The End of the World - Then What?

by Rich Anders

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Frank Sinatra

Good evening to you. This is the spiritual entity of Frank Sinatra

You just saw parts of this movie “The Rat Pack”. You know so much about the backgrounds of events of global importance that you realized that I played a major role not only as a singer but also, as strange as this might sound, on the political scene. To explain this statement needs some time. Please be patient.

The big event for my political sideshow was the election of John F. Kennedy as President of the United States of America. He was the one predestined to guarantee the continuation of life on this planet.

The presidential race was preceded by the race for the nomination by the Democratic Party. Kennedy did not have a good start. Being a Catholic and a New Englander was a towering handicap. It was one thing to run for a senate seat in Massachusetts; it was something totally different to seek the nomination of the Democratic Party for the race for President of the United States. Regional, racial and religious prejudices were strongly opposed against a rich Playboy from New England.

I first heard Jack Kennedy giving a speech in 1956. I was more than impressed. I was overwhelmed by emotions of admiration and instant friendship towards this young promising politician. Then I thought he was this good. Now I know that already then I was influenced telepathically in favor of John F. Kennedy who would need my help to become elected President of the United States.

The forces of destiny had planned my carriers as performer and political supporter of John F. Kennedy in a most effective way. I spent my childhood in an Italian neighborhood that spawned some of the most important gangsters in this country.

I grew up with them and lifelong friendships and loyalties proved to be crucial for the election of Jack Kennedy for President. – There is power of all sorts in this country. The power of my former gangster friends was truly awesome through the labor unions they dominated.

The dictate of the labor bosses easily overcame religious, racial and regional obstacles. Critical States were won and Hubert Humphrey withdrew from the race for the democratic nomination. Now John F. Kennedy was in for the biggest fight in his political carrier: to keep the Presidency away from a man who had everything going for him, Richard Nixon.

Nixon was the shrewdest politician the American political scene had seen in a long time. An ambitious, hard-working man firmly entrenched in the Washington political establishment; he was a formidable opponent. Nixon’s victory was practically certain.

I was obsessed with the idea to have Jack Kennedy as the next President of the United States of America. Jack and I had become friends, good friends I thought. We had good times together and his wife Jackie did not like how good they were. It hurt my ego and my sincere feelings of friendship towards Jack Kennedy that I was banned from his personal circle of family and friends. But Jackie Bouvier was a force to reckon with and even Jack Kennedy would not dare to challenge her in matters she considered important.


Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley was a rare phenomenon on the music scene. His popularity was sheer boundless. So it came as no surprise that a friend, John Litland, asked us to make contact with his spirit.

Tuesday, March 6th, 1979

Present Jackie, Maria, Victoria, John and Fred after a short concentration the spiritual entity of Elvis Presley makes contact

Elvis: I am the spiritual entity of Elvis Presley

Fred: well, Elvis, how do you like to have contact with one of your fans?

Elvis: I am very happy about this because it relieves the pains I feel

John: what is the message you want to give us?

Elvis: my life was not a very long one

John: everybody knows this

Fred: does the communication we had with the spiritual entity of John F. Kennedy

facilitate this communication?

Elvis: yes, but you should not interrupt me

Fred: all right, we keep quiet

Elvis: my name is being misused by so many people that it makes me sick. In addition to all the suffering I have to experience in hell, my name is used to make money and no one really cares about me. The fans I had and still have all over the world are being cheated to an extent, which is unbelievable. I am really disgusted and I am very happy to be able to tell someone about it to talk it off my soul, which I have although Fred is skeptical whether I really have one Fred: so you know I was not a fan of yours?

Elvis: I know and understand. My name is the reason that I get lots of negative energies and this makes me suffer so much that I cannot describe it

John: so lots of negative energies are being channeled to you?

Elvis: Yes; and the tragedy is that all my fans or at least the vast majority mean so well and do so badly, so to speak

Fred: is there anything we can do about it?

Elvis: already by talking to you I get relief but if you could manage to have one of the major gossip papers publish my plea to let me in peace that would help much more

Fred: what kind of plea do you mean, specifically?

Elvis: they should tell my fans that the so-called psychics who allegedly had contact

with me in public trance sessions are being used by Sator, which is the real name of the devil, in order to channel my fans' spiritual energies in my direction, that is towards me. But this just strengthens the devil because he takes these energies away from me for his own use

Fred: does this happen also with the energies of the well-meaning people?

Elvis: yes. Also the positive energies of the well-meaning people are channeled towards the devil because the manipulation of these people is a negative act of abuse. This is the same as is taking place in the religious congregations of this world and with this I mean not only Reverend Jones

Fred: what are you experiencing in hell?

Elvis: I have to live times and times again through the most negative events of my past life in the material world

Fred: what negative events are these?

Elvis: I have to give concerts and as I dreaded failure more than anything else in hell every one of my concerts is a terrible failure

John: but all of your concerts were fabulous. One should think that after so many years

of performing you would know that

Elvis: in the material world they were. But I have to live through my fears and anxieties

John: one would think you would have gotten over this after more than 20 years of performing

Elvis: I never got over it and I was always afraid to fail. This turned me into a nervous wreck and made me use drugs, which had a devastating influence on my health. This eventually lead to my death.

Fred: what kind of drugs did you use?

Elvis: the usual ones as millions of idiotic Americans do

John: turns to Fred laughing: "he died on the toilet. Did you know that?"

Elvis: and it was a heart attack which made me suffocate and John is right, it was on the toilet respectively in the bath room. This is for me nothing to laugh about but I understand your hilarity especially Maria's because that just her style to put it politely.

Fred: how did you experience your death?

Elvis: death was a deeply humiliating experience for me and I still have not gotten over it. Hell for me is giving concerts, which are catastrophic failures. Then I have to go through the mob, which is nearly suffocating me, which I dreaded, too, while living. Then I save myself into a toilet where I die again. This is so horrible that I cannot describe it but hell as the religious congregations describe it with devils and fire blazing could not be worse. Telling you this means that I talk these pains and humiliations off my soul and I am already relieved. But unfortunately my mislead fans give me so much energy that I still am not free from pain. Therefore, a publication, preferably in the National Enquirer would help because this mostly gossip producing paper is possibly the only one which would print such a request

Fred: do you mean this should be published?

Elvis; yes, p l e a s e!

Fred: what should they tell the public?


God the Almighty

Left Behind - The Rapture

Hi, Larry,

The other night I saw the authors of "Left Behind" in your show. The nonsense they write in their books is one thing. Once it is broadcasted in your show it is something else.

They are right in one respect: the end of this world is imminent. Because of spiritual necessities I have to tell you now how this end of the world will happen:

the red spot in the planet Jupiter is a condensation core of solid matter This produces an imbalance for the rotation of this planet much like a washing machine is imbalanced when a big towel is positioned on one side. When this imbalance reaches a critical state the electromagnetic field of Jupiter will break down and the condensation core will be expelled. - Such an event took place 3,500 years ago and it brought forth the planet Venus.

When this "Red Spot" core is expelled it will travel through the quantum vacuum in zero time and it will materialize in the vicinity of this world just like the core did which now is the planet Venus. Then this brought forth events some of which are mentioned in the Bible because this happened at the time of the Exodus of the second group of Jews. - This was the group that left the Nile Delta.

This time the ensuing events will be different. This cosmic event will cause the breakdown of the electromagnetic fields of every planet in the Solar System. For this planet this means that it will stop revolving round its axis. This will bring forth the end of the world catastrophes described in various prophecies including the ones in the Bible.

The survival rate of people will be very low and the surface of this planet will be totally destroyed. I'll lift the ones positive enough in their spiritual energies off this planet and keep them in a spiritual state of existence until the present negative surface is totally destroyed by fire. After this has happened the positive surface of this planet will materialize on top of the destroyed negative surface. Shortly after that the surviving people and animals will materialize, as well. - This is what religious congregations call "the Resurrection".

I could tell you a lot more. However, with the attitude you have towards spiritual matters it would be a waste of my time.

God the Almighty


Catherine Harris - Judgement Day


Dear Larry,

Last night you had Catherine Harris as your guest. She was a pivotal figure in the election 2000 and she was the target of vicious, nasty and totally undeserved attacks. The representatives of the leftist media and their allies in the demagogic party engaged in public acts of attempted character assassination following the example of President Clinton who repeatedly showed his expertise in this type of public disgrace. Talk show host Maher topped this disgusting behavior when he said that O. J. Simpson should have killed Catherine Harris.

The fact that so many people could get away for so long with attitudes and behavior of this kind or other negative acts does not mean this will go unpunished.

You need not read, understand or accept the following spiritual announcement. Sending you this message makes it spiritually valid.

As I mentioned in previous messages the change of worlds is imminent. I explained the spiritual mechanisms for salvation. Today I explain the spiritual mechanisms for damnation.

The threat of Judgement Day in many religions serves to convey the Fear of God. This is a bit illogical because at least in the Christian Religion God is said to be merciful.

Judgement Day is a reality, which soon is going to happen. At the time of the end of the present world judgement will come. God will have nothing to do with it. The mercy of God manifested itself by giving guidelines how to behave in order to be eligible for salvation. Judgement will be done by a person's own energies. This needs an explanation:

Everything a person thinks or does is stored in this persons spiritual energies just like one loads data on a computer's hard drive. Everything stored is either negative or positive. Decisive for the evaluation of these data is not the act in itself but the attitude behind the thought or the action.

If someone does something negative with a good intention it is noted to be positive. If someone does something good with a bad intention or bad attitude it is noted to be negative. If someone does well with good intentions it is, of course, noted to be positive. If someone does something negative with negative intentions it is, of course, noted as negative.


Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio


Good Evening to you, my friend. It has been quite a while we did not talk to one another. I am happy to have the opportunity to talk to you now and to answer a question, which has been on your mind for quite some while

I am the spiritual entity of Norma, better known as Marilyn Monroe

* Good evening to you, too. What a pleasant surprise to have contact with you after all this time. What’s the news?

M: Well, you actually have a number of questions and you are especially curious about my relationships first with Jack Kennedy and then with Bobby Kennedy. But these are questions specific to me and I’ll answer those at some other time. Tonight I’ll deal with a topic, which has puzzled you for years. – Let me elaborate:

The first contact was established a long time ago and the ones contacting me were Penny Mraovic and your wife. Penny just wished to know whether I had a thing going with Jack Kennedy. The ladies had no idea how big this contact was for me. Then I was in hell going through the vicious cycle of having to live through the worst episodes of my past life always culminating in the events that lead to my death.

You were indulging yourself with Penny’s delicious deserts and did not pay much attention, as you were not interested to get to know about the former President and me. You only found it somewhat peculiar that during the contact the two ladies were falling asleep again and again.

The first contact was a short one. Nonetheless, I managed to tell the main story of my life in hell and that produced a dramatic result. Being able to tell the truth about myself and the circumstances of my existence in hell separated my positive energies from my negative energies. The positive energies were freed from those vicious cycles of torment and all of a sudden I, the positive energy, did not feel any more the pain and anguish that had been my companions in hell ever since I died. – Life in hell had become painless!!!

Back then, to be able to talk to spirits was a hobby mostly your wife and friends of yours were enthused about. Therefore, many contacts were made The first one to actually break the barrier was the chat Penny and your wife had with Jack Kennedy. You later became interested and joined the contacts. Friends of yours who heard about your hobby joined the contacts and many communications were made with increasing ease.

The more contacts were made the better became the situation for us positive spirits in hell. We got to know things which gave us hope and hope is the most important thing to have when one is in a as hellish a place as hell is. – How long this situation persisted I cannot tell because in spiritual planes of existence time does not exist.


Copyright 2003 by Rich Anders
All Rights Reserved
Reprinted with Permission

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The End of the World - Then What?




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Table of Contents

  • Preface 6

  • Foreword 7

  • About preparing a Change of Worlds 7

  • About Telepathy 8

  • Introduction 11

  • The Atlantis Connection 11

  • The Alien Connection 16

  • The Plejaden Contacts 17

  • The Abduction 21

  • The UFO Connection 23

  • The Larry King Connection 27

  • Communications 29

  • Introductory Words 29

  • Performers 31

  • Elvis Presley 31

  • Grace Kelly with Cary Grant 36

  • Marilyn Monroe with Joe DiMaggio 44

  • Frank Sinatra 50

  • Harry Houdini 53

  • Politicians and associated persons 57

  • John F. Kennedy, Former President of the United States 57

  • Jacqueline Bouvier, wife of John F. Kennedy 65

  • John F. Kennedy Jr. 73

  • Jacqueline Bouvier comments about her son John F. Kennedy Jr. 74

  • Richard Nixon, Former President of the United States 82

  • Frank Sinatra 86

  • Golda Meir, Former Prime Minister of Israel 90

  • Tito, Former Dictator of Yugoslavia 95

  • Leonid Vassilji Breshnjev, Former First Secretary

  • of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union 104

  • Mao Tse Tung, Former First Secretary

  • of the Communist Party in China 108

  • Religious Figures 111

  • Albino Luciani, Pope John Paul I. 111

  • Marshall Applewhite of the Heaven's Gate Cult 119

  • Arthur Forde, trance medium 123

  • Royalty 125

  • Princess Diana of Wales 125

  • King Hussein of Jordan 133

  • King's Corner 141

  • John F. Kennedy Jr. 141

  • John F. Kennedy 145

  • Richard Nixon 147

  • Frank Sinatra 148

  • Albert Einstein 149

  • Albino Luciani, John Paul I 152

  • Barbara Olson 154

  • God the Almighty with references to -Election 2000 158

  • Left Behind, The Rapture 161

  • Catherine Harris, Judgement Day 162

  • Liz Hurley and the devil 165

  • Billy Graham's son and daughter about Salvation 166

  • Bob Jones III - New World Rule 168

  • Epilogue 169

About the Author
Rich Anders was borne and raised in Austria. He attended Rollins College in Florida and graduated from the University of Vienna. Rich Anders spent 15 years in various executive positions. Then he visited the Virgin Islands and stayed. The Caribbean proved to be the right setting for writing this books.

About the Book
Nostradamus is the best known seer of all times. But even he did not forsee what the end of the world will bring. "The End of the World - Then What?" presents communications with spiritual entities participating in the immensely important project of spiritually preparing the end of the present world and the coming of a New World of Peace.   The contributors to this books are well-known celebrities. They tell how they became involved in this project, what their past was like, how they transited into the realm of spirituality and, most importantly, they tell what the future will bring.   This unusual book takes the reader by surprise. Crystal clear is the message given by all participants: there will be a new beginning after the end and the change will bring a happy future. What a relief!

Back cover
Rich Anders was born and raised in Austria. He attended Rollins College in Florida and graduated from University of Vienna. Rich Anders spent 15 years in various executive positions. Then he visited the Virgin Islands and stayed. The Caribbean proved to be the right setting for writing this book.

"The End of the World - Then What?" deals with a topic that continuously appears in all the Media. An end of the world scenario is part of practically every religion. It has been foretold by prophets in ancient times, by seers in medieval times, and by present day psychics. Curiously, what comes afterwards is hardly ever mentioned.

This book is dedicated to answering the question of "Then What?" To convey an understanding of this complex topic the previous change of worlds from the paradise to the present world is discussed at length. The author introduces the reader to background information in the Foreword and in the Introduction. The main part of the book consists of contributions by the ones who were doing the work of establishing the spiritual patterns, which will determine the events of the end of this world, of the transition to the New World and what life will be like in the New World.

The participants in this greatest endeavor of all times are well known. A Pope, Politicians, Performers, Royalty. As divers as their background is they all have one goal in common: to make sure that the coming change of worlds is a success.

Fascinating, intriguing… Rich Anders adds a new dimension to our thinking. This book is a "must read".

Imre Kusztrich, author and General Manager of TV Media, Munich, Germany

Rich Anders knows more than anyone else what there is between heaven and earth. He is truly a pioneer of the universe with a vision of the future.

Hans Janitschek, President United Nations Society of Writers and Artists, New York

Rich Anders is original and provocative in his analysis. You cannot ignore his conclusions. The truth is certainly out there - and there is no reason why it is not here in these pages. Complex and well argued, this is a layman's guide to what has baffled so many.

Gordon Thomas, author of Seeds of Fire and Gideon's Spies, Wicklow, Ireland.

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