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The Sri-Yantra-Mandala is the image of the OM mantra, the primordial Hindu sound of creation. When OM is intoned into a tonoscope, it first produces a circle. As the tone is completed, the circle is filled sequentially with concentric squares, triangles and finally, as the "mmm" dies away, the Sri Yantra [i].

[i] How do Yantras work? ?At the basis of yantra operation is something called "shape energy" or "form energy". The idea is that every shape emits a very specific frequency and energy pattern. Examples of old believes in shape energy are the yantras and mandalas of eastern philosophies, the star of David, the five pointed star (pentagon), the Christian cross, the pyramids and so on. Certain 'powers' are ascribed to the various shapes.
When one focuses on a yantra, his mind is atomatically "tuned in" by resonance into the specific form energy of that yantra. The process of resonance is then maintained and amplified. The yantra acts only as a "tune in" mechanism or a doorway. The subtle energy does not come from the yantra itself, but from the macrocosm.
Basically yantras are secret keys for establishing resonance with the benefic energies of the macrocosm. Very often the yantras can put us in contact with extremely elevated energies and entities, being of invaluable help on the spiritual path. Available at http://sivasakti.com/articles/intro-yantra.html 

Om sounded in a tonoscope [© Madhu Khanna] - top row
3D Sri Yantra (middle row)
Sri yantra mandala (bottom row)

It is stunning how similar cymatic sound pattern is to the yantra, the Star of David at the centre is surrounded by lotus petals, spookily similar to the geometry of the yantra.

Chakra Centres 

Cymatic Light Picture                             Traditional Yantra
With kind permission from Photo/copyright: 
Alexander Lauterwasser, homepage: www.wasserklangbilder.de

In Sanskrit, 'YANTRA' means machine or absorber of cosmic energy, Yantra resonate with our solar system, a tuning fork connecting to universal consciousness. Vedic scholars understood the symbiotic relationship of wave energy; that sound vibrations ARE geometry [i]. The entrainment phenomenon, where weak pulsations are engulfed by stronger ones, would create the frequency of OM within the mantra-chanting devotee. The Hindus knew the transubstantiating [1] ability of sound [ii] and geometry.

[1] Transubstantiate To change (one substance) into another; transmute.


[i] The practice of worshipping symbolical diagrams (yantras, cakras) of the tantra has also been traced to the Vedas (e.g. Atharvaveda, Taittiriya Aranyaka). Available at http://ccbs.ntu.edu.tw/FULLTEXT/JR-ENG/chak.htm 
Shamasastry, R. (1929) Kautilya'S Arthasastra Arthaçastra - Arthashastra Wesleyan Mission Press.  [ii] The importance of sound as a divine messenger and force is highly valued in Kabbalah, Buddhist and Hindu textsVedic knowledge hangs in the atmosphere as a sort of ether exuded by the gods; the truth needs only to be grasped by enlightened disciples whose heightened senses allow them to perceive it. This is why the most sacred Vedas are called sruti —they have been heard by holy men. Hence the description of Vedas as sound vibration in the air:I [Krishna] personally establish the Vedic sound vibration in the form of omkara within all living entities. It is thus perceived subtly, just like a single strand of fiber on a lotus stalk. Just as a spider brings forth from its heart its web and emits it through its mouth, the Supreme Personality of Godhead manifests Himself as the reverberating primeval vital air, comprising all sacred Vedic meters and full of transcendental pleasure (Bhagavata-Purana 11.21.38-39). 
Available at http://www.apologeticspress.org/articles/2580 

3D Sri Yantra and Kuma Meru Yantra 
(top row)

Sri yantra, Kashmir c.C12th-15th ::.  Yantra Nepal, C19 ::. Yantra Nepal C18 
(bottom row)


Poppy seed bud [© Shamuel Silberman] ::. Mahaganapati Yantra 
(top row)

Horsetail stem 20x [© Lisa R. Grillone]  ::. Shri Manokamna Siddhi Lakshmi
(bottom row)

Whether the unified field/collective unconscious is considered divine is a matter of semantics, it may be divine but it is also scientific. You can call it God, OM or Quantum Physics.
The scientific paradigm is held in high esteem but String Theory, M Theory and the Unified Field are mythologies constructed to explain a series of baffling experiments such as the classic double slit electron experiment. The Hindu philosophies contained in the Vedic manuscripts are equally scientific.

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