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New Insights into Old Theology looks at many Biblical incidents and teachings from the point of view of those who accept the theory of Ancient Astronauts visiting the Earth.

The author has read many of the books arguing for and against that theory. He has drawn his own conclusions from his readings and correlated them with the Biblical chronicle. It was reworked, rewritten, and it matured for 27 years before it was published.

It has 283 pages, it is bound in soft covers with an easy to read print and a logical style.


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New Insights into Old Theology

By Ike Fehr

That the God spoken of in the Jewish writings is in fact a person from another planet is continuously becoming more apparent as those writings are being studied more closely. A careful reading, with an open mind, will show that there are many references to AA’s and their actions throughout those writings. In the book of Geneses it is recorded that Jehovah is in our own image. There also you find Jacob watching as robots go up and down the staircase of a UFO. In the book of Exodus Jehovah comes down on to a mountain and speaks with Moses from his spacecraft. In the book of 1st Kings is recorded the episode where Elijah experience the arrival of a spacecraft. In the book of Isaiah the writer says, “I saw the Lord sitting on a very high throne”. (New Century Version) This is the way Daniel, Ezekiel and Saint John also saw Him. In spite of what the Bible says, the church tells us that God is invisible! Throughout the Bible Jehovah is spoken of as having physical attributes.

Of course, if He and his crew operate a literal UFO, as the Bible says they do, then they would need to have physical bodies. In the Psalms we read, “He tore open the sky and came down with dark clouds under his feet. He rode a creature with wings and flew. He raced on the wings of the wind”. Psalm 18:9+10 (New Century Version) In the book of 2nd Corinthians Saint Paul speaks about his experience of being abducted by a UFO and after coming back from “the third heaven” he is unable to speak about what he saw. (2 Cor. 12:2-4)

The following is an excerpt from New Insights into Old Theology:

“To say that Enoch went to heaven in a UFO is speculation but reading from the Qumran text of the Dead Sea Scrolls causes one to speculate. “Eve looked up to heaven and saw a chariot of light travelling there; ...the chariot drove up to Adam, and smoke came out from between the wheels”. The Book of Enoch is alleged to have been written by the man that walked with God but it has not been included in our Bible. Is it missing because the early church fathers were afraid of facing the things that Enoch wrote about? Incidentally, it was included in the early Abyssinian Church Bible. From the Book of Enoch also comes this futuristic idea: Having gone on board a spacecraft he says, “I saw the places of the sun and the moon, from which they set out and to which they return.”

The Bible speaks of Jehovah as laughing and hating; of Jehovah as having almost infinite patience and of being very short fused. Why must we, in our minds, limit our likeness to God to emotional or spiritual abstractions? We say we believe the Bible, but still, we would rather accept the erroneous teachings of the church fathers than the facts presented in the Bible. New Insights into Old Theology takes a totally new spin on old ideas. The author has dared to ask new questions and has come up with new answers that are actually in agreement with the sacred Scriptures

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Over the centuries, since the Christian Church was born her theology has slowly, but completely changed in some very important areas. There are few doctrines in the Church today which have remained as they were in the Church of the first century.

Among the grossest of heresies in the modern Church is the idea that, “Mary is the mother of God”. It is a good thing that Mary was there to give birth to God, otherwise, God would not have been around to create the world into which Mary was later born! Such atrocious teaching would not happen if preachers and priests would content themselves with teaching what the Bible says. The Bible does not teach that Christ is God. Christ himself said, “The Father is greater than I”. It seems as if that statement, by someone who knows, should forever settle that debate. That statement by Christ can only mean that Christ is not God in the traditional meaning of the word “God”.

Another false teaching that the Church insists on is that there is only one God. The Bible clearly teaches the plurality of the gods, but we must approach the subject with an open mind to see it. By using the word “gods” one does not mean “idols”. In looking at the meaning of the word “God” as found in Geneses 1:1 “In the beginning God” Dr. James Strong, a former Lutheran theologian, said , it is the plural form of a word that means “a divinity”. That definition alone declares that there are more than one God. The argument is made that the plurality refers to the Trinity. However, that idea cannot stand, because, as already pointed out the Bible does not teach the doctrine of the Trinity! Further to which, when Jehovah, the God of the Jews, threatened to destroy the gods of the Egyptians, (Exodus 12:12) the Bible uses the same word for the Egyptian gods as it used in Genesis 1:1. Namely, a plural form of a divinity. God was not speaking of Egyptian idols, He was speaking of their gods.

Those who believe that there is only one God should have a problem with the first and second commandments. Why would God have said, “You shall have no gods except me”; if there are no other gods to chose from. The second commandment would be redundant if the first one also referred to idols. It is true that the Jewish Bible says that there is only one God, and for the Israelites, this was to be true, because Jehovah had claimed this people as His own; so they worshipped Him as the only God. Deuteronomy 6:4 reads, “Hear, oh Israel:The Lord our God, the Lord is one”. This verse is sometimes used to argue that there is only one God. Actually it argues just the opposite. In effect it says, There are other gods, but for you, Israel, there is only one God.

The Bible speaks of Jehovah as being a God with human qualities such as abilities and emotions. Of course, this is true because He made us like He is. But why do Bible scholars deny this and call them anthropomorphisms; why not just believe what the Bible says? Having shown from the Bible that Jehovah is one of many gods, of course, takes us directly to the theory of Ancient Astronauts. Seeing Jehovah as such, puts Him into a realm where a person with faith can actually accept Him as a personal God. From that point of view it is easy to see that many of the miracles in the Bible could have happened with the help of a crew from a UFO. It is easy to believe that Christ is the son of a virgin and yet the son of divinity. It is easy to believe that an ancient astronaut has called a group of people together, a people who, because of their faith in a crucified and resurrected Christ have received a new spiritual life by the ministry of the Holy Spirit; that group of people is now called The Church. In this respect also many ministers and priests have taken the wrong road in theology and they now preach that church membership, baptism or a good life are the fundamentals for Christianity. This is not true. The basis for becoming a member of The Church is belief in the fact that Christ, the son of a God, died and rose again to pay the penalty for sin that he or she owed.

- - -

When the Protestant reformers renounced many of the heresies of the Roman Catholic church they stopped short of the distance they should have gone. It is difficult to successfully grapple with things that are deeply ingrained in us from our earliest days. Perhaps it was a bigger step than one should expect the human mind to make. Maybe we can forgive them for not going further. But it is now five hundred years since the religious reformation. Dare we concede that the Church leaders still have the right to teach those heresies which the reformers did not, or could not, overcome.

To point out just a few of those heresys. A careful study of the passion week, according to the Gospels, shows that it is impossible that Christ was crucified on a Friday. Have you ever heard any preacher even suggest a Thursday crucifixion? The Roman Catholic church has for centuries taught a Friday crucifixion, and one must suppose that the Protestants have never bothered studying the Bible with that question in mind! There are many reasons why the teaching of a Friday crucifixion should be ditched. One of them is Christ's own statement,

For as Jonah was in the great fish for three days and three nights, so I, the Messiah, shall be in the heart of the earth three days and three nights.” (Matthew 12:40)

The argument is made that in Roman times even part of a day is called one day. Allowing that arguemnt to stand it still does not solve the problem of three days AND three nights. There is just no way that Christ's statement can be made to fit into the setting if He died on a Friday!

The church has always taught us that Satan is a bad angel. I have news for you! NO WHERE IN THE 66 BOOKS OF OUR BIBLE WILL YOU FIND A STATEMENT TO THAT EFFECT! A short excerpt from New Insights into Old Theology shows the absurdity of such a teaching.

”Now there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord, and Satan also came among them”. (Job 1:6) We notice that “sons of God” is written in plural and that Satan is among those named as sons”.

He is not referred to as an angel! No where in the Bible is the word “angel” confused with the words “son of God” (even though Bible commentators tell us it is). If the Lord, Jehovah, is good and if He made all the angels, how is it that there are bad angels?

It is much more believable that there are various Gods and that each one of them made “robots” or “helpers”, which in the Bible are called angels. Satan is one of those Gods that created robots to help him. The Apostle Paul even called Satan, “the God of this world”. 

Surely, it is agreed that angels do not have thrones. The Bible does not mention any throne for Micheal or Gabriel (the highest of the angels) but Isaiah writes of Satan as having a throne, he wrote, “O Lucifer … you have said in your heart; I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God”. (Isaiah 14:13)

This may not be a vital doctrine but it does demonstrate a truth that is stated in New Insights into Old Theology; “Perhaps this teaching also shows how ingrained our beliefs are. We almost cannot let go of the ideas we grew up with although the Bible tells us otherwise”. The church father's have mislead us again!

In thinking about the birth of Christ and the star that appeared to the magi we have always been led to believe that it was just an unusually bright star. To overcome that impossible scenario some have suggested that Jupiter and Saturn “were in conjunction” which then appeared as a bright star. Even so, how could the light of those two planets guide the magi exactly to Bethlehem?
The light of the planets would have shone on the whole area not just upon the town of Bethlehem! It is much more feasible to believe that there was a spaceship in the area at that time to guide the magi. The light from the UFO enlightened the path the magi were to take.
To the Bible writers way of thinking, and in their frame of reference, a light from the sky must be the sun, the moon or a star. Therefore the Bible writers must call that light a star. For a fuller treatment of these ideas, and many others, read the book, N
ew Insights into Old Theology.

For a fuller, in depth look at these doctrines and many others, you should read the book New Insights into Old Theology. This book looks at many Biblical incidents and teachings from the point of view of those who accept the theory of Ancient Astronauts visiting the Earth. The author has read many of the books arguing for and against that theory. He has drawn his own conclusions from his readings and correlated them with the Biblical chronicle. It was reworked, rewritten, and it matured for 27 years before it was published. It has 283 pages, it is bound in soft covers with an easy to read print and a logical style. To order this book go to http://www.volumesdirect.com/ The price is $17.55 12.95 (US) plus shipping and handling.

The author of this book is a graduate of an evangelical Bible college. He has preached in churches across Canada, but he has never come to a point where he would rather accept the churches teachings than to look for the truth in the Bible.


Copyright by Ike Fehr
Presented with permission of the author

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Doctrinal Errors in Protestant Churches


The book has 145 pages, 5.5 x 8.5 inches; it is perfect bound. The price is $10.00 CDN.  It is now available from my printers at http://www.volumesdirect.com.

About the Book:
Multitudes of books have been written which condemn many of the churches teachings.  Probably most of those were written by writers who wanted to ridicule the church for the sake of ridicule, or by authors who just needed a subject for another book.   Coming from inside the church I stand on a different platform.  I desperately wanted to believe that the preachers were telling us the truth, but, still, one who is looking for the truth, cannot stubbornly cling to his childhood beliefs if he finds that they contradict each other or if they contradict plain facts.  Here are a few examples.
The Protestant church teaches us that the Bible is the inerrant Word of God.  It is the only guide we need in spiritual matters.  How can any version of the Bible be verbatim the Word of God?  Every translation is different, in words and meaning, than the writings were when the Bible was first assembled.  Lately there has been a whole horde of new translations and what is so upsetting about that fact is that the translators add their own theological bent to certain Bible portions.  Surely, people have a right to their opinions but, I do not believe that they have the right to rewrite the Bible so that it will foster their own theological viewpoint.  This practice already happened way back in the fourth century when the doctrine of the Trinity was being heatedly debated.  It is said that when Jerome was translating the Greek Bible into the Douay translation he added words to 1 John 5:7; words, which clearly teach the doctrine of the Trinity.  He wanted to, once and for all, end the debate about the Trinity.  Ever since then the church has taught us that God is a Trinity, even though the learned men in the church know that those words, by Jerome, do not belong in the Bible.  There are many incidents in modern translations where the translators force their own opinions into their translation, thereby making "their Bible" teach something completly different than the ancient Greek text allows.
Doctrinal Errors in Protestant Churches proves that the Bible does not endorse the doctrine of the Trinity.  There are many, many arguments in the New Testament against that teaching and a text must be forced to find any argument in favour of it.  Seeing the truth about that one doctrine alone,  makes this book worth reading.
The Bible is replete with phrases that speak of the plurality of the Gods; and the plurality of the sons of God.  It teaches of a God who is bound by time and with physical limitations.  The Bible shows us that Satan is not a bad angel, actually he is not an angel at all.   The pastors of our churches do not deal with those troublesome Biblical passages.  They would rather lull us into a sanguine mode, with soft, easy to handle teachings, hoping that we will not ask any difficult questions.   To help us fall asleep, spiritually, some have invented the idea that at the time of death good people go to heaven and bad people cease to exist.  Some teach the falsly comforting idea that once we are Christians we can never quit being a Christian.  Others teach that as soon as we die we go to heaven or to hell.  Some falsely believe that all people will spend eternity in heaven or in hell. 
This book deals with those topics (and others) and what you find in this book will truly astonish you.  The author has left the well worn ruts the theologians have made and has embarked on the trail with this sign, "if the Bible says it, I believe it".  In other words, what theologians and pastors tell us is purposly rejected and what the Bible says is accepted at face value, when possible (of course, not throwing out common sense in the meantime).
About the author:
The author graduated from Columbia Bible College after three years of intensive Bible studies.  Being young then, of course, he accepted as truth everything the professors taught.  After graduating he took post graduation courses for the purpose of becoming a minister in  the Protestant circles.  After taking those courses he started questioning the validity of some of the things he had learned.  After doing more serious studying he realized that he could no longer subscribe to many of the things that modern day preachers are proclaiming as truth.  He quit being active in church related settings; after much soul searching, and having a desire to proclaim what he believes to be the truth he put some of his thoughts into a number of books.
The first book, New Insights into Old Theology, was actually a combination of two books.  Some readers disliked that decision.  So the book was revised and divided into two books again.  The second part of the first book is now called Doctrinal Errors in Protestant Churches.  The first section of the first book, will, hopefully, soon be ready for the press.


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This book looks at many Biblical incidents and teachings from the point of view
of those who accept the theory of Ancient Astronauts visiting the Earth.