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In 1958, the United States Congress created the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, or NASA. Its purpose was to coordinate and conduct all aeronautical and space activities for the United States of America, except those of the military. Among the many programs which NASA now runs, one is the search for life outside our home planet. NASA is currently examining our neighbor planet Mars for signs of life, as well as the moons of other planets in our solar system. It has also developed highly advanced technology for the search of life outside of our own solar system, such as special radars and infrared telescopes.

Guest Authors: Kushal Kumar

Church and NASA about other Universes (Brahamands)

The Christianity believe that the Earth is the only planet having life. It did not agree with some other schools of thought which claim that there exist other planets having life. It is said that NASA also held, like the church, that there is no other universe with life like the Earth.

But in the recent past some developments have taken place giving rise to re-thinking. Aliens were spotted here and there in the sky and two scientists of Tronto University, Canada gave their findings that there is life in planets other than the Earth.

As per media reports, NASA has approved a mega project named “Enter Kepler” to find out whether there is life in planets other than the Earth. The report would obviously take some time to come. Similarly the Church held a meeting during 2009 at Vatican in which scientists of five countries were also associated. It was decided to find out whether there do exist planets having life other than the Earth.

Further, it would also be looked into whether the Aliens do exist and which God has control over them.

On the aforesaid questions being studied both by the NASA and the Church, it is worthwhile to note that the scriptures relating to spiritual thought in India always believed that there are unlimited planets in the cosmos having life, controlled by the same one God, who controls the life on the Earth. This writer is referring to only two authorities who matter in spiritual thought in India.

Guru Nanak Dev, first spiritual master of the Sikhs in India, has said in one of his spiritual hymns :- “ Kot Brahmand ko Thakur Swami, Sarev Jiyan ka data re”. Guru ji has revealed through the said hymn that there exist crores of universes having life and that the same one God is the master of those universes, as also the beings inhabiting therein. Thus, answers to the questions of inquiry being conducted at the behest of the Church and the NASA are found available in the spiritual hymn of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Similar answers to the questions of inquiry are found in verse 6 of Chapter 10 of the Holy Gita. In the said verse, Lord Krishna is telling Arjun that there are a number of universes (Brahamands) and the beings inhabiting such universes derive the power to be alive from Him. Thus, Lord Krishna discloses to Arjun that he is the controller of all the universes. These revelations are made by Lord Krishna to his friend as well as disciple Arjun in the course of the battle fought some five thousand years back between two factions of the same ruler family at Kurukshetra, a place in the present State of Haryana in India. The details of the battle find a prominent place in the well known epic Mahabharat.

Now, the only question that remains for being tackled by the enquiries of NASA and the Church whether aliens do exist and if so, which God controls them. For answering whether the enquiries could be successful, it is necessary to come to a decision whether aliens fall in the category of divine beings or non-divine – beings. This is because if the aliens fall in the category of divine, then the enquiries being made by the NASA and the Church may not be successful.

But if the alien fall in non-divine category, the enquiries may yield results. The reasons for aforesaid distinction between divine and non-divine category of beings or universes in the context of the aliens follow.

In the Holy Bible, there are clear indications of existence of divine and non-divine entities, having their respective distinct and separate nature in the world. It has been recorded in Holy Bible that Jesus Christ had told the Pharisees :-“ You know neither me nor my Father. If you know me, you would know my Father also,” One of the Sermons on the Mount, which is relevant to the point being stressed, is reproduced here : “Happy are the pure in heart; they will see God”.

Thus the existence of the divine and non-divine entities in this world is implied in both the aforesaid quotes. The quotes also indicate impliedly that the non-divine beings cannot inter-act with or know the divine beings obviously because both categories are distinguished by their respective separate distinct nature. But the divine beings can inter-act with the non-divine whenever they so desire just as Jesus Christ, though divine, yet came to the Earth and inter-acted with the non divine. The phrase divine being means the Son, Jesus and his Father, God and also includes those who were non-divine upto a period of time but were transformed into divine nature by Jesus on their having done required spiritual effort. The universes also comprise of two categories – divine and non-divine inhabiting the respective class.
The scientists of both the NASA and those required by the Church to conduct enquires obviously belong to non-divine category. The system or tools which may have been used for conducting the enquiry also can not be divine. Therefore, as per the spiritual truth revealed by Lord Jesus Christ in the two quotes mentioned earlier, non-divine beings or source can not have access to the divine universe as also to the divine beings inhabiting there. As a result, the enquiries being conducted could have access to the non-divine universes only.

The next connected question is whether the aliens are non-divine so that it can be said that the enquiries have the success potential. As per scriptures in India, there are seven universes including the Earth, which are inhabited by non-divine beings. Going by the descriptions of the aliens, it can be said that they are within the non-divine universes. Further, the divine beings are benign entities and whenever they come, they come majestically and to soothe the uneasiness of the world. Further more, divine entities are capable of  being seen physically by those human beings who have turned divine.

Since the aliens are reported to have been seen in physical form by those who do not claim to be divine, the indication is that aliens fall in the category of non-divine. For the foregoing discussions, the conclusion is that the aliens look to be falling in non-divine category. In this sense, the appropriate sufficient scientific, efforts in the enquires may yield useful confirmatory information to both the NASA and the Church answering the question whether aliens exist. As regards which God controls them, it is amply clear earlier in this article that only one God controls the divine as also non-divine beings. Therefore, if it is confirmed by the enquiries that the aliens exist, the other fact would be that same one God controls them.

Written By : © Kushal Kumar

Human Colony on the Moon Could perhaps be a Fascinating Cinematic Story

Aug 22, 2010  

Consequent upon explosion on the Moon by the NASA, the media was brimming with joyous news that international builders were dreaming to build a Colony on the surface of the Moon. So much so that fabulously rich people of the world were said to be frantically trying to contact the so called international builders. In this background, it is interesting to have a down –to- earth view of the romantic dream of a human colony on the Moon.

The article is not intended to belittle the scientific achievements of the NASA. It only seeks to draw related search light from Vedic knowledge and apply it to the feasibility of the proposal to set up human colony on the surface of the moon.

It is universally recognized that human body including the body of  other beings on the earth is made up of four elements, namely, earth, water, fire and air. Some including the Vedas in India add one more element, namely space to the four elements because body needs space to exists. Based on this, the principle advocated is that a being requires those elements to grow and live of which it is made. Applying this principle, it will have to be first ensured that the aforesaid five elements are available for setting up the human colony.

The reported news that some water has been found on the surface of the Moon indicates that the other elements, namely, air, fire, earth and space would also be available because one element produces the other.

This is a hope stirring prospect. But there is a snag in the story. Of all kinds of beings known to the mankind, none has been found so far on the Moon. The scientist obviously appear to be applying their mind and find out why. It may be noted that there are certain beings like insects born of their own on the crest of the earth. If nothing of the kind has been found, rational inference could be drawn. One inference could be that the climate on the surface of the Moon is hostile for any kind of being including the insects. This handicap of hostile climate can well be overcome by the scientists with their scientific ingenuity. But some have the other way of looking at the aforesaid question why. Their view is that the Mother Nature has not carved out the region of the Moon for those beings who have their body made of earth, water, fire, air and space. This view is supported through inference drawn from verse 25 of chapter 8 of the Holy Geeta.

The Holy Geeta contains a kind of serialized dialogue between Lord Sri Krishna and Arjun exchanged between the two about five thousand years back in the battlefield of Kurukshetra, a place in the present state of Haryana in India. Lord Sri Krishna reveals to Arjun and through him to the mankind the authoritative truth about such grim aspects of  life as cause of birth and death, relationship of soul and God and how one can realize God etcetera. In the verse 25 of chapter 8 of the Holy Gita referred to above, Lord Sri Krishna tells Arjun that if a person aspiring to be one with the God passes away when the Sun is in the southern course of celestial equator and subject to the satisfaction of other astronomical coincidence mentioned in the said verse, he goes to the region of the Moon called Chanderlok and returns to the earth in subtle form, without body because body was detached from the being at the time of death, to be born again. The indication is that in the dispensation of the God or Mother nature, only those who have attained to certain spiritual merit during life time, can stay in the region of the Moon, chanderlok in subtle form and enjoy there, others will be made by God to return in subtle form, without body made of matter, to the earth. The sum and substance of  the aforesaid verse 25 is that the region of the Moon, ChanderLok is reserved for some kind of semi-spiritually merited souls. This inference becomes significant when no being of any kind has been found on the surface of the Moon by the scientists of the NASA. In the light of this discussion, the proposal of a human colony on the surface of the Moon could perhaps be like reading a cinematic story.

It may be argued that fact of astronaut Neil Armstrong having landed on the surface of the Moon and returned home safely, suggests that others who wish to be in the proposed colony could inhabit there. In this regard, it is worthy to note that Neil Armstrong was extraordinarily protected and his stay was short. Therefore, his journey may not be very relevant pointer to our topic.

Written By : © KUSHAL KUMAR

Copyright by Kushal Kumar
Presented with permission of the author

Submitted to World-Mysteries.com for publication. It is verified that the article is the product of my own endevour and is not under consideration at any other end. I have no objection to the copy right being retained by the World mysteries magazine.

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The Upanishads by Eknath Easwaran (Translator)

Formerly a professor of Victorian literature, Eknath Easwaran discovered the treasures of wisdom in his own native India and began to pursue them with a passion. He has since studied them, practiced them, and moved to America to share them with the Western world. In his translation of The Upanishads, the font of Indian spirituality, Easwaran delights us with a readable rendition of one of the most difficult texts of all religious traditions. Each Upanishad is a lyrical statement about the deeper truths of mysticism, from the different levels of awareness to cultivations of love for God. There's one twist, though, for ultimately a devoted meditator realizes that God and the world are not separate from oneself. Then the ultimate goal becomes to reunite with the universal Self, achieving the infinite joy that accompanies such union. Easwaran recruited Michael Nagler to contribute notes to the translation and a lengthy afterword, which together with introductions to each Upanishad, guide us expertly through this strange and fruitful landscape.   --Brian Bruya


Bhagavad Gita by Swami Satyananda Saraswati
Another translation: Bhagavad-Gita As It Is: With the Original Sanskrit Text 
Roman Transliteration English Equivalence Translation and Elaborate Purports

by A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

There are many very good Bhagavad Gita's available in the english lanugage. It has undoubtably been the most populary translated Hindu scripture. What sets this translation of the Gita apart has much to do with the translator himself. Swami Satyandna is not a dry academic who has not experienced the truth of the Bhagavad Gita directly. Nor is he an Indian pundit trying to bridge the communication gap between the east and the west. Before Swami Satyanada became a swami, he lived in California for the first twenty years of his life. After completing his studies to became a lawyer, he set off for a trip around the world. When he reached India he was so attracted to the depth of India's wisdom that he couldn't leave. He ended up living in India, as a sadhu and swami, for the next twenty years. In India, he studied with many enlightened masters who taught him the esoteric meaning of all the Hindu scriptures. Then he spent many years studying and relating each scripture to his own life experience. In 1985, Swami Satyananda returned to India with his guru, Shree Maa. Since then he has been teaching westerners how to apply these scriptures to their hectic, daily lives. It is this experience that makes his translation of the Bhagavad Gita particularly important and relevant for westerners. As the Swami says in his introduction, "every sadhu in every generation should rewrite the Gita, retranslate it into contemporary language and symbols, which are meaningful to the present time, place and circumstances." I found Swami Satyananda's Gita lucid, impactful and filled with spiritual emotion. He did an excellent job of making this ancient text relevant and meaningful to my daily life. This remarkable translation of the Bhagavad Gita is a treasure.

Another translation: Bhagavad-Gita As It Is: With the Original Sanskrit Text 
Roman Transliteration English Equivalence Translation and Elaborate Purports

by A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

Mahabharata (The Condensed Version of the World's Greatest Epic)
by Krishna Dharma (Editor), Krishna Dharma (Editor)

Mahabharata, a part of the ancient Vedas of India, is a story quite unlike anything else. There are few books which have survived as long as this five thousand year old epic. Its enduring popularity is itself testimony to the profound wisdom contained in its pages. In fact it includes the Bhagavad-gita - a masterpiece of spiritual knowledge revered by millions worldwide - and is the narration of the factual events which surrounded the speaking of that illuminating text.  Mahabharata thus deals with the activities of Krishna, the supreme person and author of the Bhagavad-gita. This gives it a unique quality. Because of Krishna's presence, and the presence of many of his pure followers, one feels uplifted by reading the book. It soothes its readers on a deep spiritual level, bringing them closer to an understanding of the divine, and awakening a transcendental joy that surpasses all other happiness. Although from the external point of view it is a tale of conflict and intrigue among kings, demons, gods and sages, there is a deeper spiritual meaning which pervades the whole work. One can thus go on reading it again and again without it becoming stale or boring. On the contrary, one discovers different layers of meaning with each reading. Mahabharata is a book to be treasured and passed on from generation to generation.

The Holy Geeta

Product Description
The Bhagavad Geeta is universally known and Swmi Chinmayananda during his life time had given a number of lectures on the Holy Book of Hindus. These commentaries have been compiled into the present book form The popuarity of the book is great it underwent ten re-prints covering over a lakh of copies.

About the Author
Swami Chinmayananda (May 8, 1916 - Aug 3, 1993) was born Balakrishna Menon (Balan) in Ernakulam, Kerala in a devout Hindu noble family called "Poothampalli". Graduating from Lucknow University, he entered the field of journalism where he felt he could influence political, economic and social reform in India. But his life was changed when he met Swami Sivananda at Rishikesh and became interested in the Hindu spiritual path. [1] Balakrishna Menon took sanyas(monkhood) from Swami Sivananda and was given the name Swami Chinmayananda - the one who is saturated in Bliss and pure Consciousness. Swami Shivananda saw further potential in Swami Chinmayananda and sent him to study under a guru in the Himalayas - Swami Tapovan Maharaj under whom he studied for 8 years. Swami Tapovan maharaj was known for his rigid teaching style, to the point where he told Sw. Chinmayananda that he would only say everything once, and at anytime he would ask questions to him. Even with these extreme terms, Sw. Chinmayananda stayed with Tapovan maharaj until the very end of 8 years. Being a journalist at heart, Sw. Chinmayananda wanted to make this pure knowledge available to all people of all backgrounds, even though Tapovan Maharaj had advised against it. It was then that with Tapovan maharaj's blessings, he left the Himalayas to teach the world the knowledge of Vedanta throughout the world. During his forty years of travelling and teaching, Swami Chinmayananda opened numerous centres and ashrams worldwide, he also built many schools, hospitals, nursing homes and clinics. His interest in helping the villagers with basic necessities lead to the eventual creation of a rural development project, known as the Chinmaya Organization for Rural Development or CORD. It's Naitonal Director, Dr. Kshama Metre was recently awarded the Padma Shree National award in Social Work. Swami Chinmayananda passed away on 3 August 1993 in San Diego, California. His followers regard him as having attained Mahasamadhi at that point. His work has resulted in the creation of an international organization called Chinmaya Mission. This mission serves Swami Chinmayananda's vision of reinvigorating India's rich cultural heritage, and making Vedanta accessible to everybody regardless of age, nationality, or religious background.

The Vedas

The Vedas are the ancient scriptures or revelation (Shruti) of the Hindu teachings. They manifest the Divine Word in human speech. They reflect into human language the language of the Gods, the Divine powers that have created us and which rule over us. There are four Vedas, each consisting of four parts. The primary portion is the mantra or hymn section (samhita). To this are appended ritualistic teachings (brahmana) and theological sections (aranyaka). Finally philosophical sections (upanishads) are included. The hymn sections are the oldest. The others were added at a later date and each explains some aspect of the hymns or follows one line of interpreting them. The Vedas were compiled around the time of Krishna (c. 3500 B.C.), and even at that time were hardly understood. Hence they are very ancient and only in recent times has their spiritual import, like that of the other mystery teachings of the ancient world, begun to be rediscovered or appreciated even in India. Like the Egyptian teachings they are veiled, symbolic and subtle and require a special vision to understand and use properly. This book contains selected discourses of the Paramcharya rendered into English from Tamil by the late N.S.S.Rajan.Originally published in the year 1988 it has run into seven editions till date.


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