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by Doug Yurchey


I was flattered to be asked to speak in Singapore concerning the work of the great inventor Nikola Tesla. My first response was to answer any questions they had in an email. These were their questions and my answers. Anyone interested in the work of Tesla might enjoy this unconventional view with its many possible implications.

We are currently working on a proposal to showcase Tesla’s impact on society. However, we are still rather clueless about the concepts he came up with such as the Tesla Coil and his theories about the transmission of energy through the earth and atmosphere. (We belong to the Arts faculty) Hence, we would appreciate it if you could answer our questions.


1. What exactly does the Tesla Coil do and is it really found in most of our electrical appliances?

I am not a technical engineer and my answers here will differ from all others in the electrical field. After what I have discovered, I am very proud to not be a technical person…because they are limited and restrictive in their thinking. Let me relate a small story of how I was able to speak at Carnegie Mellon University. I was introduced to David Purta, a boy genius in the Research Department of CMU. I went to 3 years of college, never finished, and should not have been able to tell this GENIUS anything. Yet, I told him who the real inventor of the AC Current was…it was, of course, TESLA. He was trained that Steinmetz ‘developed’ AC, so in his mind, he was the inventor. Nothing in his restrictive/edited science told him otherwise. Now, I had to prove it was Tesla and I certainly did not do that by speaking in a technical way. No, I handed him rare books that had to come from the Tesla Museum in Beograd. No one but a highly trained engineer could make heads or tails of the books…and he did. He then understood that Tesla patented all his ideas and Tesla invented just about everything that had to do with electricity, radio and much more. This impressed Purta so much that he invited me to speak at his Research Department. I’m not saying the talk went well…because I was speaking of Tesla’s real significance which has to do (in my view) with ancient pyramids and Atlantis. These engineers did not want to hear about what they regarded as fantasy or anything way-out. The lesson (to me) was a simple child with the truth means more than all scientists from all universities put together or just ‘don’t believe BOOKS.’ They are only opinions and usually misinformation. I believe the truth to many things is fantastic and we have to open our minds in order to really comprehend.

2. Could you explain how a Tesla Coil generates high frequency and voltage electricity in words the average layman would be able to comprehend?

What I am saying is I object to your fascination with merely the Tesla Coil. It is simple; it is a toy; it is only a basic principle and it’s not so important HOW it works. What is important is WHAT IS ITS SIGNIFICANCE? What does this mean to the world? Those are big questions and those are questions I can answer. (Your average electrical engineer could not). I owned a Tesla Coil and played with it. A florescent tube lights up in your hand when you wave it near the coil, NO WIRES. I think the coil principle is in many appliances, it’s a way to amplify the electricity. But what’s important is not how it works…the question is WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? The answer is here was a wireless way to power the world! Imagine the florescent tube experiment on a much larger scale…it could power a city or a country with wireless energy. Electricity out of thin air; actually the energy uses the Earth and comes through the ground. In my opinion, you should not be so concerned with the Coil and more concerned with its Big Brother that could change the world; the ‘Magnifying Transmitter.’ It’s a big antenna or big Tesla Coil. Instead of plugging into the electrical socket for initial power, it uses (a river for the spark) the natural EM energy of the PLANET for power. It’s a ‘transceiver’ that redirects natural energies so we can use them for our common electricity. Please excuse me for side-stepping your basic question. My point is we should be concentrating on what that simple Coil inspired…that would be WARDENCLYFFE.

3. What inspired Tesla to build the Tesla Coil?

What inspired all of his revelations? PURE ENLIGHTENMENT. You know of his discovery of the AC while reading Goethe in a garden? The man was crazed and drew the design for how a signal can ALTERNATE right there in the dirt! He knew this could CHANGE THE WORLD! He hardly had to test or experiment to get his wanted results because he could see his machines work in his mind. How did he conceive of his many patents? The answer must be from the same place that anyone is coming from who yells ‘Eureka, I’ve found it!’ Ideas hit you. Your question is like saying where do ideas come from? I know that Tesla opened up channels and a flood of ideas came through to account for those incredible patents in a short time, not too different from Mozart receiving musical inspiration.

4. In your opinion, is HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project), founded on Tesla’s theories, really able to manipulate the atmosphere and weather?

I wrote an article concerning the idea that HAARP caused Hurricane Katrina. I have also corresponded with Scott Stevens who, unbelievably, was on CNN News and implied (on television!) that Hurricane Katrina could have been a case of weather modification. Why did the U.N. ban countries from Weather Wars? Yes, it’s very possible that we people of Earth are the victims of federal officials and their (evil) scientists that have perverted Tesla’s principles. Tesla’s NY apartment was raided right after his death. Plans for such a means of weather manipulation was intended by Tesla to be used for GOOD purposes; such as making rain where it was needed or disperse clouds where it has rained too much. It was NOT intended to start an earthquake or whip up a tornado! I have even heard reports that TESLA WAS MURDERED, believe it or not. Supposedly, the old man was run over and killed on the streets of NY. Could this have been done by the same people who raided his apartment? I sure don’t have all the answers. It’s possible that the feds have taken Tesla’s concepts and made weapons with such principles rather than doing something good for the human race. It would be typical of the military mind-set of federal, war-making officials. What I know about how HAARP functions is…it is a fixed grid. We move an antenna to get the best reception…well, HAARP is a fixed array of antennas and the energy moves; you can direct the energy to anywhere you choose. It is sad and disgusting what they have done with Tesla’s principles. I’m sure he would ‘turn over in his grave’ as they say. You may have heard of the Philadelphia Experiment. Tesla was certainly involved; the military only tried to BEAM A BATTLESHIP like the transporter we see on Star Trek. The reports say soldiers were fused with the metal of the ship; that is believable with the process of physically beaming an object. Tesla worked with the military, but I will never believe he was behind using his principles as weaponry. He wanted to help the world, not hurt it. But…after his death…the feds could do anything they wanted to do.

5. How does electrical conductivity using the Earth as a medium work?

I know a bit about this and can put it in a way a layman can understand. This was illustrated by a little drawing in the Tesla material. Imagine a tuning fork at a certain location and a signal is reverberated there. The Earth propagates that wave as if it was water or ripples on a lake. Another tuning fork a thousand miles away, let’s say, will suddenly start vibrating in sync with the original signal. (7 ½ hertz frequency) The tuning forks are the towers placed at certain global positions. They become part of a World System of Power Towers all vibrating with the same oscillation using the planet to further the wireless electricity. At Colorado Springs, Tesla proved that the entire planet could act as a conductor of electricity…Tesla had made his incredible AC obsolete…and that led to his ultimate invention: the nearly 200-foot tower in NY (1900-1905).

6. In Singapore, Tesla is an unknown name. Besides sheer ignorance, why do you think the education system leaves out his name in the field of electricity?

That is a very large question. Again, this was why David Purta had no knowledge of Tesla being the creator of AC. Another way to ask the question is why did Edison get all the credit? It is a corrupt world, I am sad to say. Edison invented virtually NOTHING! He was Tesla’s opposite; he was a moneyman. People came to his company with their brilliant ideas; Edison bought them and took the credit. Edison was uneducated. He may have found the filament for the light bulb, but that was only after he tested every material there was; that’s not inspiration, that’s stumbling upon the best results. That filament isn’t even used anymore. TESLA set the 60-cycles for the light bulb, NOT EDISON. So why does everyone think, not only that Edison invented the light bulb, but that Thomas Alva was responsible for the entire electrical system? It’s even called ‘Continental Edison.’ This is sacrilege (as you well know) because…Edison campaigned against the AC in favor of his primitive DC. DC is a joke and goes nowhere, a matter of a few feet and then it burns the wire. Ah, but if the signal can be made to alternate…then you can wrap the world with available (wired) electricity. The short answer to your question is WIRELESS ELECTRICITY. Tesla combined electricity and radio. We could now broadcast power and this is what is important. We are not meant to know about that and what happened more than 100 years ago with Wardenclyffe. Tesla was taken out of the books and discredited because governments keep the truth away from their citizens. They do not want anyone developing Tesla’s principles in a world that cannot have Tesla’s principles. Now, let me give you a specific reason:

You may not be aware of this…(here’s a big question for you)…why can’t we have Tesla Technology, meaning WIRELESS ELECTRICITY today? If someone built a modest 40 or 50-foot tower…let’s say, they knew how Tesla did it and duplicated his power tower near a city and turned it on. IT WOULD DISRUPT ALL OUR COMMUNICATIONS! There would be static on all televisions, radio and on phone lines around the tower…within its range. We CANNOT have Tesla Tech currently because we went down the wrong path over 100 years ago with the failure of Wardenclyffe. Tesla’s system and today’s system are incompatible. Tesla, in his time, would have disrupted nothing. His system would have handled all communications; there would be World TV; free phone calls anywhere; imagine a super Internet in 1905! We were not ready for this and we still aren’t with our warlike ways. Governments would make a weapon before they FREELY power a city. I believe government scientists know how Tesla did it and are not permitted to duplicate his ultimate experiment. The tower causes such a high Electro-Magnetic field that it would fry everything in its range. In the same way, you would not want to put a MAGNET on your computer. What this means is we are not going to have this superior, wireless system until we scrap all our cel phones, computers and other communication systems. Who is going to change the planetary status quo, which they have invested so much in, to give the world free energy? It’s not going to happen in the corrupt world we live in.

I mentioned that Tesla Coil I owned. I was ignorant of what it did back then, so I placed it on a large stereo speaker. Well, it wasn’t long before that speaker screwed up and I had to take it in to be fixed. Much later, I realized it was the strong, electrical field from this one-foot high coil that caused the damage. I also had an electronic computer chess game in the room and that malfunctioned as well. The little thing was a powerful sucker within its range!

Another reason for Wardenclyffe’s failure is German scientists. This was just before the start of WWI. Something changed Tesla’s mind…here was his ultimate achievement…it all led up to this…5 years in the construction phase with even famous architect Stanford White designing the non-technical architecture for the Wardenclyffe station. Why did the world get screwed out of this new age, this technical utopia? It must be because this beautiful tower could be made into a weapon. Tesla realized that the entire Earth could be split in two! Few scientists believed him, yet a note can shatter a glass by the perfect frequency. The planet could have been held hostage with what could be perverted into a DOOMSDAY WEAPON! I believe some greater intelligence informed Tesla ‘no, humans now are not ready for this.’ Can you imagine? Maybe Tesla dismantled his tower because he did not want to be responsible for the destruction of Earth by madmen.

7. What do you think about Tesla’s theories of free energy from the vacuum, which is being advocated by Lt Col. Thomas E Bearden (Retired)?

Again, I know little of his work specifically. I have heard the name before. I have also heard of James McCanney who claims to be building Tesla’s tower and duplicating his wireless experiments. Like I stated, this cannot be done…or would never be allowed by the authorities. So, I believe his claims are bogus and only for hype. Once more, if you want those technical answers…I guess you’re speaking to the wrong man. Seriously, that is not what’s important, but I think I can tell you what is important. What Tesla Technology really means or it’s true significance has to do with PYRAMIDS, ATLANTIS and our strange/lost ancient prehistory. I will explain later.

8. How did Tesla’s work on particle beam weapons give rise to today’s ‘Star Wars’ weapons such as the ABL (Air-borne Laser) and SBL (Space-based Lasers) and many others?

What I do know is how governments will make weapons instead of developing Tesla’s ideas for the betterment of the human race. Instead of having lasers transmit communications and information, they will tune it to make a Death Ray. Who knows? Maybe they have already developed a super Star Wars laser in the event of an Earth collision with a large asteroid. Very possible, I believe. It’s like the Force in the film ‘Star Wars,’ the same (Tesla) principle could be used for the Good or perverted and used for destructive purposes. HAARP as well as the Star Wars Project probably originated from the work of Nikola Tesla.

9. If there were one word to describe Tesla, what would it be?



10. How else did Tesla contribute to society?

Let me elaborate on my unique theories concerning Tesla and Atlantis, because, in my opinion, it is the true answer to your question. It is also my life’s work. If we did utilize Wardenclyffe in 1905 and quantum leaped humankind hundreds of years with this futuristic technology, there would not have been the Great Depression or the World Wars in the 20th Century. We would be on the threshold of Utopia. How do I know these are the seeds of Paradise or a Heaven on Earth? Because it already happened in our distant past! Tesla Technology is the secret to the PYRAMIDS. Your question was; how did Tesla impact society? The answer is a REDISCOVERY OF WHAT HAPPENED LONG AGO IN THE ANCIENT PAST. A pyramid is far from a tomb built by slaves. It is a LENS…as a lens can focus light rays into a single beam…so can a pyramid tap into that same force that moves a compass needle. Energy is everywhere (even in the vacuum of space)…and if we were very smart, we would have the knowledge to tap that natural EM energy and create electricity. I believe if we traveled to other planets, we could very well see the ruins of pyramids. Any intelligent race knows the most efficient way of acquiring and distributing power. There are even the ruins of a Great Pyramid on Mars, aligned with the Martian directions! The question is can an ancient civilization maintain that utopia? Here are links to my Tesla-related articles:

I put together the above image long ago and it EQUATES the Great Pyramid with a Tesla tower. QUESTION: Which one is the modern and the more sophisticated device? Many would answer ‘the Tesla tower.’ Not so…the more advanced thing here is the pyramid. If we had a wonderful world and developed Tesla Technology without the fear of military intervention and kept improving and improving that tower over centuries…you would have the PYRAMID. A pyramid electrically excites or powers a World Grid of megalithic statues, stele, obelisks and other standing stones. That system will exist in the future as it did in the past.

As incredibly amazing as the Wardenclyffe tower was and would have been (few realize since it’s been suppressed), it was only the basic principle…just proving the principle. The tower, like the first radio, was crude and basic. Now radios are sleek and do not even appear as radios. The same can be said for titanic, stone statues of the past…they were not just great art; they were utility poles in a worldwide energy-distribution system. I have spent 35 years working on the idea…and that idea came to me as a bolt of inspiration in 1978.

You can visit my website; click on INTERVIEWS and hear the strange story of the 13-point map:

In the 1970s, I was married to a very psychic woman. She channeled the following map when I asked HOW DID HUMANS ARRIVE ON EARTH?

I’m sure this is confusing to you and unexpected, but this is what I’m about and to me: It’s the most important thing in the world! It means a completely different genesis for humans. How could we have begun here in primitiveness or barbarism if an ADVANCED TESLA WORLD SYSTEM STANDS IN RUIN IN OUR DISTANT PAST? Please allow me to explain a little. I knew of these (channeled) 13 locations in 1974. The only locations immediately familiar were the Great Pyramid, Stonehenge and Easter Island. Soon, I found out about Tassili, Zimbabwe, the New Delhi Pillar and a few others. What is amazing is the last 3 locations which were totally unknown and undiscovered back in 1974…There was Yonaguni (underwater in the Sea of Japan), the Brazil discovery and something very recently found in CANADA. I will send you my articles, one that is called ‘Atlantis Power Grid.’ It’s the title of a full manuscript I am writing.

In my studies of Tesla, I found out that Wardenclyffe was established on Long Island to accommodate the large population of New York. But, it had a limited range (like a radio tower) and OTHER towers would have to be built at special global locations. I found out that Tesla planned NINE towers and that would have covered the entire surface of Earth. We could have had wireless electricity on the top of Mt. Everest or everywhere, anywhere. When I read this, a bolt of inspiration hit me that changed my life! I fell to the ground; shuddering in tears, realizing that map of 13 from a few years earlier was a prehistoric TESLA WORLD SYSTEM! The ancient Atlanteans used the same principle, created Cradles of Civilizations ON A WORLDWIDE GRID PATTERN. Each location in the pattern marked our beginning. I have never been the same since. These recent discoveries baffle the investigating scientists…but I expected an ancient anomaly exactly at those locations. My research has shown that Darwin Evolution is a misconception, etc., etc. We have lost the great knowledge that we once possessed in the past. This is the significance to TESLA. You asked and I had to answer the best I could. I believe the human race once thrived around an ancient Tesla system. If true, it could blow up in their face and I think this is what happened. Paradise became corrupted; they went to war; destroyed the towers and suddenly the global power was gone…

11. Imagine you are supposed to organize a series of activities to showcase Tesla’s life and work, what would you come up with?

I would plan a course around the concepts outlined in these answers. What I have not revealed to you is I may have spoken with TESLA’S SON! I was pen pals with Arthur Matthews; he was in his nineties and has now passed away. Tesla and Matthews co-wrote a book together called ‘The Wall of Light’ (a reference to a Forcefield). It is available through Health Research. Tesla gave all of his secrets to Matthews. But, few give Matthews any credibility because he claims ‘Venusians’ contacted him and informed him that Tesla was one of them! I know how that sounds. Yet, Matthews’ story is believable when you consider the evidence. It just rings true: He said that Tesla was wealthy from wisely invested his AC money and never had financial problems, contrary to almost all Tesla books. They say J. P. Morgan pulled his funds because he could not profit from Free Energy…not true. The Magnifying Transmitter failed for the reasons stated above. Matthews wrote to me and said ‘Tesla married in 1890, had a son and died a rich man.’ That goes against just about every Tesla book. (Remember, I said ‘don’t believe books’). I asked him, are you Tesla’s son? He did not answer me, which led me to believe he was his secret son and was purposely kept out of the limelight. There is evidence to support this. Matthews told me about the German scientists and the real reason his big tower failed…and that is not the same story in the books. So, it does not matter how many books you have read on Tesla; misinformation has simply been passed down from book to book. It does not make them true. I have also written about the mystery of Venus; first they said the Magellan probe found NO volcanism whatsoever and Venus had never changed with the most intense cratering in the Solar System…now the same scientists of Magellan claim there IS volcanoes and changes on Venus. There is truly a large mystery there, governments know about it…but we do not. I asked Arthur Matthews WHEN? When will we have Tesla Technology? He told me on the phone the one time I spoke with him ‘so long in the future that no one would even have heard of Tesla.’

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