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Presented with permission of the author

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Spawned from spiraling DNA, flotsam of the big bang and millennia of evolution we spin in a web of infinite universes.

THE HUMAN BRAIN - The brain loves patterns and symbols…

  • Audible; rhythms, music, bird-song.
  • Visual; stars & planets, snowflakes, camouflage, fish/bird-formations.
  • Semantic [9]; language, metaphor, archetypes.
  • Mathematical; fractals, geometry, computer language, formulae, music notation.
  • Biological; evolution, cellular-automata-theory, circadian rhythms.
  • Behavioral; routines, habits, dance, superstition, ritual, O.C.D.


[9] Semantics - The study of the relationships between various signs and symbols and what they represent.

Jackson Pollock’s paintings conform to a fractal pattern, he instinctively employed chaos dynamics. Seemingly symmetry is an intrinsic human aesthetic based on predetermined preferences. The human foetus stores pattern recognition systems as early as two to three months after conception; pattern evaluation is the basis of memory and is how we make sense of our world. Neural plasticity; growing new neural networks melds our distinct personalities. Originating pattern is our unique talent, to invent, create and evolve cultures.

Cosmic Egg

Hildegard of Bingen-Vision of Heaven

Burmese astronomical C19 (top)
The Human World C19 (bottom left)
Wheel of Nature, 1898 (bottom right)

The brain, like a black hole sucks in pattern, dissects, reshuffles, edits and hones creating new meaningful constructs. Our unconscious holds subliminal impressions too subtle to register with the conscious mind.

Angel -- Mermaid 
Day of the dead -- The hero’s quest -- The warrior
 Dragon -- Goddess

Jung believed the ‘Collective-Unconscious’ is encrypted within the psyche of the universe at a higher consciousness level. The most profound aspect of the psyche is the collective unconscious; the source of instinct, symbol, myth and archetypes [i] , haunting our brains, biology and the physics underpinning our biology.

[i] Extracts from Carl Jung’s collected works.The contents of the collective unconscious…are known as archetypes (CW9 (1): 4)…archaic or primordial types, with universal images that have existed since the remotest times (CW9 (1): 5)...They are without known origin, and they can reproduce themselves even where transmission through migration must be ruled out (CW 18:523)…A well-known expression of the archetypes is myth and fairytale (CW 9 (1): 5,6). The collective unconscious comprises in itself the psychic life of our ancestors right back to the earliest beginnings. It is the matrix of all conscious psychic occurrences… (CW 8:230) An archetype is like an old watercourse along which the water of life has flowed for centuries, digging a deep channel for itself (CW10: 395)…for the contents of the collective unconscious are not only residues of archaic, specifically human modes of functioning, but also the residues of functions from [our] animal ancestry, whose duration in time was infinitely greater than the relatively brief epoch of specifically human existence (CW 7:159). It is only possible to live the fullest life when we are in harmony with these symbols; wisdom is a return to them (CW8: 794). ? ?[For the alchemists] they were seeds of light broadcast in the chaos…the seed plot of a world to come…One would have to conclude from these alchemical visions that the archetypes have about them a certain effulgence or quasi-consciousness, and that numinosity entails luminosity (CW8: 388)...it is the function of consciousness not only to recognize and assimilate the external world through the gateway of the senses, but to translate into visible reality the world within us (CW8, 342). 
Available at http://aras.org/whatarearchetypes.aspx  

“myth is the secret opening through which the inexhaustible energies of the cosmos pour into human cultural manifestation." [Campbell, Joseph. 1993]

“[Myths] orient people to the metaphysical dimension, explain the origins and nature of the cosmos…and…address themselves to the innermost depths of the psyche” [Campbell, J. 2002]

“…they are…dreams which…emerge from the unconscious mind; [to] reveal archetypes of the collective unconscious” [Jung].

‘It is by logic that we prove but by intuition that we discover’. Poincaire

‘Intuition is the source of scientific knowledge.’ Aristotle

Descartes, Einstein and Tesla all gained inspiration through dreams and visions.


Superstring-theory [i] implies an entangled [ii] conscious universe [iii] operating at the Planck scale, a unified-field [iv] of interconnected thought potential intercommunicating all the ideas and inspirations of the past and the future; the ancients understood this metaphysical space as the astral realm or ‘the collective-unconscious’[10]. 
[Dean Radin, 1997] [Bludorf, Franz. & Fosar, Grazyna, 2001]

[10] Also known as the … unus mundus, world soul, astral realm, universal consciousness, C.G. Jung borrowed from a student of Paracelsus, Gerhard Dorn (Dorneus), who called it the unus mundus, the "Unified World". The energetic principle of this unus mundus was known as the world soul (anima mundi) ... in the natural philosophy of the Middle Ages. Synchronicity is based upon this medieval concept of the world soul and the unus mundus that corresponds to Wolfgang Pauli's world of "background physics" ... connections between radioactivity and space-time on a psychophysical level...
Available at:

[i] Dr Hagelin explained that the recent discovery of the Unified Field, or E8 x E8 heterotic superstring field as it is known in the language of Unified Quantum Field Theory, represents the fulfilment of Einstein's lifelong dream of a single unified source of the diversified laws of nature. Unified Field theory is the crowning achievement of fifty years of advanced research in quantum gravity theory.

Dr Hagelin said that the Unified Field theory locates a single, universal, unified field of nature's intelligence at the basis of all forms and phenomena of the universe. The Unified Field is the unified fountainhead of all the diverse streams of natural law governing the universe at every level: grand unified, electroweak unified, nuclear, atomic, molecular, macroscopic, astrophysical and cosmological scales.

'This is not a philosophical discovery,' Dr Hagelin said, 'it is a precise mathematical discovery of the foremost magnitude. This super-formula as it is called, or Lagrangian, expresses this unified reality at the basis of nature's functioning. All the atoms and molecules, macroscopic objects, stars and galaxies, everything in the universe emerges from the self-interacting dynamics of the Unified Field. Creativity is defined in terms of that which can create, and there's nothing as creative as the Unified Field which gives rise to the entire universe, and not just ours.'

Dr Hagelin said that the Unified Field continuously percolates an uncountable infinity of effervescent universes all the time, each with a wide variety of laws of nature, but all based upon the self-same Constitution of the Universe, the self-same blueprint, the blueprint of the Unified Field.  Available at http://www.globalgoodnews.com/education-news-a.html?art=118728346398115  


[ii] It is the behaviour of electrons at a subatomic level which creates the theory that there are many potential realities, it is the concept of ‘superpositioning’ that is present during a wave interference pattern of unobserved electrons that so provocatively reconnects spirituality and science.


Quantum nonlocality remains one of the greatest mysteries of contemporary science. New discoveries suggest that quantum emission is sufficiently coherent to obey the laws of holography. Holography refers to the indications we have from the structure of nature that every part contains the whole. While gravitation holds the universe together, it is possible that the quantum hologram helps it self-organize.

Recent experimental and theoretical developments in quantum holography suggest new paradigms for the theory of computation, the nature of information, and for human perception and beyond. The new paradigm implies a wholly quantum world where both classical models of physics and computation are rough approximations of physical reality, and where, for example, the recent experimental demonstration of quantum teleportation is a striking affirmation of the holistic nature of physical reality. According to Mitchell, the conceptual basis of quantum holography has revolutionary implications. He believes that its existence as part of nature's information structure suggests a "mindful" universe-a radical departure from classical cosmologies that are either mechanistic or creation-oriented.

Available at http://www.noetic.org/publications/research/frontiers_58.htm 
Dean Radin Entangled Minds http://www.deanradin.com/NewWeb/EMindex.html 
Dean Radin Conscious Universe http://www.deanradin.com/NewWeb/TCUindex.html  Dean’s blog http://deanradin.blogspot.com/   



For example, a meta-analysis published in the British Journal of Psychology in 2004 revealed that in independently replicated, rigorously controlled, double blind laboratory experiments, the thoughts of one person had a measurable effect on the physiological state of another person. The two people in these distant healing experiments were isolated in soundproof and electromagnetically shielded chambers to exclude any ordinary signals from passing between them. And yet, when a “sending” person directed calming or activating thoughts at a “receiving” person, the receiver’s body complied in the desired direction. There are as yet no well-accepted theoretical explanations for why this occurs, but evidence that it does happen is becoming increasingly persuasive.

Dean Radin, author of The Conscious Universe: The Scientific Truth of Psychic Phenomena, (Harper Collins, 1997) is Senior Scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, Radin worked with Princeton University psychologist Roger Nelson, who in 1998 created the Global Consciousness Project (GCP). The results of this experiment to date show strong overall evidence for some form of mass mindmatter interaction. For example, during and immediately after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 on the World Trade Centers and on the Russian school hostages in September 2004 in the city of Beslan, the random numbers being generated world-wide became unusually orderly. On days with nothing particularly interesting was happening, the random numbers reverted back to their expected random behavior. The scientists are hypothesizing that events that cause “mass mind” to become coherent affect physical matter itself.

Scientists are beginning to catch up with philosophers and mystics in acknowledging that the data does seem to show that mind and matter are somehow linked in fundamental ways, and that maybe thoughts do affect the world in subtle ways.

For more info http://noosphere.princeton.edu  or www.noetic.org/publications/research/frontiers_58.htm 


[iv] …In 2003, German writers, Grazyna Fosar and Franz Bludorf, published a book Vernetzte Intelligenz [Networked Intelligence](10) wherein they argue that the DNA of all sentient beings (including plants) is linked in an intelligence network that allows for a hypercommunication of information.  By “hypercommunication” they mean instantaneous communication – zero time lag. This hypercommunication takes place by means of magnetic wormholes at the sub-atomic or quantum level where our macroscopic notions of time and space no longer apply. According to this theory the DNA is actually structured as a language, and data is not only transmitted in the DNA but it is also stored.  In this respect the DNA acts as a ‘holographic-solitonic’ computer.  The DNA emits discreet pulse-like waves that hold their shape and is therefore capable of data transmission.  This networked intelligence in the DNA is responsible for our individual consciousness, and our group consciousness.  It is likewise responsible for our intelligence.  It is the networked intelligence that actually puts the ideas into our mind. Available at http://www.spiritualgenome.com/berkeley.htm 

 ‘In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order’ [Jung]

Sound, heat and light are all energetic-wave-phenomena in different manifestations.

Sound creates beautiful geometric shapes when moving through water or particles.

Cymatic patterns in water by Alexander Lauterwasser. 
With kind permission from © Alexander Lauterwasser

The science of cymatics (pioneered by Robert Hooke in 1680 and further developed by Ernst Chladni [i] in 1787, Hans Jenny [ii] in 1967 and most recently Alexander Lauterwasser) reveals the patterns contained within sound. 
The kaleidoscopic cymatic [iii] patterns that are animated by sound waves resonate throughout nature and art, proof of the templates underpinning creation.

[i] http://physics.kenyon.edu/EarlyApparatus/Acoustics/Chladni/Chladni.html  

[ii] The image shows a series of formations that can appear in water, by simply vibrating it at “pure” (Diatonic) sound frequencies. The white lines are caused by tiny free-floating particles suspended in the water, which are gathered up by the pressures of the three-dimensional waves. Hexagonal structures are clearly visible in the centers of the top-right and bottom-right panes, and the top-right pane has two very clear tetrahedrons in it, exactly as they appear on planets in the HD model. The tetrahedrons look like a snowflake from this angle:

Supplemental - Three-Dimensional Geometric Wave Patterns Caused by Sound Vibrations in Water (Dr. Hans Jenny)
Available at

[iii] From the website of Alexander Lauterwasser; Kymatik-Cymatics  - Sound Figures
When the natural scientist Ernst F.F. Chladni (who lived during the time of Goethe 1756-1827) used a violin bow to vibrate glass plates covered with fine sand and in so doing discovered what were named after him as the "Chladni sound figures", the formative force of vibration and sound, which had been recorded in so many old myths of the Creation and which was spoken about by so many philosophers of nature, became perhaps for the first time ever a phenomenon directly accessible to our senses. During the nineteen sixties and seventies, the Swiss doctor, Hans Jenny, expanded this approach to encompass vibrating fluids. By continuing this work, I am most especially interested in a phenomenology and typography of the shapes formed by vibration and sound and in the issues of morphogenesis, the shaping processes that occur in nature. Having spent many years studying the "Chladni sound figures", i.e. the interaction between individual tones and a very wide range of vibrating metal plates which appears in the sand line images as a type of "sound hieroglyphics", I then moved on to considering the effects of more complex sounds and moving music in water, a medium which is exceedingly receptive and which responds in a very sensitive manner.

Available at http://www.wasserklangbilder.de/index.html?html/home_e.html 
Available at http://www.cymaticsource.com/ 

Barren-wort 24x  and Tomato
(top row)

Diatom 900x [©Dr. Stephen S. Nagyand] and 
Cymatic image Chladni 4341 Hz [
© Alexander Lauterwasser]
(bottom row)

The tortoise, so often seen as supporting the world in creation myths, has a striking similarity to cymatic sound pattern within its shell. It was a tortoise shell that was used to create the ancient Chinese divination system of the I-Ching. Marie Louise Von Franz suggests the I-Ching as a perfect mathematical model of our DNA. Could this creation myth be an explanation of how our very existence is supported and made possible by DNA? [Von Franz, 1975]

Picture of tortoise beside cymatic sound pictures at 1021 Hz, 2041 Hz, 1088 Hz and 1085 Hz.

Fairground lights [
© Robert Anderson] and Spirograph Galaxy (top row)

Cymatic water sound images
With kind permission from 

©  Photo/copyright: Alexander Lauterwasser, 
homepage: www.wasserklangbilder.de (middle row)

HIV virus. (bottom row)

Chaos theory views the cosmos as an algorithmic morphogenetic supercomputer.

Images illustrating Doctor Masaru Emoto’s research, 
Fujiwara Dam, before prayer. Fujiwara Dam, after prayer. (top row)
Love and Appreciation. Thank you. (bottom row)

Dr.Emoto’s research [i] using human intention to change the structure of water demonstrates thoughts modify water-based-life. William Tiller’s pH-experiment [ii] proves focused meditation can change and activate space; astonishingly this transmutability is conserved indefinitely. Both experiments demonstrate thoughts temper matter. Dean Radin’s [iii] experiments’ demonstrate human prescience. 
Ben Libet’s research illustrates we make decisions before becoming aware of them, some feel this indicates lack of free will but it may simply indicate the nested vibrational hierarchies described by Sheldrake. 

[i] From Mr. Emoto's work we are provided with factual evidence, that human vibrational energy, thoughts, words, ideas and music, affect the molecular structure of water, the very same water that comprises over seventy percent of a mature human body and covers the same amount of our planet. Water is the very source of all life on this planet, the quality and integrity are vitally important to all forms of life. The body is very much like a sponge and is composed of trillions of chambers called cells that hold liquid. The quality of our life is directly connected to the quality of our water.

Water is a very malleable substance. Its physical shape easily adapts to whatever environment is present. But its physical appearance is not the only thing that changes, the molecular shape also changes. The energy or vibrations of the environment will change the molecular shape of water. In this sense water not only has the ability to visually reflect the environment but it also molecularly reflects the environment.

Mr. Emoto has been visually documenting these molecular changes in water by means of his photographic techniques. He freezes droplets of water and then examines them under a dark field microscope that has photographic capabilities. His work clearly demonstrates the diversity of the molecular structure of water and the effect of the environment upon the structure of the water.
Available at


[ii] Four highly practiced meditators focus on a device containing water; by meditation they increase or reduce its pH level by one. Subtle Energies By William A. Tiller pH vs. time during the operation of an intention-imprinted electronic device.

The specific intention for experiment 6a was to change the hydrogen ion concentration of water by a factor of 10 (one pH unit). Changes produced were in the range of 0.5 to 1 pH unit. For experiment 6b, the specific intention was to increase the ratio of ATP to ADP in developing fruit fly larvae so as to significantly reduce their development time. Here, statistically significant differences (10 to 15%) in development time and , energy metabolism were observed under a variety of experimental circumstances. For experiment 6e, the specific intention was to increase the thermodynamic activity of a specific liver enzyme, alkaline phosphatase, and again statistically significant results were produced. Available at http://www.tiller.org/    


[iii] Dean Radin’s first experiment illustrates how human subjects, who are randomly exposed to emotional and calm pictures, exhibit prescience. An emotional reaction of apprehension or calm is recorded (by measuring EEG changes, changes in blood flow, increase in perspiration etc) as occurring between half a second and two seconds before the image is shown. This demonstrates that the subject has prescient knowledge of the image before it was transmitted.

C.W. Leadbeater painted the thought-forms visualised by Annie Besant, the pendulum photo suggests a level of accuracy:

Pendulum vibration photo 2005. Pendulum Vibration Figures. (top row)
Conception of cosmic order. Thought conceptions. [©Joe Coppin] (bottom row)

The music of Gounod & Wagner envisioned by Leadbeater (top row)
Wassily Kandinsky, Composition VII (Der Blaue Reiter: 1913) (bottom)

Wassily Kandinsky [xiii] inspired by C.W.Leadbeaters astral-realm paintings initiated ‘abstract-expressionism’. Leadbeater painted the astral-realm as it was described to him by a medium; conversely the work of Emoto, Radin, Tiller and Libet is scientifically rigorous, not esoteric, a true topography of the ability of the mind to alter reality.

[xiii] With Franz Marc, Münter, August Macke and other artists, Kandinsky formed a group, Der Blaue Reiter (the blue rider), which promoted the spiritual and abstraction in art. As Charles W. Leadbeater in Man Visible and Invisible (1902), Kandinsky assigned special spiritual qualities to colors. "Blue is the truly celestial color," Kandinsky wrote in On the Spiritual in Art. "It creates an atmosphere of calmness - not like green, which represents an earthly self-satisfied stillness; it creates a solemn, supernatural depth." Kandinsky's vision was closely associated with mysticism, with a spiritual point of view. "Mythic observation is to me the foundation of all art," said Ernst Barlach and Emil Nolde wrote in his autobiography that "for me, the highest value, the form of visible life, was always inward and spiritual".  Available at http://kirjasto.sci.fi/kandinsk.htm

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