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For  when a man  knows not his own first principle,  and when the conclusion and intermediate steps are also constructed out of he knows not what, how can he imagine that such a fabric of convention can ever become science?      -- Plato   

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Official position of science presents the picture of the past in which humanity started from primitive beginnings, and steadily progressed upward in the development of culture and science. Most of the artifacts preserved in archaeological and geological records have been neatly arranged to fit this accepted linear view of our past.
Yet many other unearthed "out-of-place artifacts" create obvious contradictions to the conservative picture of antiquity.

They don't fit the established pattern of prehistory, pointing back instead to the existence of advanced civilizations before any of the known ancient cultures came into being.
Though such discoveries are well-documented, most historians would like to sweep these disturbing anomalies under the proverbial rug.  
In addition, the mysterious artifacts seem to confirm ancient legends and stories describing human history affected by a very advanced earthly civilization perished in a global cataclysm or influenced by extraterrestrial gods.
In this section we present some of the most intriguing out-of-place artifacts (see menu to the LEFT).

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Visionaries are the pole stars by which we
navigate our imagination to new lands and then,
sometimes, if we are lucky, to new realities...

-- Judith Paulson

Has there been any mention here of Zecharia Sitchin? I've read "The 12th Planet," where he tries to link ancient civilizations and says there is another planet in our solar system with a 3600-year orbit. Pretty far out... says aliens made humans beings, etc. His 5- or 6-book set is called "Earth Chronicles."

I, too, have read Zecharia Sitchin's "The 12th Planet..." and Edgar Cayce's "On Atlantis..." and even Erich Von Daniken's oftimes discredited books on "Ancient Astronauts." Sitchin's theory says Earth was visited by sentient beings from a 12th planet in our solar system and that major advances in Earth culture (such as the domestication of animals, adoption of agriculture, and advances in pottery and metallurgy) were due to the influence of, and human cross-breeding with, advanced alien beings at pivotal times in our past.

I must admit, I find reading "Alternative Theory" like this utterly absorbing and fascinating. I could sit and play "What if....?" with ideas like these all day long. And sometimes I do, much to the detriment of what I should be doing! I want to believe them because I have such a strong gut reaction for the ideas proposed.

It would make an interesting study, methinks, to learn why these myths endure and so strongly appeal to us over time. However, I cannot "scientifically prove" even one "Alternative Theory" and doubt anyone else can either -- at least not at present. And that is the problem with speculative theories in general -- they cannot be proven to the satisfaction of the scientists among us.... So does that mean they shouldn't be read?

There are many things I believe to be true, that I cannot prove. I have been taught humans started from a primordial pea soup and progressed steadily upward to the present era. While we may have started as primordial pea soup, when I look at my life, at the way I learn; when I look at history... well, it's just not a steady, straight line that always progresses upward. It's more of a spiral and it's moving, but I haven't the slightest idea as to direction. The movement is up and down, forward and backward, and there are plateaus... lots of plateaus. I believe history is more like that. I just don't believe the 20th century is the only "technologically advanced" civilization Earth has ever seen. And I don't believe the Sphinx and the Pyramids were built by organized peasants using greased logs. But can I prove any of this? Nope.

I think the value of "Alternative Theory" lies in the activity towards which they may inspire. If just one of these books or theories, causes an archaeologist or scientist to investigate a single area they otherwise might not have, then they are worth their weight in gold. Think for a minute... the city of Troy was thought to be myth until amateur, Heinrich Schliemann, took the "myth" seriously and discovered the multi-layered city of Troy at Hissarlik in the 1870s. The same is true of the Bible -- some places thought of as "just myth" by scholars are turning out to have existed in fact.

So even if a tiny, obscure portion of one of these books causes one person to investigate an obscure "hunch..." and that "hunch" provides evidence long sought, we might finally get objective "proof" that nonhuman, sentient beings visited the planet in Earth's ancient past.... Perhaps prove an island continent sank under the Atlantic Ocean after some long forgotten catastrophe.... Maybe locate a room under the Sphinx proving the existence of Atlantis. And that's why I love books like Sitchin's, Cayce's, and even Von Daniken's... why I hope people with ideas will keep creating and writing about theories they cannot completely and scientifically "prove." The visionaries among us are like pole stars by which we navigate our imagination to new lands and then, sometimes, if we are lucky, to new realities.... 

I hope they never stop.

© Copyright 1999 Judith Paulson. Permission is hereby granted to electronically transmit or reproduce this article for personal, nonprofit use, on condition that all paragraphs, including this notice, remain intact.

International explorer, archaeologist and author Jonathan Gray has traveled the world to gather data on ancient mysteries. He has penetrated some largely unexplored areas, including parts of the Amazon headwaters. The author has also led expeditions to the bottom of the sea and to remote mountain and desert regions of the world. He lectures internationally.

"Dead Men's Secrets" by Jonathan Gray is 373 pages of discovering ancient technology and lost secrets. Do not miss his new books that followed "Dead Men's Secrets":

Book 1 – "The Killing Of... PARADISE PLANET"  lays out stunning evidence of a once-global paradise, with a temperature-controlled climate, idyllic landscape and long-lived human giants… but a super culture ready to wipe itself out. The world BEFORE the Great Flood of 2345 BC

Book 2 – "SURPRISE WITNESS"  shows what happened DURING that great Deluge - the cosmic calamity that ripped the Earth to shreds and wiped out the original Mother Civilization. Not only were the antedeluvian people buried, but their technological achievements were destroyed, including all form of machinery and construction. The skeptic may shout himself hoarse. But this event surely happened. We have evidence that is more substantial than for any other event of history.

Book 3 – "The Corpse CAME BACK!" Now comes the fast moving, fascinating story of the settling down of Planet Earth AFTER the Flood, and its effect upon human history.

To order visit this page: Jonathan Gray

Tree of Life

A tree of life is a mystical concept, a metaphor for common descent or a motif in various world theologies, mythologies and philosophies. This concept has lent itself also to be used in science and other areas. Various trees of life appear in folklore, culture and fiction, often relating to immortality or fertility. These often hold cultural and religious significance to the peoples for whom they appear. Perhaps Tree of Life is connected with very essence of life: DNA?

"Tree of Life"
The Olmec "Tree of Life" (Mesoamerican Cosmology).
The lineage founder, 2 Grass, is being born from a twisting World Tree.  Detail from Selden Codex page 2.  
DNA - our modern Tree of Life DNA - our modern Tree of Life

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Also Available by Michael Baigent
From the Omens of Babylon: 
Astrology and Ancient Mesopotamia

June 1995 

Worth a Look

All over the world there are many reports of gods. We know their names and the names of their children. We know of many things they did. Yet nobody believes they existed. Mythology with its fantastic stories of the wondrous deeds of gods put up a smoke screen that has not been penetrated to this day. Mankind still does not know what really happed since the appearance of polytheistic religions.

Terror from the Heavens
by Rich Anders
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5800 Years ago Alien Gods invaded this Planet
3500 Years ago the Extraterrestrials vanished
This is their Story

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Other Articles and books by Rich Anders

The mysterious architecture and artifacts, and the enigmatic characters from ancient history are the special focus of renowned European archaeologist, Brian Haughton. His new book, Hidden History: Lost Civilizations, Secret Knowledge and Ancient Mysteries, quenches our thirst for insight into ancient times. 


Read an article by Brian Haughton >>

Hidden History Cover

Hidden History: Lost Civilizations, 
Secret Knowledge and Ancient Mysteries
by Brian Haughton

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