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WARNING: Many of the statements made here have NOT been evaluated or approved by the F.D.A. We must also legally warn you that even though your medical doctor has had absolutely no training in Herbology or Natural Healing, if you are ill, have any disease or are pregnant or nursing, consult your medical doctor before attempting any natural or herbal program.

Why Some Herbal Formulae are Useless? 
A Message from Dr. Richard Schulze


When I first started my own healing journey in the 1960's, one of my first great shocks was that most health products didn't work. This included all of the herbal formula I tried. I was constantly amazed at the weakness of these so-called intense herbal formula that were supposed to change my life. They didn't. I would take them diligently and nothing would happen. Out of frustration, and my own illness, I remember taking 20 to 100 times the dosage, the whole bottle, and still little or no effect. In order to get myself well from a terminal heart disease, I had to break all the rules and make it up as I went. Because I broke the rules, I got well.

In the 1970's, I started helping others get well and opened up my clinic. From the early days of my clinical practice I was especially interested in helping people with serious illness and degenerative diseases. Almost all other graduates from the various institutes I attended worked mainly on young healthy people who wanted to be a bit healthier, but I was obsessed with emergency treatment and the sick and dying. The same useless herbal formulae that failed me years before were now failing to help any of my patients. They though they were doing something wrong and this is why they were coming to see me. I was forced to improve upon the crude formulae I had developed to heal myself and also created new formula that worked. Why were all the herbal formulae useless? Why didn't they work? As far as I could see there were 3 main reasons for this.

  • REASON #1 - Antique Formulae
    Many of the herbal formulae available were designed in the middle to late 1800's, some even earlier. The 1800's were very different times. Today, we have junk food restaurants on every corner, get less exercise and have more stress than probably ever before in history. What it took to stimulate and cleanse Wyatt Earp and Buffalo Bill 150 years ago doesn't work today. Even some of the more modern herbal formula available were still designed in the 1940's or 1950's. This is still over 40 years ago when herbs were looked at as a cute little hobby to alleviate headaches and tired feet, not cure life threatening disease. Many other modern formula are just remakes of these ancient formula; the herbs are just shuffled and a so called new formula is dealt. These formula just don't work.
  • REASON #2 - Weak formulae, wimpy dosages, poor manufacturing and poor quality herbs
    Most modern American natural healers and herbalists have been educated and grew up in the hostile legal and political environment. Recent history reveals that the A.M.A. and other organizations have been on a witch hunt for practicing herbalists and have jailed many. Out of fear, most herbalists and manufacturers want to make sure that no one ever gets a strong action or has any reactions with their products, even a cleansing reaction. They feel it's far safer to make products that have little or no effect. Like medical doctors today, treatment and therapy parameters are designed by the hospital legal departments, to minimize financial repercussions and malpractice lawsuits, not always what is best for the patient.

    One way these herbal manufacturers assure their safety, not your health, is to design a formula with very small amounts of the potent herbs, or none at all. Then to be really safe they suggest a dosage that is so low it's useless. They don't want to take any risks. To further weaken any potency many manufacturers have abandoned the tried and true methods of old herbalists for quick extraction processes, high tech (high heat) machinery, freeze dried herbs, ignoring the moons and seasons, mostly to make a quick buck. The result, most herbal products I see today are worthless junk. Many manufacturers are more concerned that their products tastes good or has a great looking label than with whether you will get well using it. I also see labels loaded with sophisticated laboratory testing results for potency, trying to convince you that the colorless, tasteless and odorless water inside will actually benefit you. How stupid do they think we are?

    One of the worst aspects of many herbal formulae today is the poor quality of herbs used. The vast majority of herbal of herbal products are made from India, China, Egypt, Mexico or Eastern Europe cost literally pennies a pound. I never used these poor quality herbs in my clinic. I always used American organically grown herbs that can cost over 20 times as much. I have visited these countries and found filthy, disgusting growing conditions, toxic pollution and out of control use of pesticides and insecticides. When we travel to those countries we don't drink the water, don't even eat the food, then why would we want to use herbs grown there?

    In the last two years there have been numerous people getting sick after using famous herbal formula because the herbs were contaminated with human fecal waste. If this isn't bad enough most of these contaminated herbs, when brought into the United Sates, are gassed with Ethylene Oxide, an antibacterial gas that is known to cause cancer and also cause mutations in unborn children. In fact the vast majority of organic herbs are even sterilized with this gas because the manufacturers are scared to use unsterilized herbs. In the last two years I have done much to expose this corruption and I have been attacked by almost everyone in the herb industry, even my so-called friends. Even though they are well aware of the problems, I have affected their income and they are plenty mad. Even the ones who haven't attacked me wont go on record to expose the industry or speak the truth. Most of my colleagues, out of fear of prosecution, write books and magazine articles, gather at the meetings of their guilds, run schools and teach, but rarely have ever worked with a patient. It is illegal for an American herbalist to run a clinic and cure patients from illness and disease using American Herbs. This leads to the 3rd reason why most herbal formula don't work.
  • REASON #3 (Theory, not practical, clinical experience)
    Why is it that most modern herbal formula, designed by many of my colleagues, don't work? As I walk down the isles of modern day health food stores I see hundreds of herbal products and recognize many of the names on the bottles. Many are my students and many are friends, but few of these armchair herbalists ever ran a clinic and would know the difference between a heart attach and indigestion. What they don't tell you on the bottle is that they developed these formula after countless hours of research reading books and searching computer data bases, but they have no clinical results or cures. You may be the first human to ever put these formula in your mouth. A few of their herbal hypothesis are good, and in years, probably decades, few might prove to be important discoveries. I also know most of these formula will be tossed in the garbage where they belong.

Running my clinic I learned very quickly what it takes to get people well. Theories don't, hypothesis don't, but quality herbs, potent formulas and large dosages do. The following formulae, dosages and programs are the result of 10 years of healing myself and an additional 18 years of clinical experience. They work.

Dr. Schulze's Natural Healing Crusade


Over 200 years ago Ben Rush, who signed the Constitution of The United States, warned that we needed to include a medical freedom clause in the Constitution. He said if we didn't it was likely that one group of doctors would monopolize healthcare by passing legislation to outlaw other types of doctors and systems of medicine. This is exactly what happened.
Over the last 80 years, organized medical groups and pharmaceutical companies, using lawyers, bribes, lobbyist, insurance companies and the strongarm of the Food and Drug Administration, have been very busy. They have corrupted elected officials to pass laws to remove any competition. They have crushed Natural Doctors, Natural Medicine and Self Care. Their goal is to monopolize health care and make us dependent on medical doctors and pharmaceutical drugs. It almost worked!

We have watched them pass more and more laws restricting our rights, they have made many healing herbs, foods and even nutrients illegal. Natural health professionals that flourished a few decades ago are now barred by law to practice, and Natural Doctors, Holistic Healers, Health Food Store Owners and even family members of the sick have been arrested and jailed for using natural remedies. 
If you disagree with your doctor regarding the medical treatment of your children, they can be taken away from you, put in a foster home, and you can be arrested for endangering the health and welfare of your child. There are many people jailed every year, put there for disagreeing with medical doctors and their policies. Organized medical crime has gone so far, they have outlawed words for other health professionals to use such as Diagnose and Cure. Just by these words you can be arrested for "Practicing Medicine Without a License."

Orthodox medical treatment would be put in its place if people had a more visible and available choice. The majority of the people in this country would rather choose prevention and a Natural Doctor, than wait for the disease to surface and be poisoned, burned and mutilated in the name of science. It is estimated that if people had a choice, lack of demand would shrink Doctors and Drugs to less than 10% of its current size, with the remainder almost entirely related to trauma medicine. That would be a $900,000,000,000.00 (nine hundred BILLION dollar) loss to them. They are not going to take that loss without a good fight.

Hoxey's was constantly harassed by the A.M.A and the F.D.A. and arrested on numerous occasions, even though he proved his herbal cancer formula worked. One of our great teachers. Dr. John Christopher was arrested 6 times and Dr. Schulze has been arrested and is constantly harassed.

Dr. Ben Spock, was a leading American pediatrician and certainly not a person I agreed with until his later years in life. He eventually denounced cows mild suggesting it was not a good food for babies after all. Also in the later years of his life he became very vocal against war and the senseless killing that is constantly going on around the world. I had the opportunity to have met him once at one of the many demonstrations I attended in the 60's, 70's and 80's.

At many of these demonstrations like Chicago in 1968 and Washington in 1969 and 1970, it got a bit rough and in order to demonstrate we would have to scale walls and fences, sometimes even barbed wire.

Dr. Spock would arrive in his three piece suit looking very distinguished and neat unlike myself with a crash helmet on and other hippies who were dressed in peaceful battle gear.

Dr. Spock, I believe in his seventies or eighties at that time would slowly scale the walls like a turtle, in his three piece suit dragging up with him a small rug or bath mat. He would place this over the barbed wire so as he crawled over it he didn't tear his suit. He was slow moving because of his age and also his carefulness.

A reporter on the scene of one of these demonstrations walked up and said to him, you must really like to do this, at your age, to go to all of this trouble and grief and risk and even jail, just to get into a demonstration. He looked at the reporter in utter disgust and said, "I hate doing this, but my conscience won't let me stop." He was a man with the financial means to easily retire and do nothing. But he couldn't, he wouldn't, because he knew that babies he delivered and loved so much, were growing up and being forced into wars, and killed, so he would not rest. As far as I know he continued his peaceful stand against hate, war and killing up until he died.

"In the many years I spent interviewing patients, not only in America but all over the world, I had the wonderful opportunity to talk with many elderly people. I also had the illuminating experience of being with many people just a few days, even a few hours before their death. For a few I was the last person they saw. I must share with you that most of these visits were filled with regrets. The reason I am telling this to you is so we all don't make the same mistakes.

What I heard was like a condensed version of their life. People have a tendency near death to look back at their life and examine it. What I heard were the many regrets for not living life to its fullest.

I don't remember ever hearing any regrets for believing too much, trusting too much, laughing too much or loving too much. All the regrets were based on holding back, not going far enough, not giving enough, not loving enough, not taking the chance, not saying what they wanted to say, not taking the risk, not living life totally.

Lets not wait until it is too late, lets not have a list of unfulfilled wishes and unlived dreams as the final hour approaches. Take the chance, take the leap, dare to make this life rich and love and live it to your fullest potential."

Homeopathy - Simplicity, Change, Responsibility


Is Homeopathy Natural And Holistic?

In this short explaination of Homeopathy I will discuss three issues, the founder, the philosophy and the remedies used for treatment.

I will also point out that Homeopathy is NOT a Natural or Holistic therapy, not even alternative healing.To quote Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary, (the standard medical dictionary in the United States), Homeopathy, a School of Medicine, it does not make this statement for Naturopathy, Herbology, Chiropractic etc. or any other natural therapy.

The Founder

Dr. Samuel Hanhemann ( 1755 - 1843 ), a medical doctor, after years of orthodox medical practice became dissatisified with his therapy. He developed his own system, using the same medical drugs of the era, but in very small even invisible dosages. I repeat he used the same chemical drugs, animal parts, herbs, reptiles, insects, metals, minerals, acids, and radioactive material which are still employed by modern homeopathic and medical doctors.
He believed that the remedies took on the spirit, especially in the case of the animals, reptiles, and insects. A common practice of his was to suffocate live birds into the alcohol to capture the spirit of the animal into the remedy. This is still practiced today in such homeopathic remedies as Formica Rufa or Myrmexine, used in the treatment of arthritis, which is made from crushed live ants.

He did not believe that we could depend on nature to treat disease and illness as stated in his book The Organon of Medicine written in 1810. Some of his fundamental beliefs were recorded in this work. He felt that nature was undependabe as a healing agent, most of nature was unusable in its natural state, and if it did cure disease it was only by chance. He felt the only certain cures were remedies manufactured by the physician.

These views are exactly the views of most orthodox medical doctors today, certainly not the views of Holistic or Natural Practitioners.

The Philosophy

The word Homeopathy is taken from the Greek, homoios meaning like and pathos meaning disease, thus like disease. The basic premise is that a substance, any substance, that in a large dose would cause a particular toxic reaction, is applied for a disease that resembles this same toxic reaction, but in an extremely small dose. This dose is so small and diluted that it is invisable to normal laboratory equipment and testing. This is why it is sometimes referred to as energetic medicine, nothing can be detected.
The substance used are the same substance used by modern medicine. Plants are used as with drug manufacture but also Animal Waste, Organs, Infected Tissue and Puss, Insects, Reptiles, Metals, Minerals, Toxic Acids and Radioactive Material. Some of the substances used, such as Arsenic, Cyanide and Smallpox, are so lethal even extremely small amounts are deadly. Most people find it exteremely repulsive to even think of ingesting the aforementioned material in any dosage whether energetic or not. For this reason Homeopaths, like their brothers the Medical Doctors, using the same material in different dosages, do not tend to disclose or discuss the ingredients of their so-called remedies. most Americans are shocked to discover that common drugs like estrogens and birth control pills are made from horse urine, anti-viral drugs form bird and bat manure even vitamin B-12 from sewage sludge.

Again a homeopath will use ANY material, regardless of how toxic or disgusting, to create a remedy. Their sole focus is to find an agent, that in large doses would cause a toxic reaction similar to the disease the person is afflicted with, and give them that SAME element in a very small dose. Finding a drug or remedy to treat a disease is not Holistic. This is identical therapy to modern medical treatment. This is in direct conflict with the philosophy of Natural and Holistic Medicine. Natural Healing treats the whole person and aids the body/mind/spirit to heal itself by creating a lifestyle and environment that promotes wellness and healing. Foods, Juices and Plants are used to nourish the body and to assist with elimination, cleansing and detoxification. Hydrotherapy, Body Work Therapies and Movement/Exercise are used to stimulate the circulation, restructure, and remove blockages and Psychotherapy, Counseling, Meditation and Spritual Practice are used to promote a positive attitude, self love and a connection with our higher self. Wellness is simply a way of life where one stops doing hte things that made them sick in the first place and creates a new lifestyle that promotes health and well being.

The Remedies

As stated earlier homeopathic drugs are manufactrued using any material that is felt to be effective. The general public when kept ignorant will swallow almost anything. This is especially true today.
As mentioned earlier, If most women knew that birth control pills and hormone replacement drugs were made from horse urine they might object to the usage of such drugs, and in turn hopefully pressure the pharmaceutical industry to return to the herbs that were used a few years ago, although a bit more costly to the manufacturer.

It is true that Homeopathy employs the use of plants, in visible dosages, but it is also true that almost 1/2 of their medicines are made from some of the most disgusting material known. I believe in this manner the Homeopaths have surpassed the medical profession, in fact their material is worse that any bizarre science fiction film made. The following is a brief list, only a small sample of Homeopathic Remedies. If you have any doubt about this go to your local library or medical school and look at any Homeopathic Meteria Medica yourself, or ask your Homeopathic Doctor and watch him squirm around as he tries to answer, Ready;

Insects: Crushed alive ants, honey bees, papal cross spiders, cockroaches, bedbugs, lady bugs, black Cuban spiders, wood louse, head lice, plant lice, centipede, the common flea, orange spiders, Spanish spiders, grey spiders, Australian black spiders, the fly, potato bug, locusts, live wasps, caterpillars, scabies mites and kissing bugs.

Snakes and Reptiles and Fish: Crawfish, red starfish, roasted sponge, yellow viper, toad poison, copperhead snake, red coral, rattlesnakes, coral snake, disestive fluid of the lobster, fish fossils, jellyfish, purple fish, cobra snake, inky juice of cuttlefish, leeches, German vipers, gila monster, king crab blood, moccasin snake, stinging fish and adder snakes.

Animal and Human Parts, Disease, and Unknown origin material: Adrenal gland secretion, Whale morbid secretions, a maceration of a tuberculous lung, botulism poison, saliva of a rabid dog, animal charcoal, a cancer nosode, rudimentary thumbnail of a horse, the beaver, cholesteral from the gall bladder lining, diphtheria virus, fecal matter taken from the amniotic fluid of an unborn horse, pancreatic fluid, dogs milk, lecithin from animal brains, horse grease, gonorrheal virus, skunks, musk, animal oil, ovarion extract, lunch mucus containing the virus whooping cough, pituitary gland, septic pus from cow flesh decomposed in the sun for 2 weeks, muscle tissue acids, protein from decomposed human fecal matter, syphilis virus, thyroid gland of sheep, a nosode from a tubercular abscess, smallpox puss, cats milk, gall stones, anthrax bacteria and testicle extract.

Chemicals, Metals, and other Toxic substances: Arsenic, Cyanide, Mercury, Lead, ammonia, arnyl nitrate, anthracite coal dissolved in boiling patash, coal tar, lime, plaster of Paris, carbolic acid, choroform, loadstone magnets, formaldehyde, soot, graphite black lead, potash, slatpeter, nickel, petroleum, radium bromide, tin, sulfuric acid, thallium, TNT, uranum and alcohol exposed to x-rays.


This is not an investigation of whether homeopathy is an effective treatment. Certainly there are people worldwide that claim benefits. But just because a therapy works, such as the case of modern orthodox medicine, doesn't mean that it is natural. A further definition of natural could be a therapy, treatment or remedy that helps the body to heal itself, without intervention, that also has no toxic physical, emotional or spiritual side effects.

Hippocrates has been associated with modern medicine and is hailed as the Father. Modern Orthodox Medicine even follows their blasphemous Hippocratic Oath. The fundamental rule of Hippocrates was Do No Harm. He was a great herbalish and Natural Healer, not a medical doctor, and he clearly understood the dangers of killing a patient with your therapy. It is estimated that millions of people die in the United States and Europe each year from latrogenic (physician created) death. This death is usually caused by drugs and surgical procedures. It appears the medicine is deaf for the words of its father.

Homeopathy uses many exteremly toxic and lethal substances, in so called invisible dosages. History is rampant with mistake after mistake coverups, when the deadly substances were underestimated. It is believed that some have been cured of cancer from the use of extremely toxic chemotherapy. At the same time thousands have died from the damage caused by these drugs and their side effects, and not the cancer.

The polio and smallpoc vaccines have been recalled, after millions have been exposed, and found to be bacterial and viral nightmares. Even x-rays, a so called miracle of modern science, are advised with caution after simple dental x-rays and mammograms were found to cause cancer. Many diagnostic routines cause worse disease than the original problem.

What price do you pay for using dangerous diagnostic techniques, debilitating surgeries, toxic drugs and filthy remedies and therapy that can cause side effects sometimes worse than your original illness, only the future will tell for sure. In the mean time beware of Medicine that is sold as holistic and natural, but is actually neither. To be safe, always ask, what the product and every ingredient is made from.

Buyer Beware, Chinese Herbal Medicine - the animal slaughter continues

Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine has been practiced for thousands of years and still today, many species of animals are being tortured and killed for their superstitious potions and voodoo remedies.

I would like you to consider the following if you purchase Chinese Herbal Products.
I visited one local Santa Monica Chinese Herbal Store and found out what they considered herbal. In their herbal tonics I found animal sexual organs, gecko lizards, deer antlers, placenta, tortoise shell, fish, caterpillar fungus and pearls. Quoting from their Herbal Tonics catalog it says "this formula contains 41 herbs, three of which are male animal sexual organs." Later on it states "supertonic herbs such as deer antler" and calls "pearl, a very special herbal substance." I do not consider animal sexual organs, deer antler and pearls to be herbs! Other stores I visited sold musk extracted from deer testicles and snake cream from cobras that were skinned alive. I also found bear gall bladders and bile and you should be aware that many American and Canadian bear have been found dead in the forest with their gall bladders cut out. The current price I was quoted recently from a forest ranger was $5,000.00.

Animals are being butchered all over the world for Herbal Medicine. Tigers and the Rhinoceros are now extinct in the wild.

The Chinese claim that by eating the penis of Tigers men can regain their sexual stamina and prowess. It is one of the most sought after Chinese herbal tonics. People always hope for the shortcuts to health. Men all over the world would rather believe eating a tigers penis will give them an erection instead of getting healthy and being in love. The tiger's bones are believed to help arthritis, the tiger's nose for epilepsy and seizures and even the tiger's whiskers for toothache. Because of this ongoing poaching of endangered species, tigers are almost extinct. While Chinese Herbal shops swear they don't sell tiger parts, they do. In a trip to China town in San Francisco recently 45 herbal shops were visited. Of the 45, over half of them had illegal tiger parts. One shop had entire tiger skeletons and skin.

Because tiger parts are getting harder to acquire, the Chinese herbalists have turned to rhinoceros horns hoping that these horns might have the same supposed sexual stimulating powers as the tiger penis. Because of this, rhinoceros have been slaughtered by the thousands all over Africa, some even shot by helicopter gun ships strafing the herds and then trucks coming by afterwards sawing off the horn and then leaving the entire rhino dying on the ground. In efforts to stop the slaughter many African countries have dehorned the rhinos, to save their lives, but the poachers are still killing them just to dig the stump of the horn out.

The Bottom Line. I feel we should have an all out boycott of Chinese herbs and these so-called herbal shops until they go 100% animal and insect free. Thousands of years ago, the people who lived on this planet had to do many things to survive. The Chinese system of Medicine is supposedly over 6,000 years old. The American Indians used herbs for healing too but still the vast majority of their materia medica was animal organs also. If we were to all of a sudden have no food, clothing, shelter and herbs, we would all quickly go back to these ways of living to survive. But we do have great food, and great herbs, and plenty of shelter, head and hot water, so it is time to abandon these ancient survival systems of medicine for new healthier ways that don't involved the killing, torture and extinction of our animal friends.

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