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Life After Death: Reincarnation

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Life After Death and Reincarnation

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The clinical evidence for life after death is subjective and arguable. It's often hard to assess the significance of "out of the body experiences," encounters with bright lights, long tunnels, or angelic guides. It's difficult to know how to respond to those who speak of temporary near-death visions into heaven or hell. What we do know is that there are enough of these kinds of experiences to create a sizable library on the subject. Taken as a whole, this body of evidence shows that as people approach death, many sense they are coming not to the end of existence but to the beginning of another journey.


The following segment is a letter from our web site visitor:

Regarding Evolution and Sun Mythology

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have been involved in a trans medium study of spiritual existence which began on the death of my brother, was there an existence after death?

We had that proved innumerable times by visitations, manifestations, taping of spirit voices, psychic recognition that evolved into a "regular chat session" discussing evolution of human beings.

We were shown how we evolved from light, light that is liquid crystal in form and that the Universe is a liquid field or as stated in many myths "a water field".
This led us to our evolution from a Sun, whose energy form is liquid crystal light. Where we assumed that the Ancients dedicated their life to reverencing the Sun as a God because it established life on Earth and supported life, they also reverenced the Sun as they "knew" we evolved from its energy source, therefore it is "God-Creator".
The light beings we had contact with have led us on a journey of discovery.
We learnt how a human light body, our spirit co-exists in the Universe and what function incarnation establishes in the big picture. The tunnels of light seen in NDE's are a field that the human soul (circular energy function) creates-wormholes that action as part of an electromotive grid structure aligning the stars/suns of our Universe. Each life becomes part of the tunnel. Through this system the Universal consciousness flows-an electrical field of light energy. Original human organics was created by a light body interacting with the iron "ion" activity of the Earth, through compression of gravity the human light body once flowed as liquid light, with a chlorophyll base through the light tubes. Interacting with the iron bond, the chlorophyll molecule produces hemoglobin, which consists of the "heme"-tube with the iron molecule, interacting with the alpha wave. Serotonin is the catalyst for producing melatonin-cell color. A study done on rats taking out their blood and re-asserting liquid chlorophyll saw them living a natural and healthy life. A study done on a "Guru" for 64 years showed he existed on light, no food or little water. Through crop circles, the ancient studied Sanskrit patterns align with human cell function and shows us how the Earth is "stamped" with crystalline structures through the Sun "ion" activity-a declension field between the planets alignment and Sirius and our Sun that exist on an ortho plane. Serotonin is a catalyst for human emotion and aligns us to planetary movement affecting our emotional being, which we alter through character changes that links us to Astrology. The mountains play an important role in this evolution, linking them to star alignments, the last human evolution after the great flood and Mt. Ararat and how Atlantis was a huge mountain range, now in the sea bed in the Atlantic, which Science has decreed was once above sea level due to the rock structure. The mountains, just as the pyramid shows us draws on cosmic rays. The mountains draws the crystalline energy structures into the core where they interact with thorium and iron in a vacuum, compression, reasserted at the "apex" where through helix action atomic forms and bonds are created. Earth evolved from Sun implosion of Orion/Sirius and was originally a light orb and our Universe had another 2 planets involved in the sequence. We studied Egyptian Cosmogony from Geb/Osiris/Isis/Seth/Nepthys and have been able to distinguish their Sun activity as Gods through a code. The light beings explained that human language formed from the electrical field-consciousness that flows through the body form as wave patterns. We assert thought form to explain an action which vibrates on the larynx, depicting sound that became syntax to fthen structure the form of words. When you break down the syntax, the names of the Gods verify an energy action that aligns to the story of the myth. The same code can be used for the Bible, all of which evolved through the Priesthood-the Old Mage Orders. Geb was known as 1st Earth, was an original Sun that broke from the field of One, where light originates-1 field of action, simply creative outcome. We exist in a secondary field - double helix - 2 outcomes. Nut in myth is described as "she who swallows universal action". Nut is the N-neutron, U-creative curvature-eye of God creates a reflection field, T-tau-central cross point of the grid. The Sun core is repulsive action and imploded, 1st black hole. The electromotive energy force is found in the "tube" structure, again found in Sanskrit form, fractal energy fields that create grid patterns and assert dimensional fields. Osiris, Isis, Seth and Nepthys were born from this Union, the royal line, heritage. Their names also break down into Sun activity, Isis as a lesser sun form born from the side of Osiris, which is Orion and Sirius. Seth and Nepthys are the "core" positions of the Sun, Seth destroying his brother by the implosion of the core. The body of Orion/Osiris is held together by Sirius/Isis, as our planets are held in a declension field between Sirius and our Sun known as Horus, born from Sirius/Isis. The light beings explained the Earth's core activity is a polar field that functions as a "ray" and all the planets are directly aligned by this "wormhole" affect-tube of light from Sirius's core position. This then creates the "u" field-reflection and space curvature creating a new grid structure. The alien beings were once light beings who chose not to incarnate and eventually left Earth after the great battle depicted in the Avida transcripts discussed by Michael Cremo-de-evolution. They now exist on Nibiru as discussed by Zecharia Sitchen but are not our creators, rather they went against creative principles of joining the field of existence which evolved into organics due to mis-handling of creative outcomes. 2012 is a Universal action where the "alpha" waves heighten, and as they heighten it affects human beings emotional outcomes. It also draws up the lower energy fields, which means that the planet Nibiru is losing its energy field as they are last out in space-the end of the field. Evolution has seen us evolve the light grid back through the "U" curvature of space. This then brings more activity into the Earth field and alien sightings will increase. They enter Earth as zero point-Earth core-vaccuum, which Science is now moving towards discovery and have set down some enlightening studies that we have been able to confer information with. This is why alien craft are seen leaving in the Bermuda Triangle and the Devils Sea in Japan, due to the magnetic field altering, and these fields cover 12 points on the Earth. We have aligned how the Earth functions as a hyperbola action and that the core activity is the major response system to our evolution. Through discussions we discovered what the pyramids were used for and their energy outcomes involving the use of granite and water involving cold fusion, which led to the Mage Order, the Priests understanding acute energy functions they used in Temple. This is the Sephirothic Tree of Life. We also discovered how abusive this system became and have decoded "lost" knowledge of the Kabbalistic Magic form that evolved our current day religions, their Temple ceremonies and how Jesus was a Mage and the true "crucifixion" is found in alchemy, the 7 days that it takes to create, making the 7th the Sacred or Sabbath day of rest. How being "nailed" to the cross was an alchemy outcome enacted by Christ-Light in Temple. NASA has done study on water in space and through an astronaut "stumbling" into water activity is evolving into a new thought about planets evolving from water. Water technology itself has also assisted our study and information and how it forms crystal patterns from emotional vibrations. Our study has taken 15 years, beginning at energy basics, as I have had no experience or done any study on physics, geometry etc. Through our discussions we gained information from our very beginnings to our current evolution, and this information contains some of the insights from our correlations. We feel this is going to be a very insightful aid for those who have always questioned how our spirit "light" bodies fit into the creational picture.

Kind regards

Wendy Moir

The above letter is Copyright 2004 by Wendy Moir. Reprinted with permission.


Life after Death and Reincarnation

Note: The article below is from the book 
God's Ultimate Task- Re-Creating the Universe in a Positive Dimension
by Rich Anders.
Copyright by Rich Anders. All Rights Reserved. Reprinted with permission.

The woman on the stage performed what she thought was an exotic dance. Her husband was embarrassed. The audience loved it. The hypnotist was content.

All matter is subjected to the process of aging.

Evolution does not take place in a straight line up as conceived by Charles Darwin and his followers. Rather, it takes place in leaps. New species spring up seemingly from nowhere. Others disappear abruptly from the fossil record.

What can these so different processes possibly have in common?

To express it in the computer jargon: all of these processes take place according to some sort of a program. The dancing woman performed according to the hypnotist's input. The dance was the feedback. Nature makes the input of replacing cells with ones that are "older" than the preceding ones. The feedback is the process of aging. Nature also makes the input of the mutation of species. The feedback is evolution.

With respect to the processes of aging and evolution one could contend that genes had to be programmed respectively manipulated to produce such effects. But for the hypnotist it was neither necessary nor possible to manipulate the woman' s genetic code. So, what could be the media receiving an input of hypnotic commends? Can there be a basic kind of software for all living organisms that makes it possible to establish programs after which the hardware, in our examples the women and nature, performs? - To seek such connection may seem farfetched. But there are indeed parallels in our cases: all three examples regard living beings and all the programs in questions are performed automatically once the input was made and the feedback started.

We know that electromagnetic impulses establish the commands prompting a computer's feedback. It certainly requires energy, as well, to program the three processes under investigation. The hypnotist's mind issued energetic impulses - thoughts - to form the concept of what he wanted her to do in the woman's mind. His words were the transmitters of a message corresponding to the keys, which transfer the computer user's commands to the magnetic media.

In a computer magnetic media store programs, which can be called on to make the hardware perform certain tasks. One could suppose the woman' s brain stored the hypnotist's commands and then behaved accordingly. But the woman's own will was suppressed while she was under hypnosis. With only a simple memory storage involved she might not have performed a dance in public, which embarrassed her husband There must be something else; something the hypnotist could reach with his program of an exotic dance something, which can be programmed like a computer.

From computers we know that energy impulses do the programming of the software, which is used to issue commands for the computer's operation. Can it be that not matter but energy is the medium that stores programs of living organisms, that the energy of life is the software in this case? Can it be that the body corresponds to energy of life commands like computer hardware to software commands?

In Russia a man by the name of Kirlian made a discovery which proved to be a sensation. He invented an apparatus, which photographed the energy body that forms a unit with a body of organic matter. This discovery made Kirlian a famous man. It also provided many scientific institutions with a lot of research work. It was found, for instance, that the crossings of the energy lines visible in such energy photograph corresponded to the main points of acupuncture. It also was found that a missing limb of a matter body showed up in the photograph of the corresponding energy body. Energy continued to be present where matter had ceased to exist.

Let's deal with these examples more in detail: Acupuncture is applied at the crossing points of the energy lines thereby producing healing effects on the matter body. This means that adjusting

a malfunction of the energy body has the effect of adjusting the corresponding malfunction of the matter body. The input is the adjustment of the energy body's malfunction; the feedback is the adjustment of the matter body's malfunction. The matter body follows a program of the energy body. In the case of the missing limb the matter body evidently deviated from the program of a complete body. The fact that matter had left its established course of constituting a complete body had no bearing on the energy body. Energy continued where matter had ceased!

This is also manifested when an organism dies. Kirlian photography shows that the energy of life leaves dead matter. The main energy leaves the matter body at the moment of death. Additionally, small amounts of energy separate from the dying organism after the death of the matter body. - This can be explained with the fact that different organs don't stop functioning at the moment of death. Thus, they retain some energy of life, which is released when these organs stop functioning.

Illnesses show up in changes in the energy body before they show up in the matter body. This proves that the energy body provides the commands, which the matter body executes. The matter body performs according to programs stored in the energy body, which issue commands that control the matter body's actions. The energy body provides the program of life, which the matter body has to follow. The case of the missing limb documents that the energy body does not follow the matter body's deviations from an established program. Consequently, it is evident that the energy body also provides the patterns after which the matter body is shaped. This makes it clear that the basic principle is
Energy of life over matter of body.

With this reasoning we have the explanation for the first case: the hypnotist was capable of programming the woman's software, her energy of life, and the hardware, her matter body, performed according to commands issued by her own energy of life. Consequently, the phenomenon of hypnotism can be explained as the ability of someone's energy to reach somebody else's energy and to impose own programs upon this person's energy. This makes a hypnotized person follow a hypnotist's commands. In areas where there is no command from the hypnotist the hypnotized person continues to act according to own programs with usual and normal behavior.

Post-hypnotic commands confirm this statement. The hypnotized person who is unaware of the hypnotists programs behaves completely in accordance with own programs, meaning as usual. Only when the event occurs on which the hypnotist has hooked up his post hypnotic command, the hypnotized person performs as directed by the hypnotist's input. Like a computer the hypnotized person follows these commands without reflection or own will. Only when a hypnotic command runs against a program of the hypnotized person, which is stronger than the hypnotist's input it cannot become effective.

Hypnotism can do more than proven in the above example. A hypnotist can make someone activate his memory. Under hypnosis people can make regressions in time and remember details of earlier times, which in a conscious state would be very difficult or not be possible at all to recall. A hypnotist can awake memories that are present but not conscious. This proves a very important point: memories are not lost, they are stored. Everything a person has done, thought, or experienced is kept somewhere in memory storage. It is generally assumed that the little gray cells of the brain accomplish this. Yet another impressive feat of hypnosis tells it is not the brain
that stores information. The little gray cells do only the processing. The data itself must be stored in the energy body which, therefore, stores not only information and patterns for the matter body but also memories! For under hypnosis it is possible to make regressions into the memories of former lifetimes.

Admittedly, this is hotly contested. Such incarnational cases, when investigated, often prove the hypnotized person was right in what he/she said when under hypnosis. But there are cases where verification does not yield a convincing or clear confirmation. In view of what has been said before this may be the case when the barriers that shield off the memories of former lifetimes are stronger than the hypnotist's commands. To put it simply: take a stronger hypnotist and these cases will bring the desired response, as well. It is an undeniable fact that in psychoanalysis hypnotism makes people indeed recall more easily former events that shaped and influenced their patterns of behavior.

Therefore, we really do stand on firm ground claiming that hypnotic regression can evoke memories of former times. And if the energy of life is indeed the medium, which stores memory then memories of former lifetimes can indeed be regressed to by hypnosis. This proves not only that there is life after death but also makes a convincing case for re-incarnation!

Consequently, the storage of memories in the energy body is capable of explaining many phenomena of the mind that psychologists are somewhat at a loss to explain convincingly. As a matter of fact, they haven' t even come up with a definition of the mind they can agree on among themselves. They talk of archetypes, primal information, and collective memories! But they cannot explain what brings this information to the individual.

The genetic heritage can be made responsible for much, neither but nor for everything. What, for instance, makes a little animal do the right thing when there was no mother around to teach it? Instinct? But what makes up instinct? Evidently all of the previous experiences that let an individual creature follow certain patterns of behavior. But a newly born animal, for instance, has no experience of its own. So, from which source can such little creature draw? From where do Wunderkinder get their abilities to give incredible performances?
More than half of this world's population believes in reincarnation. The Asian practices of acupuncture were vindicated and accepted once Western science had progressed far enough to find out about the energy body, its energy lines, and the crossings of the lines acupuncture deals with. Kirlian photography proves there is an energy body existing together with an organic matter body. This energy body whose existence cannot be denied any longer shows us a lot of surprising and stunning facts.

Reincarnation is a fact, which cannot be denied any longer. Supernatural phenomena are mysterious no more once they are understood. The energy that leaves a matter body at death, this energy enters a new matter body at birth. Without this energy evolution would not be possible. For if this energy, as reasoned, can store information, then it can bring to the newly born being the subconscious memories of former lifetimes, the experiences and patterns of behavior, which were established before this specific birth, before this new reincarnation. Therefore, evolutionary progress is impossible without reincarnation.

What would happen if the matter body died and the energy of life with all the experiences and memories stored in it left not to come back? Short of another reincarnation everything would be lost. It is absurd to make matter the center of life considering that, for instance, the matter body of human beings reaches its climax at about 20 years of age. Already from then on the matter body deteriorates. The mind, however, can reach ever-higher realms as one progress in age. To do this not even a sound and healthy matter body capable of high performance is necessary.

Sick or disabled persons very often are great thinkers and, the word speaks for itself, great minds. Therefore, let's cast aside all opposition to the concept of re-incarnation and to the fact that the essence of life doesn't manifest itself in matter but in energy. Let's cast aside all superstitions and prejudices and let's deal with this important matter without bias. Let's accept the evidence, which is amply documented by many facts: the essence of life is the energy body. It uses the matter body like a vehicle. The energy of life enters a matter body at birth and leaves it when the matter body becomes obsolete for further use. After an existence as pure energy such entity enters another newly born body and the cycle of material life is repeated. There is life after death!

That energy entities need to use matter bodies can have but one reason: the production of energy. We know very little of the energy of life. But we know very well the matter body; its chemical metabolism produces a lot of energy. Obviously, an energy entity cannot produce the energy it needs. A matter body is needed to provide just that. Consequently, energy body and matter body together constitute what is necessary for organic life forms to originate, to live, to develop, and to evolve.

The existence of the energy body is a proven fact. But where does it come from? From where does it come from initially, meaning from where does such energy originate? - Evolution is a fact. There is disagreement how it happens. But it is undeniably present in the realm of organic matter. Hence, evolution must also take place in the energetic realms of life for matter follows energy's lead.

This evolution of life's energies must have started at the moment when the very first organic matter formed in the primal soup of this planet's early evolutionary stages. Even now all organic life starts when fertilization triggers the process of a cell splitting and multiplying. In the womb a baby does not start out as a human. The fetus develops through various stages of evolution in animal life forms until it reaches its highest evolutionary stage and is born a human.

In rapid succession, the fetus experiences former stages of evolution and its corresponding energies of life, which issue commands for the formation of a matter body. Let's remember the case of the missing limb and repeat: the matter body is shaped after a program of the energy body. Therefore, it must develop through life forms the energy body had gone through in successive evolutionary stages of former life times. From this we can conclude: the evolution of the energies of life comes first; it is the primary process. Matter just follows energy's lead. Therefore, the matter body starts out with a single cell and develops up to the highest life form, which is programmed in its corresponding energies of life.

At this point we can deduce what the energies of life are made up from: while an energy body dwells in a matter body it starts building spiritual energies, the ones that are produced during this matter bodies lifetime. These energies store everything what was thought, done, or experienced during this specific lifetime. Moreover, this new energy is programmed by everything a person experiences. This energy gets karma, which will be added at death to karmic programs established and stored in spiritual energies created in previous lifetimes.

The totality of these above programs will determine the next lifetime of this entity. Just like a computer program the next lifetime will evolve from input to input, the feedback being the events of a lifetime. This will again establish patterns and programs for the ensuing lifetime. In short, every incarnation adds another layer of programmed energy to the layers of energy that originated in previous lifetimes. Thus, an entity of energy can be conceived of as being something like the module of command for an organic being. A computer without program cannot perform. A matter body without the energy of life is dead. Consequently, we can state: the essence of life is the energy of life. The matter body is but a tool used for evolutionary purposes.

There is life after death and life gets a new beginning in material form in a new reincarnation.


One statement has to be made very strong and clear: the energies of life are different from the energies of matter. Matter oscillates between the stages of matter and energy. That means in every oscillation matter is formed anew. In between matter phases matter exists as energy. This energy is wherever there is matter, organic or inorganic. Throughout the whole universe matter behaves that way. The energies of life are present only where there is organic life. It is a double existence organic life is having. Essentially, it exists as energy. The energy body uses matter to produce energy it needs to evolve. Consequently, we have an energy body and a matter body coexisting and forming a unit of organic life.

The body's matter phases use chemical metabolism to produce energy; the energy phases of the matter body bring about change. The energies of life have command over the energy phase of the matter body; they direct these energies and matter performs in accordance with these changes. - Let's visualize this in terms of the oscillation of matter:
- Matter phase: the body performs according to the pattern present in its energies.
- Energy phase: the energies of life issue commands, which change the energies of
- Matter phase: the body forms according to the new pattern issued in the
  preceding energy phase.

Matter consists of particles that are formed anew with every oscillation according to the pattern present in the energies of matter. These energies of matter are changed by commands from the energies of life. Consequently, the energies of life determine how a matter body forms and behaves. Were these commands always the same, matter would experience no change. On basis of these commands with every oscillation matter advances in time and in appearance. Were the oscillation of matter between the stages of matter and energy to stop in a matter phase matter would be motionless. Matter would be rigid from the moment oscillation between the phases of energy and matter stopped. Therefore, the oscillation of matter or the discontinuity of the material dimension is the prerequisite for change, aging, and evolution as well as for the very existence of life itself.

The energies of life keep building as long as a specific lifetime lasts. The matter body becomes a troublesome obstacle once its functionality is impaired. It must be disposed of by death to free the energy of life for the next step on evolution's course, which will provide this energy of life with a new body. Hence, death of body is not the destruction and the end of life; it is an absolute necessity for progress. All the hysteria surrounding death in Western societies is totally futile. Some Eastern cultures are much closer to the facts of life when they celebrate death as the fact that one of their loved ones has been able to die and, thus, to establish the precondition for a further material existence on a higher evolutionary level.

Evolution brings forth successively more highly developed organisms. Therefore, it must be assumed that evolution will stop only when an organism has achieved perfection in its energies of life. For a perfect being its basic energy program could not but issue always-same commands after which its matter then forms without any advance in age. Thus, aging and death would not exist for the perfect being on evolutions peak. This being would be immortal! The oscillation of matter would occur just the same, but the commands of the energies of life, would bring forth always the same perfect matter.

Evolution began when matter originated and it is heading towards perfection in organic matter. But inorganic matter evolves, as well. There is no such thing as unchangeable matter in the entire universe. Everything changes. Evolution essentially means change. With every oscillation between the stages of energy and matter the whole universe changes according to energy patterns that shape matter.

Which patterns are the basis for the evolution of inorganic matter we only can deduce from the evidence that there must be a set of basic energy programs, which cause matter to change.
These basic programs we detect everywhere. Therefore, the universes' matter takes a recognizable and predictable course. The universe's lifecycle goes from creation to destruction just like an organic body goes from birth to death. We can make a wild speculation and assume that the universe is a living organism itself with commands for its matter issued by its own energies of life, which determine how matter forms. But this is as far as even fantasy can reach.

Having discussed the basic aspects of evolution, we now can deal with evolution, as it is generally understood, as the appearance and further development of new species. - Darwin' s theory of the survival of the fittest and of a linear evolution has proven to be wrong. The missing links between former and present species he assumed would be found cannot be found. These links are not missing, they do not exist. Some recent scientific theories tentatively acknowledge this fact. There is the notion that, from time to time, the planet's electromagnetic field breaks down. Cosmic radiation reaches organic life forms and causes the mutations, which bring forth new species. This notion, however, does not take into account basic principles of electromagnetism.

When a planetary electromagnetic field breaks down it adjusts to the conditions that cause the change in a single energy phase. In the very next matter phase a new electromagnetic field is established according to the changed energy conditions. There is not a breakdown and then a pause during which the planet slowly builds up a new electromagnetic field.

After a discharge or an addition of energy the planet's electromagnetic field is changed with respect to the locations of the magnetic and - if the change was big enough - also of the geographic poles. But the electromagnetic field is never completely absent. Conditions for a penetration of cosmic radiation right down to the planet's surface where living organisms exist just don't occur. - So, if genetic changes through cosmic radiation do not occur, what then causes the mutation of species?

Let's go back to a former statement: the energy body stores experiences, memories, and information from all former lifetimes. Within a given electromagnetic field the data becomes accumulated from lifetime to lifetime and this data has no influence on the formation of the matter body.

The time-span from one breakdown a planetary electromagnetic field to the next one is called a "world" . Thus, a New World begins when the planet appears in the matter phase after the change, which was caused by an addition or discharge of energy. - An addition of energy can be a hit by a major asteroid or a comet. A discharge of energy is the eruption of a volcano. - It lasts until the next discharge takes place. One could also say that a world is the situation on a planet existing in between two jumps of the poles because these usually accompany a restructuring of the electromagnetic field.

Let's repeat with different words: as long as a world lasts the data accumulated and stored in the energies of life cause no changes in the physical formation of the body. When a world comes to an end the electromagnetic field breaks down and gets reestablished in a different configuration according to the new energy conditions.

Does the energy body issue the same commands for the formation of the matter body in the next world? Can it be that the energies of life with the accumulated data from the incarnations in the previous world issue a more advanced program for the formation of the matter body after the change? Could changes in an electromagnetic field indeed influence the energies of life?

Such influence can be deduced front experiments in telepathy: between two telepaths different kinds of matter were placed. Not even heavy lead shielding did prevent the thought impulses from coming through. But an electromagnetic field successfully blocked the thought impulses issued by the telepathic partners. Also, in Russia experiments were conducted with a telepath and an "interceptor" . The interceptor was indeed able of blocking the telepathic messages.

Clearly, there is an impact of electromagnetic and personal energy fields on the energies of life, which are the same as energies of thought. Therefore, one must assume that every time the planet rearranges its electromagnetic field there is an impact on the energies of all life on the planet. The breakdown of the planetary electromagnetic field for an instant must be the input key for all the new data, which was accumulated in the lifetimes in the former world. Consequently, in the New World the energies of life possess upgraded data, which is the basis for issuing commands for the formation of the matter body. If the change of the data determining the formation of the matter body is small only slight changes in appearance will result.

Members of one and the same species do not evolve in the same ways. A different environment can make a very big difference. If members of a species have accumulated a much bigger potential for a change of the matter body, then a new species can spring up. Mutation occurs! Then the geese of a certain founder colony may become swans. Mutation also explains an enigma, which so far has proven too hard a nut to crack for science. It is expressed in the simple question: "which one was first, the egg or the hen"? Mutation produced the hen with the ability to lay eggs. Therefore, the hen was first.

Mutation is the reason why different kinds of humanoids roamed this planet's surface in previous worlds without leaving traces of a continued linear evolution. The humanoids leaped from step to step on the evolutionary ladder. The ones not fit for the new environment died out. Others survived until conditions changed to the point that they died out. Present day humans have no clearly identified ancestors in the fossil record of this planet.

Evolution takes place in leaps. Since the mutation of species occurs on account of more energy data available for the matter body's formation it is also upwards. The selection of the fittest means the elimination of changed or newly formed species, which are not fit to survive in the New World. This is just the opposite of what Darwin's theory stipulates. The appearance of a new species is caused by the fact that the matter body has become adjusted to its corresponding energy body's increased evolutionary potential. As long as the New World lasts the same set of commands will be issued for the formation of the matter body. The new species will remain unchanged.

New species not fit for the new environment will die out, a fate they share with those species that have not changed and are not fit for the new environment. - Each world offers a different set of living conditions for the living organisms on a planet's surface. When we consider that not only poles change their locations but that a planet can change orbit, as well, we know why, for instance, the dinosaurs disappeared. An orbit farther away from the sun provided not enough warmth for the dinosaurs to survive. In the new environment, the warm-blooded animals were favored. This fact explains the mass extinctions, which hit this planet's fauna from time to time.

As the fossil record shows and present conditions in this world confirm, the evolution towards more highly evolved species is not subjected to the criteria of good or bad. In fact, the masters of this world, human beings, have proven to be the most violent and destructive creatures of all.

There are many kind and good people. And yet, humankind has arrived at the point of being able to stop evolution short of its goal of bringing forth a perfect being. All it takes is an all out nuclear war and bye-bye evolution. This seems a blatant contradiction to evolution and nature itself. If evolution is striving for perfection, how could it happen that someone obtained the power to destroy everything in a short all out war what nature took many millions of years to bring forth? This just doesn't make sense considering the apparent logic of nature's evolution. What went wrong and how did it happen?



So far, every weapon developed in mankind's history was used in war. Even though the major powers of this world make great efforts to avoid the threat of war there is no reason to believe that weapons that are already in the hands of the military will not be used. In 1994, a long time after the planet was on the brink of destruction during the Cuban Missile Crises, a weather rocket launched from Norway brought the threat of nuclear war. The Russians mistook this launch as a possible attack on Moscow and came to within 4 minutes of launching their nuclear missiles directed against the US and its allies.

One must assume that the arsenals of today can and possibly will be used in all their destructiveness. What went wrong as to bring the entire planet on the brink of total intentional or even accidental destruction?

We contend it is energy over matter. We claim the energy of life is the software whose programs make the hardware, the matter body, perform. Therefore, someone must have established a program of utter destruction for man by man himself. Such program seems totally alien to nature's course and the basic program of an upward trend. Wars and the possible extinction of mankind cannot have originated in an energy program by nature itself. Therefore, someone must have superimposed the program of destruction on natures own basic programs of bringing life to ever-higher levels. If so, who did it? How was it done?

These questions concern everyone in this world. So, let's leave the individual at this point, for now it becomes necessary to deal with multitudes of people. Since mass programs of energy must be responsible for the present conditions in this world, the question must be "how can the energies of many people be programmed?"

We stated that the energies of life can be programmed and that they store memories. To acquire memories one has to experience or hear something. To receive programs one must be subjected to an input. The most obvious mass programming process is education. This is true as much for school as for Sunday school. In school people are trained for their material lives. In Sunday school people receive information regarding spiritual matters. Mostly, they are told to be good. If this is so, why are there so many evil people? Could it be that a general program is at work dating back to the time before the present world? Could it be that this program was established at that time to be valid during the entire duration of this world? Simply speaking, could it be that in the world before the energy patterns for the present world were established and that these patterns were put in and put to work by the breakdown of the electromagnetic field when the world before ended? If so, what could have been the means for establishing such programs?

Only a mass education system would be adequate for this purpose, one that reaches every person regardless of race and nation. The only means to do that is religion. Therefore, to find out what must have happened in the world before and what is happening in the world today under the aspect of mass energy programs let's deal with religion.

Religion is any system in which one or more higher beings are worshipped either to avoid the higher beings' wrath and vengeance or to invoke help and mercy. At all times of known human history people have subjected themselves to religious services hoping that this will result in better conditions for their lives. Most religions combine massive threats and provisions of punishment for those who do not perform as demanded with promises of help and rewards for the faithful, the ones who willingly serve the higher being or beings. Minor variations among the different religious systems are mostly in the kinds of reward promised and the punishment threatened. A really major difference exists only between the polytheistic religions of ancient times and the monotheistic religions of more recent origin.

It is interesting to note that most people take these promises and threats for real although not even one of the higher beings of the dominant religions is around in physical form to really carry out rewards or punishments. Rather, the current mainstream of religion, monotheism, puts rewards respectively punishment into a somewhat nebulous realm, which is an alleged eternal life after death of the matter body. Additionally, there is the promise for the ones who qualify by being good enough that they will make it into a future world of peace and happiness, the paradise. Now, how does all of this make sense under scrutiny with respect to energy programs?

Religions are very demanding and utterly successful in achieving what they want without giving or proving short-term tangible benefits. One must assume that exceedingly powerful mechanisms and patterns are at work in the vast majority of this world's population.

A long time ago religion sprung up seemingly from nowhere. The common explanation is that at some unspecified time humans felt the need to invent gods and deities they could worship and to whom they could sacrifice. - What a nonsense! How would someone get the idea to invent gods to whom he would have to be totally subservient and for whom he would have to work as a slave as it was the case in all ancient civilizations? How could anyone all by himself wish to have gods who demanded sacrifices of just about every scope including human sacrifices in which even own children frequently were included? The gods of antiquity were cruel, violent, demanding and threatening in every respect. They set examples of every crime possible. According to present law codes Zeus, the supreme god of the ancient Greeks, would have to spend many years in prison for the crimes he reportedly committed. In fact, all over the world of antiquity the gods set examples of every crime possible.

The gods demanded sacrifices at a breathtaking scale. Up to only a few hundred years ago sometimes tenth of thousands of humans were put to death in Central America on a single occasion just to please and appease the gods. How utterly absurd to suppose that such perversion of human minds could have taken place by itself just by imagination and own invention. How strong must energy programs be to provoke such atrocities! Agamemnon certainly did not wish to sacrifice his own daughter Iphigenaia to the Greek deity Artemis and yet he followed the goddesses' demand. Wherever we look at religion in the early times the picture is the same: humans were abused and mistreated at a scale unthinkable even in the present evil world.

Monotheistic religions with their message of love, redemption, and nonviolent attitudes are newcomers in the field of religion. Monotheism differs diametrically from polytheistic religions. It is inconceivable that the purpose of both basic religious systems can be the same. It is absolutely impossible that the evil goods of polytheistic religions have anything in common with the good God of monotheism as presented in Christianity and Islam.

To make the present world what it is energy programs were established in the world before, the paradise thought to be lost. Monotheistic religions though of paramount importance presently can not overcome the energy patterns of violence and abuse of mankind in this world. Monotheistic religions can only establish the energy programs for the next world to come, the one that will come into existence after the next change of the electromagnetic field of this planet.

The basis for these assumptions is logic deduction: in the world before, the paradise, someone wished to overthrow the order as it existed there in order to obtain supremacy. The gods and deities of the polytheistic religions were living beings vastly superior to humans. They established the energy patterns, which after the change of the electromagnetic field brought forth negative conditions for life in the present world.

In this world someone is at work to overthrow the present, evil system of violence and to establishing the energy programs for a benevolent system of love and peace in the world to come after the next change of the electromagnetic field. This very clearly is the purpose of the dominant monotheistic religions.

The goals and intentions of polytheistic religions and monotheistic religions are clearly identifiable when scrutinized under the aspect of energy programs. Therefore, one can state: religious systems are the tools for making the mass input of programs into peoples energies preparing this way the conditions of life as they will exist in a world to come. For the energy programs that will determine those conditions are the ones the majority of people believes in. Therefore, if the majority of this world's population believes the next world to come is a world of love and peace, then this will be the case. The energy program of a paradise will be realized this way. These statements raise a very big question: "who are the ones doing all the programming?

Modern man discards the notion that the gods and deities of antiquity existed as physical persons. Could this notion be terribly wrong? Could it be that these beings really lived in a material form? Well, let's state flatly that they really did! When one examines ancient sources without preconceived notions and bias and when one is ready to accept what one reads in plain, clearly understandable language thee can be no doubt that these beings indeed existed. It would be a fascinating endeavor to compile relevant and informative passages supporting this statement from ancient scriptures the world over. But this would have to be a different work than the one presently undertaken for this topic would easily fill a good-sized book. Besides, on the Internet there are thousands of pages and images dealing with the gods of antiquity. Taking this information at face value provides all the confirmation for the existence of these being in ancient times needed.

The gods and deities of antiquity established the energy patterns for the present world. But in one all decisive point they failed: they didn' t survive the change of worlds. Something must have gone terribly wrong for them. Something or someone must have interfered with their energy programs. One can not assume that someone who has enough knowledge to manipulate energy patterns the way they did would not know how to establish the programs for own physical survival. Could it be that God the Almighty, the dominant figure of present monotheistic religious systems, was at work already back then? Could it be that He really exists? If so, who is He? Do we know Him?

To answer these questions the concept of a God the Almighty has to be clarified first. There exists a concept claiming that God the Almighty is everything and everywhere, that He sees everything, knows everything, and is able to do everything. - Such concept of a God does not stand up to critical scrutiny under the aspect of energy programs. The omnipresence of a positive, superior being can only be understood as the presence of subatomic particles of positive charge in every bit of matter meaning the atoms. Such presence would explain also the concept of omniscience if such consciousness indeed exists. But this could not be called a God; this would have to be called a principle.

The Positive Principle it would be in the case of the positively charged particles. Analogically, the negative principle would correspond to the totality of all negatively charged subatomic particles. The two principles together would make up all of the universe's matter. The duality of the principles would be elevated to the realm of consciousness. This duality is known to exist in the physical realm where positive and negative particles together constitute all matter. If one accepts that the two principles do exist also as consciousness, then the concepts of omnipresence and omniscience can be applied to them. But these two principles of the universe can' t be almighty. They are together in every bit of matter. How could one of them exercise might over all?

One has to assume that the Positive Principle would need an agent in the realm of matter who is able to program the energies of the universe. This would give to the Positive Principle the decisive edge. The Positive Principle would need a God with might over all to dominate the universe.

A God is someone definable as a physical person. To be almighty someone would have to be able to reach all the energies of the universe for programming them. This implies that someone can exercise might over all only in cooperation with the Positive Principle because it is in every bit of matter and its corresponding energy. Therefore, if we wish to find the one and only God the Almighty we must look for an agent of the Positive Principle, the one who is capable of establishing the energy patterns for a future of the universe with purely positive qualities and properties.

All the gods, goddesses, and deities of antiquity had their very own specialty. There were gods of war, of wisdom, of love, of fertility, and so forth. Monotheism claims there is only one God, the Almighty one. Such claim supersedes all other claims of divinity. Consequently, the one and only God the Almighty must be the enemy of every other god or deity, for He annihilates all claims to segments of divine power. So, who can be this superman of the universe?

From the viewpoint of energy programs we have only one candidate for this position. Most monotheistic concepts have one thing in common: their founders chose one of the gods of their polytheistic pantheon, elevated him to the status of a supreme god and condemned all of his former co-gods. Two religious systems are conceived differently: Christianity and Islam worship the same god. These religions take a different approach because they do not have one of the many gods of a polytheistic pantheon elevated as the lead figure of a monotheistic religion. These religions assumed a ready-made concept of an Almighty God and made someone fit in.

The concept of an Almighty God appeared with the Jews. At the time of the exodus from Egypt the Jews became the first monotheists. They abandoned, or were abandoned by, their old pantheon of gods. But one of the gods of that pantheon was elevated to the status of a one and only god. But this very method and Jehovah's origin in the old Jewish pantheon of gods makes it impossible for him to fill the position of a good God the Almighty. Moreover, Jehovah is not around any more in this world in physical form to be able to establish the energy patterns and programs as God the Almighty for the world to come. Jehovah's programming work was done for this world, and the Jewish people show very clearly that he did an excellent job. Rarely is there anyone as fervent and intense in his religious zeal as a Jew.

In this world someone had to become an Almighty God, someone who was very conscious about fulfilling the prophecies of old, which had been established the patterns of what someone had to do in order to be the Messiah, the redeemer from all evil. The Messiah could not be someone who came as the Messiah; someone had to become the Messiah by assuming the energy patterns of the Messiah as established by the prophets and the peoples' belief in their prophecies. And there came someone who did just that and a lot more: Jesus of Nazareth.

Jesus teachings and his very life show quite clearly the concept of establishing energy programs for multitudes. For instance, He proclaimed Himself to be the Son of God. This brought Him near to the concept of the one and only God the Almighty, which had been produced by peoples' beliefs as an energy program. And then Jesus said: "my father and I are one" . This way He very effectively incorporated the energy program of an Almighty God into His own energy of life.

There really was no God the Almighty before; Jesus made Himself the one and only Almighty God. Jesus claimed might over all and He got it. How? Well, if someone makes a claim, which is believed by more than a billion people, then this establishes the energy pattern claimed. The claim becomes reality through the belief of Jesus' followers. Thus, He really gained might over all there is. He can indeed program the energies of all there is.

The only obstacle could be that someone else in a different world somewhere in the universe makes exactly the same claim and his claim would be believed by more people than believe in Jesus. Since we haven' t found any trace of intelligent life other than the one on this planet let's keep thinking and believing Jesus is the one and only God the Almighty. Considering what this belief will bring in benefits for mankind it's worth the effort.

Jesus established many energy programs, for instance, that a New World will come, which be a world of peace, the paradise, where only good people will be admitted. - This we have to look at under the aspect of energy programs.

What exactly means "the good people". Who establishes the criteria of good and bad? Who does the evaluation, the judgement? A change of the planet's electromagnetic fields takes place in a fraction of a second. Who could judge this fast?

The answer can only lie in the realm of the energies of life. We know there are two principles of the universe. Their duality undoubtedly exists also in the realm of the energies of life. From Kirlian photography we know there are two colors in the photographs of the energy body: one is sort of ice blue and the other one is a reddish yellow. We' ll not speculate which one is the good, the positive energy, and which one is the bad, the negative energy. Let' s just take note that the duality of the principles is documented also in the realm of the energies of life. With this knowledge we already know how the judgement of good and bad will be made: by own energies.

If there is a majority of positive energies present in a person's energies of life, then this is a good person and vice versa. An energy program that keeps bad people out of the next world and gives access to good people would have to determine that only positive energies can enter the next world. People with enough positive energies of life to sustain material existence would be admitted in physical form. Other positive energies could access the positive realm only as energies and would have to wait for an incarnation together with other energies of same charge to constitute enough energy of life to sustain a material existence.

The Return of Paradise

The New World has been announced as a perfect world, as the return of life in a paradise. - How can a world that originated from the destructive events accompanying a jump of the poles be called the paradise? Wouldn't one have to expect that the people who make it to the next world would be confronted with terrible destruction of the New World's surface?

In just about every ancient civilization we encounter tales and legends of a paradise lost. It is told in a rather similar way everywhere that the paradise ended in terrible cataclysms. But was it really the paradise, which experienced destruction? A world ends when the planet's electromagnetic field breaks down. Therefore, the energy patterns of the paradise ended when the event took place, which caused the cataclysm. At this very moment of time the energy patterns and programs of the whole world before were suspended. These patterns were not touched by destruction. These patterns and programs must be somewhere existing in energetic form. We can't possibly know where, but we'll know when they come back. This will be after the total destruction of this world.

One should think that just like the world before this one ends when disaster strikes. But there is a very important difference in the energy patterns of these two worlds. The paradise does not bear the pattern of destruction. It was brought out of material existence in the energy phase before destruction struck. So it was this world, the new one, which took the full impact of the destructive forces accompanying the last jump of the poles. Destruction was at this world's beginning. Destruction is the energy program for this world. Therefore, destruction will be the end to this world.

The conclusion: when the electromagnetic field breaks down a different electromagnetic structure will become instituted on this planet. But this will be an intermediate solution. There will go on other events within the solar system that will prolong this period of change of rearrangements and destruction. And all the while destruction lasts it is this worlds pattern to persist. Only when there is nothing left to destroy this world will have ended.

When the rearrangement within the solar system has been has been completed the New World, the renewal of paradise, will materialize on this planets surface with the energy patterns and programs of the world before. Therefore, this will be a world that does not know any turmoil.

This is the world of peace Jesus announced to His followers, the paradise.

Now, does it really suffice to talk of something, which is believed by a majority of people to make it happen? Did the ancient gods and deities only talk of the negative things and events that programmed life in this world? From what we know they didn't just talk. They committed all those violent, barbaric crimes and atrocities that programmed this world's course. Moreover, they made their slave, the humans, wage wars, kill, rob, and destroy. Those evil gods and deities set examples for every crime possible and humans followed these examples. This world was programmed by evil deeds, not just by announcements of what it will be like. It takes more than just talking of something to program it into the energies of the peoples of the whole world.

We must assume that the conditions that are programmed for the next world must have been established as a precedent already in this world. Under this aspect, did Jesus really succeed? Could it be that a part of his task was completed during one or more subsequent incarnations, one in which he established the realm of peace already in this world? Did he complete establishing the pattern of a world of peace to come in his next lifetime? Is there in mankind's history a period of time when there was "Peace on Earth"? Has this important precedent been set and, if so, by whom?

The energy programs oft the ancient gods are at work in this world. Therefore, did those programs keep the energy programs Jesus established from becoming valid? One should assume that these prevailing programs had to be overcome respectively outwitted in a way as to make the representatives of the ancient gods, their priests, indorse what Jesus claimed. No such endorsement was made for Jesus. So did He fail?

If one looks at these questions under the aspect of just one lifetime the answer would be quite discouraging. But let's take a look at these very important questions from the standpoint of the energy of life storing memories and programs from more than one lifetime. Since the energy of life stores the input of every lifetime as energy data and preserves it it is conceivable that the input for a specific program can be made over several incarnations. A computer can receive input any time not only when installed. Similarly, the inputs into the energies of life for establishing specific programs are being done in every single lifetime. Consequently, the work of Jesus can be but part of a mission that spans many lifetimes and which is obviously aimed at bringing the world of peace to this planet.

Jesus established the energy programs and their religious content in his lifetimes as Jesus of Nazareth and as the prophet Mohammed. There were other incarnations of the entity that dwelled in Jesus, one which brought forth the material effects of these programs already in this world in order to set this all important precedent of a peaceful world. For this way alone the programs established by Jesus could become valid. Now, who could this man be? Who is this candidate for a champion of peace in a world torn by internal and external strife? According to the claim that energy programs are established before someone's death strongest of all one must assume that our candidate qualifies according to the following criteria:

Roman soldiers crowned Jesus. Scorningly, yet they did. So, in his next lifetime, the spiritual entity that dwelled in Jesus must have become a Roman emperor. This emperor must have ruled peacefully with exception of the one conflict, which was programmed in Jesus energies: a violent encounter with the Jews, for they were the ones who demanded Jesus' death not the Romans. After this encounter with the Jews this emperor must have suffered terribly, for the way He died had Jesus energies programmed for suffering in His next lifetime after a conflict with the Jews.

In this context one must discard the notion that Jesus rose from the grave and ascended to heaven. There is nothing, which can support this claim under the aspect of energy programs. It is conceivable, though, that the energy of life of an exceptional man like Jesus was indeed strong enough to appear visible after death of his matter body. Since doing something like walking and talking, which requires energy provided by the chemical metabolism of a matter body, such appearances could only be few and right after death.

As the appearances and the communications that accompanied them cost Jesus' energy body energy, which were not replenished, these encounters stopped when the energy available for such purposes was exhausted. There are indeed only a few encounters reported. These do comply in their nature with spiritual manifestations of a strong energy body. Consequently, we have to look for a further incarnation of Jesus' entity in a relatively short time after death of His matter body.

World history shows there was only one period of time when there was peace in all major empires the world over. This period started when Hadrian became Roman Emperor and lasted for about sixty years. During this time the Romans waged only the war to suppress the Jewish rebellion under Simeon Bar Kocheba. Otherwise, the majesty of the Roman peace, the Pax Romana as it was called, embraced all of the Mediterranean and most of Europe.

Hadrian made peace with the Parthian Empire by giving up the conquests of his predecessor Trajan. Farther to the East the Kushan empire experienced a long period of peace just like the Andhra empire in central India and the Tamil states in India's southernmost part. In China the later Han Empire was at peace, as well. For this time a long period of peace is reported in the history of the Indians of Central America.

Therefore, there was a period of time when there was indeed peace over practically the entire globe. A realm of peace as announced by Jesus was implemented already in this world. It is interesting to note that these empires not only experienced peace during the same period of time. Afterwards, they started to have all kinds of internal and external problems at about the same time. So, the champion of peace we are looking for was not the ruler of the world, but he ruled in a peaceful world.

For Jesus the world was the Mediterranean, a realm where the Roman emperor Hadrian restored peace all over. Also, Hadrian had to put down the rebellion of the Jews. There was tremendous loss of life on both sides and Hadrian considered the campaign against the Jews the great tragedy of his life. When this campaign was finished he contracted a very painful disease, which ultimately lead to his death. From this we know for sure that our champion of peace who continued Jesus mission was the emperor Hadrian. He was the one to establish the energy program of peace by making peace and the other empires all over the world followed his example.

Hadrian was a great admirer of Greek culture and he spent much time in Athens and not just time alone. Hadrian had Athens' landmarks, which had fallen in disrepair, reconstructed to their original splendor. So it came about that the priests of Zeus, the ruling god of gods of antiquity, proclaimed Hadrian "the Savior of the World" and "the Supreme of the gods" . The representatives of the old order thus indorsed Jesus claim of being the savior and the God with might over all in the lifetime when he was the Roman emperor Hadrian. Thus, Jesus in His lifetime as the Roman emperor Hadrian fulfilled another very important part of the task to establish the energy patterns and programs for the next world to come.

Looking at history one must assume that the spiritual entity that dwelled in Jesus is not alone in doing its job of preparing the world of peace to come. Too many other historic personalities show very clearly that they participated in this exceptional endeavor. Moreover, Jesus must have had many lifetimes in which He prepared and supported the work He did as Jesus the Christ.

The Apostles helped Jesus. Without them Jesus would not have succeeded. Men like Gautama Siddharta, the Buddha, and Confucius cannot but be helpers in this great mission. Great men like the Pharaoh Akhenaton, the founder of the Persian religion Zoroaster, the founder of Islam Mohamed looked at under the aspect of programming energies for multitudes of people clearly appear to have been incarnations of the entity that dwelled in Jesus.

It is not the purpose of this book to make a study of religions. Rather, the mechanisms of establishing mass energy programs had to be found and described. So we can conclude that mass programming of peoples' energies are indeed able to shape the conditions of life as existing in a specific world. Thus, it is possible to interfere with evolutions course for better or for worse. Once life has become intelligent it does have the option to shape its own environment. We do not know for sure who is interfering in evolution. The masses of the manipulated are known not the manipulators. The gods of antiquity have vanished. The one and only God the Almighty made several appearances as founder of religions and disappeared in subsequent incarnations we don't know anything about. We can only speculate that Jesus might be the leader of the legendary super race of the Atlanteans at work in this world to bring back His kingdom, the paradise.

The ones who will survive the coming change of worlds will live to see who this superman is who founded the most important religions of this world. From what Jesus said we can assume that only positive energies of life will be living in the future perfect world. From what He said we can assume that the entity that was incarnated in Jesus will be the ruler of the world to come. Looking at this question under the aspect of energies of life programmed with the claim of might over all, He might even extend his spiritual rule over the entire universe.

Looking at history and at the many pieces of the immense puzzle that had and have to fall in place to enable Jesus of Nazareth to fulfill His mission something becomes very clear. Even though Jesus has become God the Almighty He can not be the only and ultimate force in this endeavor of universal proportions. Jesus for sure is an agent of a higher power just like the Buddha, Confucius and many others. One could say that the entity that dwelt in Jesus is the chief executive. But to make this entire operation run so effectively, so well planned spanning the whole world cannot be the work of a god or even a group of persons. When the history of this world is scrutinized under the aspect to where it leads a twofold trend becomes apparent.

One trend is towards total destruction of everything living. The other trend does not exclude destruction but is preparing an alternative to the final destruction of all life. Clearly, here are two principles at work: the Positive Principle, which is the Principle of life, and the negative principle, which is the principle of death. Jesus and His helpers are the executives of the Positive Principle. The ancient gods and deities were and, in their present incarnations, mostly still are the executives for the negative principle.

From the viewpoint of energy programs has Jesus has won. Thus, the Positive Principle has decided the battle of the principles in its favor. Jesus and his helpers have established all the energy programs necessary for the coming change of the worlds. This change from the present negative material dimension to a positive one will bring peace and happiness to all living beings.

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Note: The above article is from the book 
God's Ultimate Task- Re-Creating the Universe in a Positive Dimension
by Rich Anders