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How to move at light-speed by not moving at all

by Doug Yurchey

The Electromagnetic Spectrum is the distribution of EM energy according to frequency or wavelength. The list is as follows:



All of the above are composed of particles called 'photons.' They also operate as waves. All of the above move at light-speed. Each neatly occupies the EM Spectrum; from the smallest gamma rays to extremely long, radio waves. All are invisible to the human eye except for a tiny band of visible light. This narrow band of white light is subdivided into color frequencies: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Violet. Red is at the long wavelength end and Violet is at the short wavelength end.

There is an old paradox in physics which is: How can something function as both particle and wave? There is a simple answer. If we took a DOT and moved it very, very fast:

  • ________________________

The result is a LINE. The particle/wave dilemma is no great mystery. A particle, mass or 'quanta' moves along the course of its frequency and it becomes a wavelength. Relative velocities determine wave or particle. A mass is only a mass to those moving like that mass. If you are not moving at light-speed right along with that mass...then, it is a wavelength. Ah, relativity.

To further explain: Imagine our physical universe with all of its cosmic bodies. Realize that throughout all of the space between the galaxies, stars and planets...there is the Electromagnetic Spectrum. This is a fact and not a theory. Radio telescopes prove that every wavelength permeates our world in every direction. Space is not an empty vacuum. So, here we see the physical world composed of atoms/molecules and then there are these particles wipping through space at the speed of light. Two universes (at the very least) absolutely exist: One relatively still and another that moves at light-speed relative to the stationary one.

Here is where the theory comes in: What if these EM wavelengths are only wavelengths to us? To those moving at light-speed relative to us, the wavelengths are particles. Wait, wait, wait...time out! There are people already moving at light-speed? The Electromagnetic Spectrum frequencies, in reality, are physical universes with stars and planets? Well, YES.

It is a staggering thought for those of you who have only imagined one world or a basic universe. What does this do to the question of God? Possibly, we can better understand infinity. This means that the cosmic ray that you have just measured, Mr. Scientist, might actually be an asteroid/ spaceship/ or something at rest from that other light-speed universe.

If our Electromagnetic waves are really physical worlds going by us at the speed of radio or light, then our seemingly stationary universe occupies a place on their Electromagnetic Spectrum. To them, our whole universe is a light beam or radio signal.

How fast are we moving? There have been attempts to answer this big question in miles per hour; adding up the speed of our planet...the speed of our sun...and the velocity of the Milky Way. But, the truth is our universe (along with all of the others) is traveling at warp speed. The only reason that tree over there is a tree is because it is moving just like you. We move at light-speed by not moving at all.

Is there evidence of these light-speed universes? Could be; the fact that 'gravity waves' emanate from every physical body in the universe. Us, and our world, are all composed of independent particles. Gravity waves are warps in this atomic field. We cannot observe these G-waves because of their very nature. Our universe is shaking or oscillating. But, we cannot see this movement because we are moving with it. If everything is in motion, it relatively appears as if there is no motion. There again: We are moving by not moving at all. Could gravity waves indicate our unfathomable velocity?

What is the significance of light-speed? It is the limit to each of the universes. Go faster, and you run right out of your universe and enter the next one. Imagine sitting in a light-speed vehicle. You press a button and BAM! You have become light and are now photonic particles but appear to not be moving. The rest of the universe outside your ship jumps in the opposite direction. You have become one with the waves and rays...then, suddenly, a whole universe has opened up. You discover that you have caught up with the universe that was once moving by you at light-speed. Now, this opened universe seems to be stationary. Yet, you know you are traveling at light-speed relative to your old world.

Developing a light-speed vehicle certainly has been achieved by intelligent ET life forms. Time stops when you move at light-speed. With a radio ship, you have the ability to get anywhere instantly! Not only do you have the means to go to a lot of places in this world, but you might be able to explore an entirely new universe.

The universe is worlds upon worlds upon worlds without an end. This universe is only our universe. There are plenty more. These conclusions are only mind-blowing to us. To those aliens out there who do possess light-speed spacecraft, it is elementary.

In Bowie's film The Man Who Fell to Earth, the alien character thought everything was television and watched many TVs simultaneously. Could all of these universes vibrate at particular EM frequencies or channels? Could aliens in light-speed Time ships travel from world to world as easy as us hitting the button on our remotes?


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