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Save the Globe via Renewable Energy Sources

by Cyril H Thalpe Gamage

1. What are the optional resources?

It can be observed that the modern human civilization is in a rapid aimless march to reach a historical turning point to decide whether to continue or not. Human dimension upon that highly competitive race has made some irrecoverable damages to the Globe due to over consumption of non renewable energy sources exceeding the limit of healthy carrying capacity of the Global Ecosystem.

Don’t we feel that man is passing the best fertile valley, right where he should have settled on behalf of a pleasant and peaceful life? It is nothing else but non directional Knowledge is the most dangerous thing in the world to lead the global human civilization to a tragic end in future.

The world knowledge tree has grown in to thousands of solitary branches and it is not a high growth but breadth growth of a tree can always provide the best harvest and shade for mankind. Similarly extraordinary high growth of some discrete field branches of Science always creates voids in between. Otherwise how could such sweet natural things like Wind, Water, and Land could disguise all at once as disastrous Tornados, Tsunamis and landslides to kill thousands of unprepared people? Therefore scholars have got to review back to identify voids and gaps so far overlooked in their study fields to be filled.

However it is not too late as yet to think of limiting fossil fuel burning and we have to get a sharp turn towards Renewable Energy Sources in order to prevent the Globe from further Warming. But what are the most efficient, reliable and greenish technologies to meet the ever rising energy demand?

There are several identified optional natural resources such as wind, solar radiation, potential water heads, tidal rise of sea level and ocean waves etc. but can we satisfied with the available technologies to abstract energy out of them efficiently?


2. Available Technologies

i. Solar Radiation for Electricity

Technology is much improved, efficient enough and environment friendly to the maximum degree but, what when the whole day is gloomy? That is exactly where a void could be observed because our technologies for energy storing are very poor. We have to ask that question from aliens (if we could find one of them) to know how they store energy and most probably man has overlooked the proper technology as yet. Just imagine what a big stock of energy is stored in such an infinitesimal particle called atom?

Photo source:  http://rhlx01.rz.fht-esslingen.de
Visit their site for information on solar power as an energy source

ii. Wind mills

Do you believe the technology of abstracting wind energy has been much improved at present? It has been only sophisticated but efficiency is less than that of the ancient Dutch wind mill. Overall efficiency of any process of energy generation is defined such as; “the percentage energy abstraction out of the available energy stock concerned”.

Image Source:

Just have a look at a three vane turbine and imagine how much wind flux can escape from the turbine at any instant, without even touching the vanes. But no harm if a plant of many turbines is considered because escaped flux is caught behind by the other turbines of the unit. How about the capital cost then? Besides all that, the same problem again, what when there is no wind?

In 2030 Denmark plans to satisfy 50% of its electricity needs by means of wind energy
 (as opposed to 10% today). Image Source:

iii. Ocean Energy

This is the most reliable ever dynamic natural resource of energy but unfortunately no sound technology as yet known to abstract ocean wave energy.

iv. No more Developments in Hydropower production?

It is true that, there could be no more new hydropower availabilities almost anywhere in the world by now, in consideration of the environmental aspects not to exceed the healthy carrying capacity of ecosystems. But scientists have got to pay their attention yet to improve efficiency of hydropower generating process and distribution as well.

Source:  http://www.energymanagertraining.com/power_plants/Hydro_power.htm

Do you believe that almost 20% of power is lost at generating and another 20% is lost at distribution?

There are many voids and gaps still to be observed in prevailing science and technologies or otherwise how could be possible there a loss of 40% altogether?

Loss at generating is obviously due to the inefficiency of power turbines. The designs are several centuries old and no new designs as yet to replace them for improved efficiency. Modern sciences are at a sky touching high growth but just imagine how voids are created when other most important fields are overlooked.

3. Are there any optional Innovative Technologies?

Yes there could be many good inventions at present waiting long as years for patent coverage and then again waiting under the custody of patent agents seeking better markets.

Free Energy?

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Inventers are moreover desirous of doing some service to the society but they can’t help because that is how the trade has been established and at the same time they are afraid to be cheated. However ultimately the Idea Promoters, Patent Agents etc keep the business going on for years and as a result, world is missing the due benefits over the mankind too long.

4. The Soul Responsibility of Scientists

However when our Globe is at peril in face of Global Warming, it is the soul responsibility of scientists, inventors and all relevant marketing agents to look for more better renewable energy options and make easy access at affordable royalties for people to practice the so far born stock of optional technologies.


By Cyril H Thalpe Gamage www.chtgamage.com  (18 inventions are directly exposed for people to practice)

Copyright by Cyril H Thalpe Gamage

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