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The Space Dynamics

by Cyril H Thalpe Gamage


The following article is the 1st volume of a monograph of three volumes, written by me on ‘Space Dynamics’ to explain so far unexplained in the fundamental fields of Physics, Modern physics and Astrophysics. This is filled with experimentally and mathematically proven phenomena through 20 years of my soul engagement in the relevant study fields being a man of innovative thinking.

I fervently believe ‘Uncertainty’ in the fundamental study field of Physics is the due result of the efforts to theorize in absence of most essential linking theories such as;

1. Theory of Gravity Deviation,
2. Skin Boundary of Matter,
3. Theory of Electromagnetic Spherical Vortex.

The volume-1
presented below is to address the Space Matter on the whole, and it provides a mathematical derivation for Pressure of the Space Medium of our universe. It also proves the existence of Skin Boundary of Particles of matter and explains the mechanism how light & heat particles are shot out by the contracting skin of matter, sheared by medium resistance at motion.


The volume-2
is filled entirely with Gravity, Mechanism of Gravity, Theory of Gravity Deviation and Gravity based space dynamics in the universe. It also explains;

  1. How Gravity attracts only the things of Atomic Matter and the reason why it doesn’t attract non atomic things such as Electron Mass, Solar Wind, Light & Heat particles.

  2. How structural buildings are cracked gradually and how fountain water is naturally pumped up due to Static Work Done of Gravity
  3. How to derive Frequency of the Gravitational Wave by means of a simple laboratory experiment
  4. How planets are orbited round Sun due to the lateral force component of Solar Gravity Deviation and the theory of Gravity Deviation

  5. How to derive the force component of the solar gravity deviation upon the Earth
    (=2.354 x 1022 N) to orbit round Sun against the space medium resistance.
  6. Why non rotating planets posses no natural satellites
  7. Why planets are settled on to the ‘Family Plane’(equatorial plane) of Sun and why elliptic orbits are less stable than circular orbits.

  8. How the rotation of orbital axis of Mercury takes place and why it could certainly be disastrous on Earth to wipe out all the living beings from the planet.
  9. How could the orbit of Pluto be so highly inclined to the equatorial plane and the probability of it to be an alien.


Volume –III
of the experimental monograph is yet to be born and it will contain

1. The Electromagnetic Spherical Vortex to explain how Sun
    and its polarized planets are rotated
2. The Mechanism of the Inter Atomic Rotary System and
    how energy is consumed to keep on the rotation.
3. The phenomenon of ‘Moola Gravity’, the Gravity at Dropped Scales
    to explain attraction between Neutron and Proton particles.

I hope you would kindly excuse this way of an approach, for I found no other way possible to expose this results which could be very important to the world. There is no claim or protection upon any of above furnished matters, from my part and I hope this will be a heap of fresh materials for MSc and PhD students for their experiments, researches and inventions which could immensely help in future to protect mankind from overhanging natural and manmade disasters.

Thank You.

Cyril H Thalpe Gamage



by Cyril H Thalpe Gamage


However much the modern sciences are developed, it is very unfortunate of a thing that, man of 21st century cannot answer a child for questions of primary level such as;

  1. How Earth is rotating?
  2. Why planets orbit around Sun?
  3. Why not even a single planet moves in the other way round?
  4. Why non rotating planets posses no satellites?
  5. How gravity does attract things?
  6. Why gravity doesn’t attract electron mass, solar wind, light heat etc?
  7. How weather changes seasonally?......

To be frank, there are many things in the world, poorly explained, unexplained or unfound as yet. Otherwise how could such sweet natural things like Wind, Water, Land etc could disguise all at once as disastrous Tornados, Tsunamis and earthquakes to kill thousands of unprepared people. It is therefore, of worth to review what we know and what we don’t know.

Field specialization has created too many branches in the tree of Knowledge, and the scholars who climbed up to tip ends of their field branches, are isolated without adequate linkage with other branches and as a result, a wholesome definition or a conclusion upon any matter could not be possible today.

If knowledge is for knowledge’s sake, I don’t see any need to develop it any further, but it has yet to be improved on behalf of the mankind, to assure protection against overhanging threats, manmade or natural.

Man is far conservative and knowledge is the most dangerous thing in the world, which creates knowledgeables to protect it right or wrong, by shielding it from challenges.

Deduction through observations, is an old art of getting at far distant realities, as used by philosophers, universalists and some of the scientists in the past and it could cut off much laborious and expensive experiments.

This is an experimental monograph, born in the desire of explaining the things, so far unexplained or poorly explained. The subject content is compacted in to three volumes and this book, ‘Space Dynamics -Volume-1’, is to address fundamentals on Space Matter, Energy, Space Parameters and Behavior of Matter.

Sciences are naturally overwhelmed by unnecessary complexity, and ‘Uncertainty’ is the certain destination in absence of essential linking theories. Everything in this world has a good reason behind to happen.

Cyril H Thalpe Gamage

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by Cyril H Thalpe Gamage

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by Cyril H Thalpe Gamage

The known is much lesser than the unknown about inner mechanism of our living planet Earth, and there are very few accepted concepts or proven theories to explain what is going on inside of Earth. Read More >>



by Cyril H Thalpe Gamage

One day when I was a child of grade-2 , I observed a car moving fast on the road in front of our house in the countryside. Suddenly a wheel cover of the car released and flew off just like a flying saucer towards me. That incident never flew off from my mind and after some decades, it struck my mind again and again to think back ‘how could that wheel cover fly in against of the mighty influence of Gravity?’

It is observed that the subject area under ‘Angular Momentum’, ‘Conservation of Angular Momentum’ and ‘Direction of Angular Momentum’ was not well defined in the ‘Classical and Medieval Mechanics’ and this technical paper is born to challenge the gloomy theorizations within the particular subject area.

The law of ‘Conservation of Angular Momentum’, the definition for ‘Direction of Angular Momentum’ and the gloomy way of explaining the rotary motion in some famous case studies are challenged by this technical paper by introduction of two alternative principles such as;

  1. The Principle of ‘Action and Perpendicular Reaction’ in rotary systems
    ‘Flying Force’ upon a rolling wheel and the mechanism of ‘Flying Turbines’, which shows the possibility to create a ‘Space Expeditor Craft’ was introduced under this paper. Besides that the secret of the child’s top, problem of the hanging wheel, rotation of the Dentist’s chair and the orbital motion of boom rang were explained herein.
  2. The Principle of ‘Diversion of a Mass flow’
    Under this principle it is explained that ‘Diversion of a Mass Flow’ requires external energy but shifting of a mass flow requires no extra energy if the external medium is non-resistive. Besides that the famous case of the ‘Dentist’s chair’ was explained without any reference to ‘Conservation of Angular Momentum’ of the classical mechanics.
  3. The Mystery of ‘Mass Flow’ at the Extreme Ends?
    Without knowledge of the ‘4th Dimension’ and the theory of ‘Spherical Vortex of Charged Particles’ the rotary mass flow at the extreme ends of the space matter cannot be observed by Man.

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Space Dynamics: Volume 1 [ PDF ]  |  Volume 2 [ PDF ]  |  Volume 3 [ PDF ]  | Volume 4 [ PDF ]

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