Deadly Bird Flu

Deadly Bird Flu

Dr. Turi (reprinted with permission)


Dec 17, 2005


Last November President Bush in his radio address said to the American population: "While your government will do much to prepare for a pandemic, individual ACTION and individual RESPONSIBILITY are necessary for the success of any measures. Not only should you take action to protect yourself and your families, you should also take action to prevent the spread of influenza if you or anyone in your family becomes ill."

I teach my student that any and all diseases are coming from a spiritual or physical blockage. Any sicknesses are always caused by a weak immune system and usually resulting from an unhealthy physical or spiritual lifestyle.

We all know that viruses will mute and even immune themselves to any of our new and improved antibiotics. Do you think any action from your "concerned" government will protect you?

The President disclosed that he would spend more than $7 Billion to fight bird flu in the US. Note also that the plan involves new vaccines (including Tamiflu) and you know that all medical prescriptions are nefarious to your system. Twelve kids committed suicide in Japan after taking Tamiflu! Note also that those new vaccines will take years to develop.

Educated mental Snobs keep prescribing those dangerous drugs to our children, and many of them already committed suicide or turned into killers. (Read SOS To The world at drturi.com/commandments.php and save your life).

In their effort to contain the deadly virus, China destroyed more than 6 millions birds and this epidemic could have an economic impact of $900 Billions.

Come on people, there is so much money to make from your fear of the bird flu, be sure that the scientific community and the pharmaceutical corporations will benefit more than you will. Note also that the drug companies have asked President Bush for immunity, so if you or your children die they won't be legally responsible.

But the fact is back in 1918 the Spanish flu killed over 500.000 people in the US while millions more where hospitalized. During those days the deadly planet Pluto (decay/death) was in the sign of Cancer (home/family) and the US born July 4, 1876 is a Cancer country and suffered much more in the process. Read the Power of the Dragon to learn more about Pluto's devastating power on past, present and future generations. drturi.com/books.php

A pandemic of this size today would kill more than 2,000,000 people and the US has less than a million hospital rooms available for the general public.

What is frightening and very real is that it's just a matter of time before the Bird Flu (H5N1) mutates and spread from human to human. The deadly virus is not only in Asia but in England and from there, with air travel it could be all over the world pretty fast.

All measures are taken to stop the virus has been proven totally worthless and it would be a good idea to rely on you and not your government to save your butt if the virus makes it to our shores.

I wrote my 2006 predictions back in June 15, 2005 and some of them are already taking place. drturi.com/eclipse_predictions.php

Neptune rules the Head of the Dragon in Pisces and this planet rules also everything that has to do with INFECTIONS, deception, religions, hospitals and chemicals. Thus your only option to get sick is to BOOST your immune system.

Anything and everything you did, do or will do will work for you or against you when combating any diseases.

Let me give you a few tricks that will do the job and make a commitment to do so:

  • Don't poison yourself with chemicals
  • Change your attitude, and trust the vision of a new you
  • Stop bad habits immediately and stop doing what kills you
  • Don't eat anything dead and stay with nature
  • More - Be active and walk more to bring more circulation in your system.
  • Be positive as much as you can. Don't fight; don't put yourself in a situation where you would get depressed or insecure.
  • Exercise more, walk, run and if you can't just open the windows and breeze fresh air.
  • Wash your hands if you go to any public place and STAY clear from someone coughing.
  • Don't eat anything dead or anything that wear hair or if you do (like I do) get filet or fish.
  • Stay clear from ALL poultries and their eggs.
  • Eat a lot of fresh vegetables, fruits, grains and LOTS of organic RAW food.

  • Get a juicer and drink lots of concentrated NATURAL fruits juice.
  • STOP drinking smoking or doing pot immediately.
  • Love you pet.


  • Beet root
  • Celery
  • Apples
  • Carrots
  • Oranges
  • Add a spoon of unsulphured molasses

The fact is that throughout history no influenza virus blend has ever repeated itself, and NO virus is the same each year or will ever be the same. These viruses shift and mutate into completely different organisms each time, which induces serious doubts on the effectiveness of any influenza vaccine.

The sad fact is that corporations and manufactures are making billions of dollars manufacturing the products. Nevertheless, over the years hospitalizations and deaths from influenza have increased 100% and it's obvious that the flu shot did not, does not and will never work.

What are the ingredients making up the flu shots?

  • Carbolic Acid (poison) Ethylene Glycol (anti-freeze)
  • Carbolic Acid (poison)
  • Formaldehyde (causes Cancer)
  • Aluminum (associated with Alzheimer's disease)
  • Mercury (destroys immune cells)

Use common sense - Put a sunflower seed in the ground and in a few months that small seed will produce a huge 10 feet tall plant full of life that will give you more seeds. Do the same with vegetables or fruits and eat those seeds or vegetables and fruits. Put a hot dog or a burger in the ground and don't expect much life to come out of it. Chances are the animal fat will plug your arteries in the long run and kill you from a heart attack.

Many people fool themselves thinking they are eating healthy serving boiled vegetables. During the war the population was advised to drink only boiled water so all bacteria would be killed. Any time you bring water to a boil to high enough to kill germs; you are also destroying all healing properties found in vegetables.

Thus clean all your vegetables thoroughly by adding some vinegar to the water, then rinse them and put them in your pot and never bring the water to boil. Steaming is an effective and healthy way to cook vegetables. You may also cook them without any water at all. Simply put them in your pan covered, on the lowest heat possible and let them cook slowly for an hour or two. The natural moisture in the vegetable will be drawn out to steam them.


Again listen to that little voice about your situation AND CHANGE COURSE, EDUCATE YOURSELF, stop doing what kills you, build a better healthy life style and free yourself from all diseases naturally.


Crystals possess incredible curative priorities and they are perfect to heal the body mind and soul. Its all about energy, its all about stimulating the healing power from your subconscious, its all about natural Crystal Healing and it WORKS!

Many of you have requested more information on the Healing Crystals and we are working hard in getting this done. I hope to be able to do this before the end of January 2006 and get all the Healing Crystal from Brazil before my trip to London in January and with the help of my incredible Webmaster Alan you will be able to see them on my site. You will have to FEEL the specific Healing Crystal that will work for you and pick the size, shape or color yourself.

I will also educate you a bit more on some crystal healing priorities in future newsletters. Then after filling up this form drturi.com/cabhealingform.php and sending it to me, I will go to work MY WAY for you.

I will use astrology and your birth information to create a supra powerful "talisman" waiting for the right celestial auspice to charge your crystal. Combining the Healing Crystal's power with your natal personal celestial energy will also steer your subconscious healing forces and this unique spiritual recipe will unconditionally uplift your spirit and your immune system. This is how Nostradamus fought the plague naturally and saved millions of people from "le charbon".

Once my part is done you will have to listen to "Paradise" a 90 Hypnotherapy tape (part of the package) to stimulate your subconscious to visualize the new you and your healthier life. Now do not be afraid hypnotherapy is TOTALLY safe and once I rationally explain the working of the creative forces of your subconscious you WILL fall asleep with my hypnotic suggestions. Note also that you will wake up safe and sound but also tuned up positively to your subconscious. Taking a trip to "Paradise" is a positive experience and will make you very blissful.

It is a proven fact that a positive attitude boosts both your immune and lymphatic systems. Your brain generates neurons that directly affect the atomic structure of your entire being. Doctors are not bad people per say, some of my students who are surgeons, have accomplished physical miracles with their patients and they are mostly logical, rational traditionally educated humans. I am a doctor of doctors; a teacher of teachers and my inner wisdom is not restricted to the physical realm of consciousness.

As you know I am SWAMPED with work and if you ordered a Full Life Reading, PLEASE be patient. If you are interested in the Healing Crystal DON'T wait and jump in ASAP. Simply fill up the form (see link above) and send it to Dr. Turi 4411 N. 23Rd ST, Phoenix, AZ 85016. It's a first ask first served basis and Samantha is organizing your request by date then we will contact you by email or telephone if needed. Choices, pictures and pricing will be on both my future newsletters and in my site in time.

This straight-thinking logical scientific attitude gave rise to traditional disciplines and brought about today's health margins and serious limitations by revoking the power of the divine. Over the years, man's "scholarly" ego took over by challenging natural laws dictated by nature, and blurred doctors' common sense. Your physician undoubtedly gives you his best, but "his best" may not be in your greatest interest and that's where you and your doctor differ. That's where I will make a powerful difference. You will be the sole judge of my claim when you are ready for me.

Thank you for your patronage and make sure to pass on this important newsletter to all the people you care.


Happy Holidays To All

Dr. Turi

Dr. Turi (reprinted with permission)

About the Author

Born and raised in Provence, France, I rekindled and only exercise Nostradamus' 16th-Century Divine Astrology method. This formula does not reflect the modern astrology disciplines you may use, read, study, or practice. Realize that over 500 years ago the famous Prophet did not use a watch or any sophisticated computers. Thus, like the great Seer, I investigate outer space and the Universal Mind with my inborn spiritual telescope. A "microscopic attitude" will not help anyone to gain the golden key of spiritual knowledge and very often the forest is missed for the tree. This limited, exploitative attitude is for astronomers and scientist alike who have long lost their cosmic consciousness with their rigid mathematical minds. Every one of them is aware of the twelve constellations of the Zodiac; somehow it is still impossible for them to pass the limitations of their five rational senses and can not enter or perceive the archetypal real of consciousness. The soul's intuitive domain leading to cosmic consciousness is in the process of expansion and dictates the reason behind the young soul's "attitude."

To perceive the divine and decode the subtle meaning behind each symbol does take more than mere numbers. Only those blessed at birth with a superior spiritual intellectual legacy will be able to listen and speak the language of the gods and realize the hieroglyphs written in light. Combined with science, religious poisoning is also a serious part of fear or skepticism stopping the soul growing spiritually. Realize that Divine Astrology is an extremely old celestial art and a very complex science and must be practiced as such. Again, not every one of us is blessed with the "gift" needed to assimilate, understand, and translate correctly the heavenly dexterity of the Creator. That is why a section of the bible clearly mentions, "I will talk to you, but you won't hear me! I will present myself to you, but you won't see me!" God speaks to us within his own manifestation and through his Divine light only. Only those willing to expand their cosmic consciousness will be able to "perceive and receive." Be curious, be critical, keep an open mind and don't let induced religious fears stop you in gaining a new light. Simply "ask, and you shall receive" the understanding of God's celestial manifestation. For those born on the cusp of any zodiac sign, simply refer to the month of your birth, which reflects the exact constellation of your nativity. Divine Astrology, as practiced by Nostradamus, is the original way at looking at the stars, as did the great Seer.

In all affairs involving the mind and spirit, traditionalists and scientists alike are missing the obvious. Looking down will not bring the answers they are so desperately looking for. It is above and in the Universal Mind that one will find the golden keys to what it means to be human.

Blessing to all

Dr. Turi

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