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by Panteley Bahchevanov. Presented with permission of the author

The Crop Circles phenomenon is neither from today nor from yesterday. But now we observe an expansion of that action more persistent and frequent, creating more and more complex figures. It is undoubted that in this way someone sends us a message. But who is this someone? Why are we unable to see the author of this phenomenon? Is he or it hiding?

There are numerous versions explaining the phenomenon. Most of the figures included in the design have been decoded because there are enough erudite people to do that. But the mystery remains. It is considered that the makers are men walking on stilts, so this all is a hoax. In response to that version the figures become more complex and sophisticated. The next version regards material extraterrestrials. In that case, in difference to what we consider about the mysteries of the remote past, we stay side of this version.
Another version reveals the crop circles as a result of random action of natural forces. The analysis of the act made by some explorers of great reliability shows the following. The figures contain hidden considerations, for example, geometric theorems. This leads to the conclusion for the makers’ high degree of intelligence. The next that impresses is the structure in the section of breaking. The structure is not only broken or smashed but it looks like a local melting action. This change of the structure in the section of breaking and around it directs us to the man who breaks tea spoons – Uri Geller.

Let us consider hypothetically that it might be the same type of a phenomenon. The explanation is: self control of the physical field. This means that the part of the field related to the material world, foremost, consciousness, has the ability to concentrate the field as an energy factor in a very thin location. As far as the fingers are antennas and basic energy emitters, a teaspoon set in that location, between the fingers, becomes influenced by this energy concentration of hyper high frequency. The section where the concentrated field acts is melted in this way and the spoon breaks. Of course, any influence of consciousness on the whole field is out of the regulations and, therefore, we say it is a phenomenon.

Normally, the part of the field directed to the material world is isolated from the other parts of the field and in this way unable to react on them. This has been explained in the previous parts of the book. To apply this phenomenon to the crop circles, we have to begin from the structure of the wheat stems in the section of breaking. The structure is changed; the natural one is melted reducing its mechanical characteristics. It becomes not steady to resist to an external force; in this way only a slight force applied at the upper parts of the stem may cause its easy breaking. The changed structure exactly corresponds to the action of a concentrated physical field of the third type. The process runs in two phases. The first is an action of the concentrated field in a very thin section of the stem. As far as the field is shaped as a sword, it sweeps the stems on a plane parallel to the ground. The second action is a force applied to the upper parts of the stems. In that case, the field acts not as a high frequency melting sword but as such of mechanical impact. Dowsing in the zone of the crop circles shows a high intensity of an energy field. Nothing could move the shaped twig or rod in the hands of the dowser rather than the energy of a physical field of the third type concentrated in that location. It corresponds to the field of the dowser. The presence of a strong energy field of the third type in the zone of a crop circle means it is the basis of the activity. There is an interaction between the basic field and Highly Intelligent Powerful Non-Material Creatures (HIPNMC) that are nothing more but a physical field as well. The interaction is similar to the one between a magnet and wire. A question that might be asked is – man has a physical field too but why is he unable to do the same?
The reasons are three:
first, a man is unable to detect the energy source;
second – to concentrate enough power in an ultra-thin layer, like Uri Geller, and third – to interact with an external field.

Who is the author of the Crop Circles? The creatures Poo are not burdened with a material body; they are able to detect external fields and control (in that case, to concentrate) themselves. They possess hyper intelligence and hyper parameters, penetrate into the matter easily and may send us complex messages.

But are they the creators of the Crop Circles? No, the non-material makers of the Crop Circles are not Poo. The authors must be powerful and able to transform the energy of the source into a mechanical force. We have called these creatures Highly Intelligent Powerful Non-Material Creatures, HIPNMC. In this book are published a number of drawings made by the creature called Mo, with his kind permission. These drawings and are painted through the fingers of Mrs. G. P. The only oil painting here is on the front cover page. This is a known phenomenon, not revealed, and, that is why, accepted as being paranormal.

The HIPNMC act where there is a strong earthly energy source, something that they may detect without a problem. Concentrating themselves in one plane, they act as a knife which does not cut but melts the stems. In this way, the stems are ready and applying a tangential force at the upper sections breaks them in one direction as a whirl. The force is produced by the interaction between the two fields in a similar way as the magnet and wire. In that case, non-material creatures are able to react on the matter, despite the inconformity of the parameters. The above makes us ask the question, how mighty are Poo and the Powerful creatures? If they can influence the material world, why do they not?

Is this a gesture of ethics? Being out of her material body in a coma, Mrs. G. P. has not been able to act on the surrounding matter neither to communicate but only sense. Simply, she has been in her field form of existence freed from the material body. It is out of doubt that there is not only a physical but an ethic barrier between the parallel and material world limiting their free interaction.

Copyright by  Panteley Bahchevanov.
Presented with permission of the author

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Crop Circles
The Greatest Mystery of Modern Times
by Lucy Pringles (January 15, 2000)

In this extraordinary study, Lucy Pringle brings together her stunning aerial photographs with her many years of intensive research investigating a phenomenon which continues to baffle scientists throughout the world.

Crop Circles: Evidence of a Cover-Up
by Nicholas Montigiani

ISBN 1-59209-037-0
Paperback/224 pages

Secrets in the Fields: The Science and Mysticism of Crop Circles
by Freddy Silva
(Paperback - September 2002)

Silva, who has worked in graphic design and advertising for most of his professional life, conveys his keen passion for earth mysticism in this probing examination of crop circles. He examines the history of crop circles, human interactions with them, their probable implications, and, in a section that is alone worth the price of the books for supporters, their effects on our current worldview. Silva also delves deeply into the evidence for crop circles' authenticity. In arguing that they are transhuman events, he discusses the role of electromagnetism and its effects, UFO phenomena and their relation to crop circles, the relationship between crop circles and healing, evidence supporting psychic ability, and language's ability to affect information consciously and subconsciously (this section is sure to stimulate those who suspect that crop circles are a hoax). Readers may be inspired to reexamine preconceived ideas, as Silva's explanations are detailed and well researched and avoid technical jargon. Footnotes and an extensive bibliography encourage further exploration. Recommended for psychic phenomena or metaphysical and New Age collections in public libraries, and for collections including contemporary works on controversies in science and mysticism.

Vital Signs: A Complete Guide to the Crop Circle Mystery and Why It Is Not a Hoax
by Andy Thomas, Mike Leigh 
(Paperback - February 2003)

Book Description
Crop circles, those beautiful and complex patterns that are visible from the air in fields around the world, have long fascinated the public, media, and scientific community. Vital Signs is a comprehensive guide for newcomers to these puzzling patterns and an essential history for those who are already intrigued. Illustrated with hundreds of full-color and black-and-white photos, this chronological and photographic history is an accessible discussion of the various crop circle theories, physical and statistical evidence, and the surprising effects these formations have had on observers and researchers. A major feature film on the crop circle phenomenon, Signs, starring Mel Gibson and Joaquin Phoenix is scheduled to open in fall of 2002.

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