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Cosmic Impact Site That Created Earth’s Axial Tilt and Fault Lines

© Mihai Radu Draghici

Abstract: Using Google Earth and browsing the geographic appearance of the Earth’s crust starting from the South Pacific Ocean right above Antarctica and traveling over to Drake’s Passage and into the South Atlantic Ocean there seems to be a visual trace that some sort of cosmic collision occurred in that area. (See Figure 1) The impact of the object surfed across the ocean and collided with the bottom of South America where it once connected to Antarctica creating Drake’s Passage opening. This impact also may have had the kinetic energy to break the Earth’s crustal plate and create the fault lines (See Figure 3) in addition to changing Earth’s axial tilt (See Figure 2).[Report and Opinion. 2010;2(2):1-2]. (ISSN: 1553-9873).


Figure 1. Impact collision point and path of motion for the cosmic object

They say pictures speak a thousand words so before you read what I’m about to say take a moment and study the photos shown in figures below. In Figure 1, you can see a red outline drawn to represent the impact site and the path of trajectory. The object hit the South Atlantic Ocean and surfed around the top edge of Antarctica until colliding with what was once the connected land mass between the bottom tip of South America and Antarctica known as Drake’s Passage (Figure 4). As the object surfed across the ocean it tore away at the ice sheet and created a gigantic wave across the Pacific Ocean destroying almost every land mass above sea level in its path. The force of the water can be easily seen carving out the entire western coastline of South America all the way up to Mexico (Figure 5).

The Mayan’s placed a monument on Robinson Crusoe Island off the coast of Chile and some people believe this is “Apocalypse Island.” If this impact really did occur then this island would most definitely have been the center point which experienced the most horrific events from the tsunami and shock wave from the energy released in the area. Perhaps the civilization at Machu Picchu in Peru was started because it was the only place left to inhabit after this event occurred in the region. All history was wiped off the face of the southern hemisphere surrounding this impact and affected all civilizations across the globe. The shock wave and amount of water that was displaced out of the Pacific could have travelled as far East as the Lost City of Atlantis. There is a Google Earth image at the bottom of the Atlantic Sea showing a grid-like pattern on the ocean floor which may resemble a man-made city structure about 620 miles of the coast of Spain near the Canary Islands. The force of impact would have created the fault line that broke the Earth’s plate right down the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and would have flooded most of the plains in the area. The story of Atlantis speaks of giant volcano popping out of the Earth and destroying everything and then the city just sinks away under water. Depending on what this cosmic object was made out of it could have added to the Earth’s water mass and increased the amount of water on the planet. Astronomers have found asteroids that contain large amounts of frozen water and this type of object may have been what hit Earth.

Figure 2. Earth’s Axial Tilt in Relation to the Impact Site

If you study the fault line Figure 3 below you will notice that there are breaks in Earth’s plate along the exact impact location surrounding the boundaries of the object’s path as it traveled across the crust after impact. The force exerted on Earth’s crust perfectly demonstrates the pattern of cracks along stress points from the aftershock across the entire planet. In addition to the fault lines, Earth’s axial tilt was created from this cosmic impact as well. Take a look at Figure 2 to the left and how the impact location perfectly represents the physics associated with such a collision rotating our planet’s center of spin.

Figure 3. Earth’s Crustal Fault Lines in Relation to the Impact Site


Figure 4. Drake’s Passage Opening


Figure 5. S. America’s Coastline Topography

All this evidence puts into perspective the possibility of such a cosmic impact having occurred here on the planet Earth within recorded history and the existence of human kind.


© Mihai Radu Draghici
This is Copyrighted Material


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Mihai Radu Draghici Cosmic Impact Site That Created Earth’s Axial Tilt and Fault Lines
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