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Mystery of the Megaliths Solved


by Patrick Cain

Long before the heavens were worshipped, the stars were studied. More precisely, astronomy predated religion. Hence, stellar science, not superstitious beliefs, formed the core of ancient civilization. Technically speaking, sun temples are solar observatories. Obelisks are sundials. Pyramids are star clocks. Stonehenge is a lunar/solar computer.

Stonehenge, UK

The relatively new science of Archaeoastronomy has shown megalithic structures to be astronomically oriented/connected. All archaeoastronomical sites are primitive yet precise celestial observatories. Even sacred sites like the Oracle at Delphi, the Vatican and the Kaaba are celestially linked. So why were the ancients so interested in stellar science?

Delphi, Greece

Because it let them calculate the cosmos – establish natural order out of universal chaos. The earth could be measured and mapped (globe flattened via longitude & latitude) from the heavens. The seasons predicted (natural cycles timed), etc. Celestial science (measuring movements & angles of heavenly bodies) also enabled the ancients to build a global stellar navigation and universal time-keeping network – a global positioning system, or GPS (celestial bodies were natural satellites).

This was the secret science of Egyptian priests (passed down by the original architects of civilization). It was the lost treasure of the Templars (global navigators), the magical craft (sacred geometry) of Masonry and the mystery behind the Mayan cosmic calendar (galactic cycle) cult. This ancient science laid the foundation for a prehistoric global civilization – the fabled Atlantean Empire in all her glory, which later degenerated into a maritime monopoly of slavers & traders (‘The sun never sat on the British Isles’).

When this ancient kingdom of international commerce, colonial outposts & worldwide warfare finally disintegrated (due in part to natural cataclysms), widespread use of its technical knowledge also perished. Non-technical peoples symbolically adopted fragments of it into their own cultures. In short, the golden age was gone.

After the scientific basis was lost, stargazing took on a whole new meaning. Speculative arts and cosmic cults were born. Superstitious customs (religions) arose from the ashes of a dead/lost science. Resurrection replaced reincarnation. The first dark age entered the world.

In Egypt, the cult of Horus flourished. Dividing the times (divining the heavens – determining the seasons) for planting and harvesting, and scoping the horizon (zone of Horus) for time-keeping, developed into casting Horuscopes and making astrological charts (abominations that the elders of Israel committed). Horology is the science of time-keeping. Horticulture is the study of growing plants.

Astrotheology (masonic theology) came into being. The gospel story is really a celestial allegory – an astronomical tale. Is-Ra-El and Sol-Om-On are actually compound words (astrotheological designations). The twelve tribes of Israel, twelve disciples of Christ and twelve knights of the Round Table correspond to the twelve signs of the zodiac (Ezekiel’s ‘wheel within a wheel’ was a zodiacal chart). Yes, it’s all astrotheology (cosmomythology).

Even astrology (from astro-logos – Word of God, Voice of the Heavens, Harmony of the Spheres) warped into a mystical practice. Skywalkers (comets) became omens/portends. Originally, astrology was the study of celestial dynamics, of how cosmic phenomena affected/influenced terrestrial life.

Also relevant is the fact that women, not men, were the primary surveyors of the skies (calculators of astronomical data). History makers (patriarchal founders) converted female Chaldean astologers/ astonomers into Babylonian wise men. According to the historian Pliny, mathematics (celestial calculations) was traditionally the business of women. The term mathesis meant “the learning” – literally, “mother wisdom.” The thirteen month (moon/lunar cycle) calendar was replaced by the twelve month solar calendar. The sun gods (Christ & Chrishna) came to rule the world.

A Celtic cross is strikingly similar in appearance to a mariner’s astrolabe.
© 22 June 2001, 04:15:35, Crichton E M Miller at The Long Man of Wilmington.

Interestingly, two key religious icons bear uncanny resemblance to two celestial measuring devices. A Celtic cross is strikingly similar in appearance to a mariner’s astrolabe. A Christian cross looks remarkably like an ancient astronomer’s cross-staff. Is this simply a coincidence?


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(excerpted from Brotherhood of the Sun – 0965922316)

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All rights reserved. Reprinted with permission.

Brotherhood of the Sun
by Patrick Cain

Book Description

Brotherhood of the Sun is not another templar tale or masonic fabrication. It is an intelligent conspiracy-thriller with profound religious and historical implications.

Brotherhood of the Sun penetrates the dense fog of speculative conspiracy literature and exposes the gospel truth. It cuts through literary artifice (Priory of Sion, Magadelene myth, et. al.) with razor sharp logic (solid historical facts) and weaves together an intriguing story chock-full of myth-shattering realizations -- like Masonry's and Christianity's solar foundation.

Novel insights include: - The gospel story is an astronomical tale (celestial myth). - The Holy Bible is a Sun Book (Helios Biblios). - Is-Ra-El and Sol-Om-On are astrotheological designations. - The 12 tribes of Israel and 12 disciples of Jesus represent the 12 signs of the zodiac. - The Celtic cross was derived from a mariner's astrolabe. - The Christian cross came from an astronomer's cross-staff. - Archaeoastronomical sites, like Stonehenge and the Pyramids, were part of a global celestial navigation and universal time-keeping network. - The Roman Empire stemmed from Rama's Empire. - Rome was founded on Rama's birthday -- April, 753 B.C. - The Brahman priesthood created the Chrishna legend. - The Roman aristocracy concocted the Christ myth. - The Druidic Hesus and Hindu Chrishna were fused into a supreme solar diety, Jesus Christ -- Sun of God. - The Atlantean civilization was a prehistoric global maritime monopoly and colonial empire. - Plato's Republic inspired Bacon's Atlantis, which, along with Virgil's Aeneid, became America's blueprint.

An important distinction and startling revelation that sets this novel apart from others of this genre is that it posits Jesus Christ was neither human or divine, but rather pure myth. While others regard the gospel's god-man as a historical personage, Brotherhood of the Sun leads readers to the inescapable conclusion that Christianity's supernatural savior never even existed -- except in the imaginations of the clever cosmomythologists who concocted him and the superstitious masses who believed them.

In short, Brotherhood of the Sun leapfrogs current historical-conspiracy works as well as upcoming Templar/Masonic/Illuminati fables.

Product Description

A novel by the author of Caucasia.

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