INVENTORY. All the world’s myths, spiritual traditions, and metaphysical sources must be researched for clues as to the whereabouts of the multiple copies of the 95+ geomantic features. Clues will be clairvoyantly investigated and validated, or not, then the validated results added to the planetary inventory.

•DEMONSTRATE MYTH=MAP. Show how the world’s myths, properly decoded, are accurate psychic maps to the visionary geography. Create a lexicon of myth terms that correlate with geomantic realities.

•CREATE THE COMPUTER MODEL. A geographic map modelling software system will be used or created to plot the location of the inventory. Geometric aspects of the Earth’s energy body will be incorporated.

•MATHEMATICAL MODEL. Concurrently, a parallel math-based model of the Earth’s visionary geography will be generated based on already acquired key numbers and constants; research into the pre-existent presence of other math (e.g., e. phi, pi) and physical (e.g., Planck’s constant, Boltzmann, Rydberg, fine structure), and astronomical constants (e.g., solar constant) in the Earth’s visionary geography will be made.

•ASTROLOGICAL-TIME DIMENSION. The astrological component of the system will be incorporated, showing real-time movements and influences on a global, regional, and local scale. Western and Vedic models will be incorporated. This will allow for precision designer pilgrimages and initiations, in which one’s horoscope is coordinated with real-time astrological influences working through the system in given localities.

•SOCIOLOGICAL INTERPRETATIONS. Show the correlations between energized geomantic features and cultural, sociological events, including large events (e.g., Quattrocentro [Renaissance] in Florence, Italy) and local ones, such as why certain areas or cities are cultural or spiritual meccas (e.g., Santa Fe, NM; Northampton, MA; San Francisco, CA; Lhasa, Tibet). Prepare geomantic-cultural profiles of select cities, such as London, Paris, Rome, and others.

•PHYSICAL-ETHERIC COORDINATES. Document the ways in which physical inputs, such as cosmic, galactic, solar radiations and events, effect the subtle or etheric energy web around the planet, weather, and the psyche.

•FEATURE DISTRIBUTION SIGNIFICANCE. Extrapolate the significance on all levels of the distribution of the different features, e.g. the 144 Grail Castles. Consider geographic density and its relation to cultural factors; determine any mathematical significance to the feature’s total function, e.g. again, 144 Grail Castles exerting an influence globally.

•ASSESS DESIGN PARAMETERS. The distribution patterns, function, and global purpose of the 95+ geomantiuc features equals the design parameters for human consciousness on a material planet. Much information about the “spiritual engineering” of Earth may be extrapolated from this information.

•METAPHYSICAL GAIA HYPOTHESIS. Extend James Lovelock’s Gaia Hypothesis (that Earth is a self-regulating geophysiological mechanism) into the metaphysical, showing the Earth’s subtle anatomy and physiology as a living, working, interactive, evolving system dependent on human and celestial input.

•TELL EARTH’S TRUE HISTORY. The true history of the Earth is veiled by layers of distortions, misinterpretations, false leads, and suppression. Involvement by “alien” intelligences from other star systems has been involved, with both benevolent and unwholesome intent (i.e., “false gods”). Our planet’s and humanity’s true time line and historical sequence is not clearly understood, and thus our identity as planet and culture is also not understood. On the basis of recovering the Earth’s original geomantic design, the Blue Room will similarly work toward recovering the planet’s true history, removing alien-influenced distortions from the time line and the collective psyche.

•ZODIAC THEME PARK. Acquire ownership of or the exclusive use of one of the small landscape zodiacs (<3 miles diameter), and develop it into an interactive theme park based on identifying the actual, real-time locations of constellations and stars within the hologram overlaid on the landscape.

•ACTIVATE THE EMERALD MODEM. Demonstrate how human consciousness, through the inner heart chakra, can interface with the entire planet and open the channel to the galaxy, like a modem dialing the Internet.

•REOPEN STARGATE NETWORK. The Earth already has a complex system of 2 million+ stargates affording rapid transportation to other planets. This system has been mostly inoperational for many millennia, but it can be restarted.

•WORMHOLE MATRIX. Sufficient evidence exists already justifying research into a postulated planetary wormhole rapid transit matrix for physical objects and people using key elements in the Earth’s visionary geography. The application would be free, instant, global travel. Such a model would also reflect the galactic wormhole matrix, thus making rapid space travel feasible.


Why This Is Needed

•INFORMED ENVIRONMENTALISM. Knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the Earth’s visionary geography is essential for undertaking informed environmentalism. That is because the subtle terrain of sacred sites is the energy foundation for all physical events and organic life. Significant, lasting progress can be made in restoring environmental health by approaching it from the level at which it is most optimally energized and invigorated.

•ENDING ALIENATION AND ATHEISM. Despite the seeming rise of interest in religions, Western humanity is still largely despairing, materialistic, alienated from life, and deeply atheistic. At best, conventional religions are fostering an adversarial relationship, with humanity pitted against the cosmos, or God, or the Anti-Christ, or so-called infidels. Knowledge that humanity, the Earth, and galaxy are inextricably linked and interactive will start to restore true faith in God, that the world is designed, purposeful, and compassionate.

•RESPECT FOR MATTER. Western humanity is also largely alienated from matter itself, both the physical body and the physical environment. Western allopathic medicine regrettably fosters this lack of respect or understanding for matter, emphasizing its mechanistic qualities and lack of consciousness. Knowledge of the Earth’ visionary geography and its inherent, pre-existent, designed-in spirituality can be an antidote for this dangerous view.

•ANTIDOTE TO BOREDOM. Many people in the West are bored with the conditions of modern life, despite its many conveniences and advances. To many, reality has become predictable, controllable, while to others, it seems intimidating and scary. It is hard to settle, relax, or be deeply interested in things. Knowledge of the Earth’s secret geomythic life and the possibilities of interacting with that adds a new, unsuspected, and exciting dimension to planetary life, especially as this new planetary reality is accessible from virtually anywhere.

•MORE COMPREHENSIVE SPIRITUALITY. Nearly all religions, excepting shamanism and the old pagan approaches, exclude the Earth from their practices, and school us in ignoring the planet or considering it treacherous “flesh” like the body. Interactive visionary geography respiritualizes the planet for us and gives us protocols for honoring that and interacting with it daily. It gives people the option of practicing a non-dogmatic geomantic spirituality.



What is a Holy Mountain?

By Richard Leviton

Throughout the myths of the world references are made to mountains as holy, numinous, the home of the gods, and even created by them.

Among the many examples: Mount Fuji in Japan is the home of
Ko-No-hana-saku-ya-hime, “The Princess Who Maketh the Blossoms of the Trees to Flowers;” she is also called Sangen, Asama, or O-ana-mochi (“Possessor of the Great Hole of Crater”) and is the volcano’s divine guardian. Adam’s Peak in Sri Lanka is the home of Samanala Kanda, one of the counry’s four guardian deities. Mount Kilimanjaro in Kenya is the home of Ruwa, the god of the Chagga people.

Also in Kenya, Mount Kenya, a 17,000-foot volcano and Africa’s second highest peak, is the residence of Ngai, the god who created humans including the first Kikuyu tribesman, Gikuyu; the Kikuyu call the peak Kere Nyaga, “Mountain of Brightness.” In Tanzania, Ol Doinyo Lengai, a 10,000-foot active volcano, is the home of Engai, “the one and only God”for the Masai, as well as a spiritual being called Khambegeu, who once created a golden age of prosperity. The Bantu call this peak Mogongo jo Mugwe, meaning “Mountain of God.” Gunung Agung (“Great Mountain”), the 10,308-foot sacred peak of Bali, is the home of Mahadewa, Great God of Gunung, and the site of numerous temples and shrines.

The Navajo say that every mountain, especially the sacred cardinal ones that bound Navajo Nation in the American Southwest, has an inner form or holy being inside it known as bii’istíín, “Those That Stand within Them.” These gods are the chieftains of the peaks, and the mountains are their hogans, or homes. Examples of bii’istíín are Talking God, Rocky Crystal Boy, and Rock Crystal Girl.

Holy mountains are frequently the site of revelation, celestial visitations, inspiration, and encounters with gods, aliens, Nature spirits, and other beings. God (or the gods) reveals Himself on the top of holy mountains and humans slip more easily into mystic states of exaltation on peaks than on the low lands.

Examples include: Black Elk, the holy man among the Lakotas, began his celestial adventure with the Six Grandfathers at Harney Peak in South Dakota. Moses received the Torah, Ten Commandments, and design for the Ark of the Covenant upon Mount Sinai in Egypt. The peak was called Mountain of Yahweh.

Rip van Winkle underwent his twenty-year sleep in the Catskill Mountains after being beguiled by a group of old, very short men (gnomes). The Virgin Mary has appeared numerous times to visionaries on Mount Podbrdo in Medjugorge, Bosnia, since 1981, and 10 million pilgrims have since visited the site, now called the Hill of Apparitions. Those who spend a night alone on the Chair of Idris (a mountain in Wales called Cader Idris) will end up mad, dead, or full of poetic inspiration, so Welsh legend declares. Those who meditate atop Montsegur, a craggy peak in the French Pyrenees, may enter the Grail Castle.

In 1088, the Chinese mystic Chang Shang-ying, had numerous visions atop Wu-T’ai Shan (Five Terrace Mountain) in China: he beheld the great god Manjusri astride a lion, numerous bodhisattvas (celestial saints and saviors), a golden stairway and a golden bridge, spirit beings, orbs of light, and more.

As for holy mountains in general, Persian myth says the world’s mountains originally grew from out of the surface of the Earth, which was a flat disc. Alburz, in Persian belief the fist mountain and probably equated with Mount Demavand, took 800 years to grow up out of the Earth. Most mountains took only 18 years to grow, but Alburz, from which 2,244 other mountains sprouted, grew up through the star, moon, and sun stations, finally reaching the realm of endless light.

Explanation: Around the world, mountains are holy because they have etheric light and energy canopies enhaloing them. These canopies are called domes, and the Earth has 1,746 of them, mostly over volcanoes.

As part of the original design of the Earth and its visionary geography, the domes were brought to Earth from the star Capella in the constellation Auriga. They were devices, midway in composition between matter and spirit, that settled over the Earth’s surface at pre-arranged locations and in accordance with star patterns above to energize and prepare the Earth for human habitation.

They were not exactly spaceships, though a materialist interpretation would see them that way. But they were mobile, for a while. Hindu myth reflects this by saying that originally the mountains had wings, but as they continuously circled around, this upset the Earth’s stability and Indra cut off their wings, renderiong them achala (immoveable), and set them at appropriate locations to stabilize the world. Here, obviously, the mountains were domes.

The domes came and went three times in the Earth’s history, during the mythical times remembered variously as the Dreamtime or Tep Zepi (Egyptian). Their imprint of sound and light was so powerful that they are virtually still present at the holy mountains they created though, technically, they are gone.

The Persian myth about Alburz is correct: the domes summoned the mountains out of the soft clay of the Earth and in effect created and grew them. Due to their star alignments (not by way of azimuthal alignments but actual holographic presence), the various star gods were accessible through them. For example, the dome over Mount Demavand in Iran represents the star Ras al Hawwa, which is alpha Ophiuchus Serpentarius; the dome over Tintagel in Cornwall, England (an example of a dome not over a mountain) is the Earth presence or star fall of Megrez in the Big Dipper of Ursa Major (Great Bear).

In addition, each of the physical mountains the domes created then settled over had its own guardian deity, a type of landscape angel, who maintained the integrity of the dome’s energy and its relationship to the mountain, its organic life, and any other geomantic features it might have (light temples). Guardian deities such as Ngai, Engai, Khambegeu, Mahadewa, Samanala Kanda, and Ruwa, are examples of landscape angels maintaining a mountain’s geomantic integrity.

The holy mountains accurately were called the homes of the gods because during the Third Dome Presence (the third arrival of the domes, when some humans were present on the Earth) the gods who brought the domes were resident for a time. These gods included angelic orders called Elohim and Nephilim, as well as other celestial or spiritual beings. Later, when the domes had left, visionary access was still afforded sensitive humans who meditated at the domes and who sought audiences with the higher dimensional gods.

The Yeti, also known as Sasquatch and the Abominable Snowman, were guardians of the domes and their intricate networks, and they still are.

Each of the domes could generate up to 48 subsidiary energy-consciousness centers called dome caps, and these were connected to the “mother” dome by way of spirallic lines. Domes were connected to one another by straight energy lines. The network of straight and spirallic lines mimics the structure of the Akasha, or ethereal space (the fourth dimension), said by Hindu mystics to consist of straight lines (dishah) travelling through the sound currents of space that eventually curve back on themselves, creating an intricate webbing.

The domes, including their array of 48 dome caps, were originally all 33 miles in diameter, but owing to their extreme age as an energy imprint, they have shrunk by 50-75% in width and height since then. Thus the Alburz reference to one mountain generating 2,244 more mountains in accurate in principle, though not in actuality: the most in this interpretation would be 48 “mountains.”

These mountains also get a numinous charge from the presence of a variety of landscape angels and Spirit beings (the Navajo bii’istíín, “Those That Stand within Them”) who maintain the geomantic integrity of the quality of the energy (i.e., consciousness parameters) set at that site. Holy beings such as the Navajo Talking God, Rocky Crystal Boy, and Rock Crystal Girl are landscape angels. Every domed peak will have one major landscape angel and several smaller ones.

So where is the nearest Holy Mountain to Charlottesville? Brown’s Hill, it turns out, and it’s a potent one, bearing the dome for the star Vega (among the galaxy’s top ten brightest) in the constellation Lyra. While part of the hill is inaccessible to the public, you can experience the star energy of Vega and enjoy fresh apples and cider by visiting the apple orchard for a little star tune-in.

—Excerpted from Encyclopedia of Earth Myths: An Insider’s Guide to Mythic People, Places, Objects, and Events Central to the Earth’s Visionary Geography, Richard Leviton, Hampton Roads, November 2005.

When the Blue Star Kachina Dances

By Richard Leviton

Hopi prophecy says that when it is time for us to emerge into the Fifth World, a sign will appear to confirm this. The Blue Star Kachina will dance for the first time in the plazas of Native American pueblos. They will understand this kachina, or masked spirit form, to be a manifestation of Sasquasohuh, the Blue Star, who comes with a new voice in the time of our long-awaited Emergence.

Emergence in the Hopi model is a lot like what we like to variously term rebirth, spiritual awakening, the presumed impact of the end of the Mayan calendar, apocalypse, the End of the World, the start of the Age of Aquarius, and generally everything millennial we’ve projected onto the date of 2012 A.D.

The appearance of the dancing Blue Star Kachina is understood to be a benign, even joyous, event among the Hopis, but what if there are no pueblos left when he arrives? What if there is no place for this kachina to dance in America?

Quite likely, in another ten years or so, there will still be Native American reservations and pueblos, some closed and others open to the non-Indian public. The Hopi Nation and Navajo Nation in the Four Corners area of the American Southwest, probably our country’s largest concentration of Native Americans, most likely will still be with us.

But I’d like to use the term pueblo in a broader, metaphorical sense to mean a prepared ritual space for a ceremonial inter-action between Earth, people, and the kachinas, or in our Westernized terms, gods, angels, star beings, nature spirits, and ancestor spirits.

Traditionally among Native American tribes this ceremonial interaction was a regular and vital part of life, part of their understood human obligation. As Southwest writer Frank Waters lucidly put it in Pumpkin Seed Point in 1969, the nine “intricate and interlocked” ceremonies of the Hopis performed each year formed a web of relationships that included people, animals, plants, spiritual beings, kachinas, spirits of the Earth, the Earth itself, other planets and stars. “Interrelated in an ecological pattern of correlative obligations, they dramatize a creative plan whose power supersedes that of the limited human will.”

Harmony between Earth, its people, and the cosmos was maintained for many centuries this way through Native American ceremonies that acknowledged and honored the creative plan that made life possible at all. Then came the Spanish conquest and the U.S. eradication. Native American lands were seized and appropriated by the invading white Europeans and “limited human will” gained ascendancy and eventual primacy in our land policies.

I will put aside the moral issue of the forcible seizure of Native American lands and the decimation of the Indian population by the Spanish and then U.S. Americans. It is appalling and shameful and should weigh heavily on the American conscience. But there is a bigger, more urgent problem created by this.

The pueblos have been left unattended. Again, I use the term pueblo broadly. The invading Europeans had no interest in Native American rituals, acutely keyed and sensitive as they were to the geomantic particularities of the American landscape or what we could call North America’s unique spirit of place. They came to insert Christianity in its stead, as well as for the gold.

Oglala Sioux holy man Black Elk said of the encroachment of white Americans into his tribe’s Black Hills area in South Dakota in the mid-1800s that “much of the yellow metal that makes the Wasichus [white man] crazy” had been discovered there. His people had already known of the gold deposits but “they did not bother with it, because it was not good for anything,” he said in the classic account from the 1930s, Black Elk Speaks.

Even today that statement with its different universe of values is still a bit shocking to us. How could they not be interested in the gold? Not good for anything? What they did care about was their land, their tribal domain.

The “limited human will” of the invading Europeans seized the land, divided it up into sellable units, dug out the gold and other minerals, abolished or marginalized Indian rituals wherever possible, and extrapolated an aggressive, greedy culture oblivious to any concept of a pre-existing “creative plan” requiring human participation, or thinking itself exempt from such a notion.

What the Hopis, Navajos, Sioux, and all the other tribes knew was that North America has its special spirit of place and that this must be respected and nurtured. The white Europeans came here unaware of that. What is spirit of place? In his acclaimed Masked Gods (1950), Frank Waters says it is a quality that imbues each of the continental land masses with its own “unique and ineradicable sense of rhythm, mood, and character” and that it forms the basis for indigenous forms of faith arising from it—Native American ceremonialism.

“The Indian-American has never been separated from his land.” Until now, and Waters might have added, the European-American has never been connected to it. And that’s why all the pueblos are unattended, to our peril.

The invading, imperialistic Europeans seized the American continent, took the Indians’ land, but never assumed responsibility for maintaining it. I don’t mean agriculture, land or water preservation projects, or national parks. I mean energetic maintenance, Waters’ concept of “correlative obligations.”

Those few Native Americans remaining in the U.S. cannot be expected to do the requisite land rituals and geomantic ceremonies to energetically maintain a landmass the size of our country. Vast amounts of the U.S. landmass are ceremonially unattended. As a culture, we are only marginally becoming aware of the meaning of “sacred sites” and what is required to keep them in energetic trim. Of the sites officially identified and preserved or regularly visited, a far greater number are undiscovered, neglected, fallen into ruin, or unsuspected.

Again, for this analogy, think of sacred sites when I say pueblos.

Let’s look at it this way: if a living body—a landmass like the U.S.—has 10,000 points of light and only perhaps 300 are known, and of these maybe 25 worked with in an effective and regular way, how can we expect this body to thrive when 9,975 vital places—unrestored original sacred sites—are left out?

So when the Blue Star Kachina arrives to do his prophecied ceremonial dance in the pueblos of America, will there even be a dance floor ready for him?

The Illustrated Body

By Richard Leviton

What if your entire body surface were painted in colorful pictures? The popularity of tattooes today is heading in this direction, but science fiction writer Ray Bradbury pushed the idea even further in his novel, The Illustrated Man. A man’s skin was covered in pictures, and when you looked at one, it became a movie, more like a living hologram, actually, with you inside it, part of the story.

Is any of this possible, more than an intriguing metaphor or hypothesis? At least two different streams of metaphysical thought say yes. Astrology proposes that stars and planets influence our lives and, more specifically, have some direct correspondences with organs and body structures. The constellation Taurus, the Bull, for example, is said by astrologers to rule the throat, and in effect, to have some kind of subtle residence in the human throat and in the energies of speech.

The metaphysical foundation for this statement is the Hermetic axiom, As above, so below, well-known in the Western Mystery tradition. It means the human—each of us—is a miniature version of the great galaxy above and all its marvellous and enigmatic contents, including the stars and constellations. If we are copies—the term used is microcosm—of the universe (macrocosm), then the stars and constellations must somehow live within us. Hence astrology’s claims.

A second validation of Bradbury’s suppostion is through Rudolf Steiner, the Austrian spiritual scientist and founder of the popular Waldorf education. His clairvoyant research revealed that the stars, planets, constellations, and even the angelic families all had assigned roles and functions within us. They influence and support our breathing, digestion, thoughts, feelings, will power, and much more. He used the phrase “organology is cosmology” to explain this. Study the physical and subtle aspects of how an organ—say, your heart—operates, and you’ll get a revelation about how the cosmos works.

Let’s look at this working cosmos for a moment, keeping in mind the idea of the illustrated man and body. Many different myths from around the world say that originally, the world was created by the sacrificial dismemberment of a cosmic being. The Hindus called this being Purusha, and the Norse Ymir.

The idea is simple: Ymir took his cosmos-sized body apart, and all his organs, bones, even eyebrows, became physical aspects of the world, the mountains, lakes, rivers, earth, humans, trees, even nature spirits. The entire created, visible world, then, in this myth, was understood to be parts of Ymir. His blood became the sea and all planetary water, his flesh became the earth, his bones the mountains, his teeth the rocks, his skull became the sky, from his hair arose the trees, from his brain the clouds, and from his eyebrows, Midgard, the middle realm or Middle Earth where we live.

In the Hindu version, Purusha was a primordial god, the Self in the form of Cosmic Man. He was the Indestructible Person, the eternal plan from which all destructible forms were generated. He had 1000 heads, 1000 eyes, and 1000 feet, and he gave himself up so the world could be created, even the realm of the immortals and angels. The Moon came from his mind, the Sun from his eye, and the various gods from his breath. The fourteen realms of existence came forth from Purusha and were thereafter known as the limbs of the Grand Man.

If you step back and look at these marvellous myths for a moment, you’ll see that in the beginning, when he was whole, Ymir or Purusha, was, like Bradbury’s hero, comprised of living pictures. The whole idea and its particularities for creation. Mountains, rivers, people, trees, and the rest were the pictures originally painted upon Ymir’s skin, both inside and out. He was not just illustrated: he was pictures. Then they became part of the world we live in, so we are always walking amidst Ymir’s pictures, his illustrated planetary body.

Several cultures around the world also remember something mystical about this idea of Ymir’s dismembered, distributed, illustrated body. The Tibetans, for example, speak of the Supine Demoness. She’s described as a fearsome, devilish female of vast size, whose body was pinned down long ago by Tibetan priests by temples and religious structures across the Tibetan landscape.

Her name was Srinmo, and she was pinned down in twelve places—her heart was held down by the Jokhang Temple at Lhasa, Tibet’s capital—because she was dangerous and otherwise would have devastated the landscape and obstructed all spiritual practice. So Tibetan legend says. But perhaps Tibetan legend has made Srinmo more scary than “she” is because Tibetan Buddhists generally consider Jokhang Temple to be their holiest shrine. Maybe Srinmo is cosmically awesome, and “her” tie-down by temples is a way of making the energy assimilable—survivable—by those living in the Tibetan landscape.

In our own Southwest, the Navajo talk of Pollen Mountain and Goods of Value Mountain. Except these are not mountains as we normally think of them. Pollen Mountain is a huge spiritual being—a kachina, or spirit form—lying on the landscape. His body stretches from just inside the southern Utah border down to Black Mesa in Arizona. Goods of Value Mountain is his spouse, and her landscape body extends from Chuska Peak in New Mexico (near Gallup) to Beautiful Mountain, also in New Mexico. The Navajos describe these as an old couple, sleeping head to foot across the Four Corners landscape.

The inference seems to be that Pollen Mountain, Goods of Value Mountain, and Srinmo, the Supine Demoness, are variations on Ymir and Purusha. That means when you visit the landscape sites attributed to them, or walk their entire landscape form—a trek, for these examples, involving many miles—you will be walking amidst and within their living pictures. If you walk in a meditative way, focussed on the possibility of a visionary experience, from Chuska Peak to Beautiful Mountain in New Mexico, you are walking within the picture-filled body of a cosmic being, copied and laid down upon the Earth.

And—let’s not overlook the metaphysical pay-off to this—you are at the same time walking through a larger version of yourself, through the original macrocosm, the cosmos above. Your illustrated body writ large on the Earth.

So you have an illustrated body at three levels awaiting your interaction. You walk in your physical body through an experiential realm in which astrology, the stars, planets, constellations, the Hermetic axiom, Bradbury’s “illustrated man,” the ancient myths of creation, and all the created realms of existence, the gods and angels, the whole galactic theater of moving pictures, are alive.

Richard Leviton, the author of ten books, including most recently, The Galaxy on Earth: A Traveler’s Guide to the Planet’s Visionary Geography (Hampton Roads, 2002), and What’s Beyond That Star. A Chronicle of Geomythic Adventure (Clairview Books, 2002), regularly conducts workshops and field trips on the subject of myth, sacred sites, and landscape spirituality. His newest book, The Emerald Modem: A User’s Guide to the Earth’s Interactive Energy Body, will be published in May 2004 by Hampton Roads.

Signs on the Earth —Apocalypse or a Planet Being Reborn?



Astonishing things are happening on our Earth. Apparitions of the Virgin Mary are appearing at numerous sites, both Catholic and non-Catholic, to bless and communicate with the faithful. Evidence of ships and intelligences from elsewhere in the galaxy proliferates across the planet coupled with burgeoning reports of sightings, encounters, and abductions. And enigmatic, beautiful glyphs appear instantaneously in waving grain fields as if stamped from light patterns.

They are signs on the Earth all, but who is making these signs for us? And are they signs of the last days, the End Time, apocalypse, the end of the world, heralds of the arrival of that “great and manifest day” when “the Lord comes”? Or do they signify a new level of benign communication from on high?

My operating assumption is that the three signs on the Earth are purposeful and are put before us globally as part of an extraplanetary plan. Another assumption I work with is that a fruitful way to figure out why they are appearing is to look at them collectively, as a three-part message from on high. A third assumption is that God, the spiritual worlds, and higher beings periodically intervene benevolently in human affairs to catalyze something.

I propose that the three signs on the Earth represent a benevolent, purposeful spiritual intervention in human affairs and our evolutionary agenda.

The signs fill some people with wonder, others with fear, and inspire most authorities, whether theological or governmental, to downplay, deny, ignore, distort, or suppress the fact that these signs are even appearing. Most of the Virgin Mary apparitions go unvalidated by the Vatican or are denied outright or ridiculed. UFO phenomena are routinely denied, ignored, explained away, or the subject of disinformation in an effort to convince the public they were “seeing things,” but not ETs. As for crop circles, they are too palpable, too vivid, too publicly dramatic to make people disbelieve their own senses or the photographs, so the strategy is to shift the attention to hoaxes: they are fakes, human-made.

These paranormal phenomena wouldn’t be so difficult to understand or accommodate if we hadn’t painted ourselves into such a constricted corner with our metaphysically parochial consensus reality. Such phenomena cannot exist because our theories of reality allow no room for such outlandish, freakish things. Culturally, we are conditioned to fragment ourselves: what we see or experience is on one hand; on the other is the truth, reality, the official view.

Ironically, or perhaps, appropriately, since our authorities will not validate the anomalies, each person has to forge a new consensus reality, as if only for oneself at first and based on experience not dogma, that does accommodate these phenomena. We seem to be heading towards a planet of a consensus reality of one multiplied by billions. One day, the consensus will flip and the majority of humans worldwide will suddenly realize reality has changed.

Counterpointing this forging of a new consensus reality one person at a time is a frantic effort by governmental and theological authorities to control it. Let’s keep the reality dogma constant at all costs, their efforts seem to say. The Vatican says only those Marian apparitions they deem real are real. Nearly all governments flatly deny any validity to UFO sightings or ET encounters, and the English authorities, who are running point on crop circles, the majority of which occur in England, are conditioning us to regard crop circles as clever hoaxes.

One way or another, the controlling authorities are trying to make these three astonishing signs on the Earth unreal, contrived, hallucinatory, and, ideally, non-existent. They never happened. You must have imagined it. Made it up.

So as we progress through the early years of the 21st century and live amidst this dialectic, this constant tug-of-war between experience and dogma, personal truth and consensus reality. It happened, it didn’t happen. It’s real, it’s not real. The Virgin Mary blessed this hillside. No, she didn’t, it wasn’t her, or anyone. I saw aliens, there are no aliens. I was abducted by Grays; no, you dreamed it. ETs made the crop circles; no, people made them with boards.

Underlying this struggle for the truth of events is the growing panic. Are these signs on the Earth, real or unreal, actual or rumored, signs of the big day? We fear it as the biblically foretold Judgement Day or we anticipate it as the end of the Mayan Calendar in December 2012. Either way, the world will end, right?

One of the intents of the signs on the Earth is to encourage us to investigate them clairvoyantly. The difficulty in finding convincing physical proof may be the goad that edges us into a psychic view. Maybe there never will be irrefutable physical proof because this is impossible given the extra-dimensional nature of the three signs. The only true proof will be corroborable psychic validation, and, again, maybe that’s the whole point—to shift our epistemological demands from sense-based to clairvoyance-based.

So, in brief, what might we conclude about the three signs?

First, they are real events happening on the surface of the planet. Second, they are extraplanetary in origin and emanate from a subtler dimension than our physical reality and matter as we know it. Third, they are purposeful, mandated, and executed with intent to inform us of something. Fourth, we need to look beyond dogma, belief, tradition, official views, and consensus reality to “see” what they actually are and to be prepared to see them freshly, and be surprised.

Fifth, their appearance is largely site-specific, which means where they happen is meaningful and beneficial in terms of the planet’s overall geomantic nature. Sixth, when you understand the geomantic aspects of the “where,” then the purpose and message of the signs is easier to decode. Seventh, the Earth’s sacred sites are being used as a cosmic message board for our edification.

Eighth, the signs can best be understood when seen clairvoyantly rather than through reason or analysis. Ninth, the signs can best be appreciated when considered collectively, as one message in three parts. Ninth, the signs as a group are seeking to school human attention and consciousness in a three-part initiation experience.

Tenth, the signs are intended to help us expand our cognition into the fourth dimension where events in time are spread out across space. Eleventh, this initiation into the fourth dimension also involves developing Christ Consciousness, or the ability to look through and understand all of spacetime. Twelfth, the signs collectively intend humanity to master the language of light, as specifically evidenced and encoded within the vast array of crop circle designs.

As for the “day of the Lord” that will come, as the Acts of the Apostle seer foresaw, perhaps that will surprise us too. We expect judgement and punishment. Maybe instead that “great and manifest” day will herald unceasing revelation and epiphany, the Kingdom of God spread out all around us to see, and we shall be able to see it. Perhaps that is what the three signs portend.

——Excerpted from Signs on the Earth: Deciphering the Meaning of Virgin Mary Apparitions, UFO Encounters, and Crop Circles, Richard Leviton, published by Hampton Roads, June 2005.

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A journalist in the field of health, alternative medicine, natural healing spirituality, metaphysics, geomancy, and Earth Mysteries for 25 years, Leviton has published more than 400 feature articles in national magazine and served as Editor for two national magazines. He has conducted seminars and field trips on sacred sites and spirituality, in the U.S., England, and Norway. He is currently senior editor for Hampton Roads Publishing Company in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Richard Leviton, the author of many books, including, The Emerald Modem: A User's Guide to the Earth's Interactive Energy Body, (Hampton Roads, 2004),  The Galaxy on Earth: A Traveler's Guide to the Planet's Visionary Geography (Hampton Roads, 2002), and What's Beyond That Star. A Chronicle of Geomythic Adventure (Clairview Books, 2002), regularly conducts workshops and field trips on the subject of myth, sacred sites, and landscape spirituality. He is also establishing a "cosmic mysteries think tank" in Santa Fe, New Mexico to offer seminars and training, and to conduct research in these topics. 
His newest books, Signs on the Earth and Encyclopedia of Earth Myths: An Insider’s Guide to Mythic People, Places, Objects, and Events Central to the Earth’s Visionary Geography, will be published in 2005.

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