A science is not improved as far as theories remain unchallenged.


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According to the categorization of planets in the solar system, Earth belongs to the productive group of planets and with all indications the next magnetic reversal is imminent. The 2nd Fundamental Cosmic Reaction (2nd FCR), the mass production of atomic matter in productive planets, has to be started with reversal of the ‘Geo Spherical Vortex’. As a result, the globe may undergo a period of rapid (but gradual) expansion due to the growth of inner mass and the tectonic plates shall be more departed. The change shall be initiated at any moment with a remarkable drop of the flux of the charged energy particles (that comes from solar wind) to Earth or due to increased inability of our atmosphere to absorb them. Majority of Lightening strokes shall start beating from ground to sky as the best indicator of the change. In face of such a vast global climatic and weather change, only the most fitting varieties of plant and animal species shall remain with a few human beings, those who would survive in highland caves at vicinity of water, in order to start the next Human Civilization from Zero.


by Cyril H Thalpe Gamage



The known is much lesser than the unknown about inner mechanism of our living planet Earth, and there are very few accepted concepts or proven theories to explain what is going on inside of Earth.
Shape of Earth was proven as spherical and that is the only thing accepted confidently with no arguments by about the start of 21st century and all the other explanations of inner mechanics of the planet remain as concepts as yet.
However it is very unfortunate of a thing that man is more desirous of exploring the world at million light years far rather than looking down to observe what is there under his own feet.
Perhaps Galileo’s telescope could be the culprit which could have made this difference in



Though the so far accumulated knowledge stock is enormous, some fundamental matters and phenomena of Earth remain unexplained as yet. Can you answer any of bellow furnished questions confidently?

  • i. What is there about at the core of Earth bellow the magma shell?
  • ii. How could Earth’s magnetic poles originated?
  • iii. How could Earth rotate about?
  • iv. Do you believe that Earth is being grown in size and weight?
  • v. Then how could Earth grow in size and weight?
  • vi. How could Earth-Moon couple was originated?
  • vii. How water is originated on Earth?
  • viii. How mountain fountains are created?
  • ix. How salt is originated in oceans?
  • x. How water related living environment was originated?
  • xi. How monsoons change?
  • xii. How earthquakes occur and how volcano activate?
  • xiii. Why Earth magnetism is reversed periodically?
  • xiv. How could grate canyons were born?
  • xv. What is the phenomenon behind Bermuda triangle?
  • xvi. How could be the tectonic plates departed?
  • xvii. …………………………
  • xviii. …………………………


When further exploration in to Earth becomes impossible due to the unbearable heat of magma, the explorer has to be changed in to a good thinker of scientific deduction to deduce the things beyond or otherwise things would remain unexplained till the tragic end of human civilization upon the globe.

Time and tide wait for no man and stagnancy of knowledge may lead unprepared mankind in to the peril of unforeseen disasters. Therefore some daring concepts are introduced herein for arguments sake to be a step ahead at least towards improvement of the world sciences.

  • i. Earth is the first productive planet in the Solar System
  • ii. Earth is a hollow sphere of very low pressure at the mid core
  • iii. Magnetic reversal of Earth is due to periodic reversal of the Spherical Vortex of charged particles
  • iv. Moon was born by the Earth Bang




Figure - 1


A planet which possesses one or more moons, and rotates about itself being polarized, is recognized to be a Productive Planet. A Productive Planet grows in size and weight with time. The output of the production is surmised to be atomic matter at the mid core low pressure zone due to activation of the Planetary Spherical Vortex of Charged Particles. The vortex could be converted in to centripetal or centrifugal periodically in accordance with the fluctuation of magnitude of the energy flux (charged particles from solar wind emitted by Sun)


When it is started from Sun, Earth is the first productive planet because neither Mercury nor Venus is productive. They don’t rotate about themselves because there is no activation of electromagnetic vortexes in them. All other planets beyond Earth, such as Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are productive as shown in the figure-1.


Sun is being lost in weight due to emission of energy particles such as light, heat, electrons and solar wind and a bit of the loss is regained there within the solar system by each productive planet. The escaped emission of Sun is decelerated ultimately due to space resistance and expanded to be still space matter to extend the size of the space while only light particles travel millions light years far. (please refer ‘Space Dynamics’ / Volume I-2009 for definition and structure of ‘Space Medium Matter’, ‘Energy Matter’ and ‘Atomic Matter’)



Spherical Vortex is the most common phenomenon to be observed in everywhere with no difference either of microscopic or macroscopic level of worlds in the space. When it starts from zero in size, atom is the first example for the spherical vortex of charged particles and a productive planet is the second. Suns in galaxies, white dwarfs, galaxies and black holes are the examples of the macroscopic scale.

However it remained unidentified or overlooked even by the great scientists of the 20th century and as a result, Physical Science was lead towards Uncertainty when they couldn’t explain where the Matter and Energy come from and where they disappear in to?


Perhaps it could be the three dimensional thinking, which everybody is accustomed to, and it certainly hides the fundamental world realities that occur along the axis of the 4th dimension.

The Hubble like 3D instrumental systems of observation can observe only emerge and disappearance of space matter and in absence of the knowledge of 4th dimension, observers are naturally bewildered. (pl await the complete monograph ‘Space Dynamics Volume-III’ for definition of units along the 4th dimension


© Cyril H Thalpe Gamage

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Volume 1 [ PDF ]  |  Volume 2 [ PDF ]  |  Volume 3 [ PDF ]

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