Titanic, What Really Happened that Fateful Night?

by Dr.Turi

Titanic Dragon


Sun, 24Ari39, (1), Personality Born to be # 1, exalted

Moon, 24Pis33, (12), Deception Doomed at sea

Mercury, 25Ari32, (1), Competitive Judgmental error, retrograde

Venus, 02Ari56, (1), Pride Egocentric, detriment

Mars, 05Can12, (4), Danger and accident on board of the ship, fall

Jupiter, 15Sag07, (9), Traveling publicity, dignity

Saturn, 19Tau47, (2), Financial disaster

Uranus, 03Aqu14, (11), Shocking surprise, dignity

Neptune, 21Can02, (4), Religious ceremony, exalted

Pluto, 27Gem10, (3), Death in traveling


Dragon's Head: Aries - Titanic Personality and Fate: The great liner was the biggest and most expansive build to date and was to be number one in the world. Aries is ruled by Mars (Lord of danger) and Mars rules engineering, steel, speed, competitiveness and fire.


Dragon's Tail: Libra - Titanic Karma: The sign of Libra is ruled by Venus (partners, wealth, the arts, the law). The great ship assembled many prominent people. Many of those who perished on the ship came from prominent American, British, and European families. Sad enough, Libra (partnerships) also means hundreds of married couples who either died or were separated during the fateful night. Serious legal actions was to follow the drama by the survivors of all the victims. And, as anticipated by the location of the Dragon's Tail (negative) in Libra (the law) the responsible party never got punished and a meager some of money was paid to the relatives of the dead. Libra also means partners in business, and because of the Dragon's Tail in Libra's location, none of the Titanic's investors made money, instead they took a serious loss.



Ruler of Chart that fateful night: Mars (danger/accident)

Planetary Hour Lord: Mars (danger/accident)

Mercury retrograde: Total loss of communication


Memo - Starguide 1996: Loss of a large vessel at sea: A few hundred people will lose their lives at sea. A replica of the "Titanic" experience is to be expected during one of the four "Supernova" windows - see 1997 Starguide for exact dates of major calamities.


Sometimes I get frustrated, even confused in the way my channeled predictions unfold. For example, as you read above, I wrote the word “Titanic" well before the most expansive movie ever made in the history of Hollywood. At that specific time in space, this great movie was only an idea in someone’s mind and a far away movie project, which did manifest publicly, two years later, in January 1998. Incidentally, my predictions for serious sea accidents also took place with both the Scandinavian and Haitian ferry accidents where hundreds of people lost precious lives at sea. Using Divine Astrology, I will try to shed some light on what really happened that fateful night of April 15th, 1912 when the unsinkable ship named “The Titanic” sank in the cold water of the Atlantic Ocean. "Iceberg, dead ahead!" were the words screamed by the lookout. The iceberg loomed in front of the massive ship. The man at the wheel tried to turn the ship, but it was too late. If they could only have seen soon enough the iceberg, Titanic probably wouldn't have sunk. But, instead they turned and the side of the ship, the weakest part, was faced towards the iceberg. It just scratched along the side of the ship, but it was enough to pop out its rivets. They sealed the watertight compartments, but the iceberg had struck 5 of the compartments, and the Titanic had only 4 watertight ones. It seemed unbelievable, but the Titanic, the ship that was supposed to be "Unsinkable", was sinking.


Facts about the Titanic; Most of the people on board had slept through the crash. Some of the kids awoke and went to the deck. They played catch with the pieces of ice from the iceberg. The Titanic weighed more than 46,000 tons! It was 882 feet long! And could hold 3,000 people! The great ship had 1,750 pounds of ice cream and had 4 tons of potatoes aboard.


The British luxury passenger liner Titanic sank on April 14-15, 1912, en route to New York City from Southampton, England, during its maiden voyage. The vessel sank with a loss of about 1,500 lives at a point about 400 miles (640 km) south of Newfoundland. The great ship, at that time the largest and most luxurious afloat, was designed and built by William Pirrie's Belfast firm Harland and Wolff to service the highly competitive Atlantic Ferry routes. It had a double-bottomed hull that was divided into 16 presumably watertight compartments. Because four of these could be flooded without endangering the liner's buoyancy, it was considered unsinkable. Shortly before midnight on April 14, the ship collided with an iceberg; five of its watertight compartments were ruptured, causing the ship to sink at 2:20 AM April 15.


Note: Mercury the planet of traveling and communication was in retrograde motion. Inquiries held in the United States and Great Britain alleged that the Leyland liner Californian, which was less than 20 miles (32 km) away all night, could have aided the stricken vessel had its radio operator been on duty and thereby received the Titanic's distress signals.


Only the arrival of the Cunard liner Carpathia 1 hour and 20 minutes after the Titanic went down prevented further loss of life in the icy waters. Many of those who perished on the ship came from prominent American, British, and European families. Among the dead were the noted British journalist William Thomas Stead and heirs to the Straus and Astor fortunes. The glamour associated with the ship, its maiden voyage, and its notable passengers magnified the tragedy of its sinking in the popular mind. Legends arose almost immediately around the night's events, those who had died, and those who had survived. Heroes and heroines, such as American Molly Brown, were identified and celebrated by the press. The disaster and the mythology that has surrounded it have continued to fascinate all of us. As a result of the disaster, the first International Convention for Safety of Life at Sea was called in London in 1913. The convention drew up rules requiring that every ship has lifeboat space for each person embarked (the Titanic had only 1,178 boat spaces for the 2,224 persons aboard); that lifeboat drills be held during each voyage. And, because the Californian had not heard the distress signals of the Titanic that, ships maintain a 24-hour radio watch.


The International Ice Patrol also was established to warn ships of icebergs in the North Atlantic shipping lanes. On Sept. 1, 1985, the wreck of the Titanic was found lying upright in two pieces on the ocean floor at a depth of about 4,000 m (about 13,000 feet). The ship, located at about 41° 46' N 50° 14' W, was subsequently explored several times by manned and unmanned submersibles under the direction of American and French scientists. The expeditions found no sign of the long gash previously thought to have been ripped in the ship's hull by the iceberg. The scientists posited instead that the collision's impact had produced a series of thin gashes as well as brittle fracturing and separation of seams in the adjacent hull plates, thus allowing water to flood in and sink the ship. In subsequent years marine salvagers raised small artifacts from the wreckage and even attempted to lift a large piece of the hull.


The name RMS Titanic is synonymous with tragedy and her story is well known throughout the world. One night, in April 1912, this veritable 'floating palace', quoted as being unsinkable, hit an iceberg and sank on her maiden voyage, taking over 1500 unfortunate souls with her. True, there have been worse maritime disasters, but the power of the Titanic story has an enduring quality that appears will never die. Why does this ghost still haunt us? Here we are, at the dawn of a new century, still asking the same questions that were asked so many years ago in 1912. Questions such as why were the iceberg warnings ignored? What if the Titanic had hit the iceberg dead on? What was the mystery ship seen by the Titanic lookouts? Will we ever know the true events that led up to the sinking of the Titanic? Will she ever reveal her secrets to us? Will the ghost of the Titanic ever rest? Perhaps the only way we'll ever find out is to travel back in time...


That is what I can do regardless to what all scientists of the past, present and future may think. The questions are still there and the given answers may satisfy common people, but behind all the rational research and explanation, lies the plain truth and the solid reasons’ why the great ship sank that night. As mentioned before in all my Moon Power books, I always insist on starting any and all projects, especially traveling, after the new moon when ever possible. The fact of the matter is that, the Titanic sank two days before the New Moon. Most importantly, the planet of transportation (Mercury) was in its regular yearly retrograde motion and literally stopped all forms of communication that night. “The Leyland liner Californian, which was less than 20 miles (32 km) away all night, could have aided the stricken vessel had its radio operator been on duty and thereby received the Titanic's distress signals”. Also, how come “this ships that usually maintain a 24-hour radio watch, did not get the message?” As a rule the tiny planet rules awareness, all moving parts, radio communication and traveling. When retrograde, as experienced with the NASA shuttle explosion, many chain reaction accidents, Lady Diana accidental death etc. the worst will transpire as the many unaware souls pays the heavy price of ignorance and dies. When will those in power be ready to accept the truth of God’s celestial will and stop blaming men and its majestic sailing or flying machines.


Note: Mr. J.P. Morgan said “ Millionaires don’t use Astrology, billionaires do!”

Incidentally, Mr. Morgan purchased a ticket a few weeks earlier and was supposed to sail the Titanic on April 1912. Instead, he decided to go down to the south of France with his mistress and enjoy life. This great man was aware of the power of the stars and knew that Mercury, the planet of transportation was retrograde. He postponed his trip to the US and saved his life.


Thousands of great ships shared the same fate as the Titanic:


The Andrea Doria had been master from the very first trial runs to her unfortunate fifty-first voyage by Captain Piero Calamai. Captain Calamai, although the youngest of the Italian Line's ship master to command a first-class vessel, was very well respected with an unblemished career. Even utilizing some of the most technologically advanced navigational methods of his time, loran and radar, an unfortunate chain of events was to make this the last voyage of the Andrea Doria. While the Andrea Doria was making her way towards New York, the Swedish-American liner Stockholm had left New York on her way to Scandinavia, both vessels had plotted courses toward the Nantucket Lightship. The Stockholm was traveling in calm waters, with a slight overcast sky but good visibility. The Doria was traveling in a dense, light dimming fog that had Captain Calamai and his crew taking fog precautions of closing watertight doors, notifying the engine room and repositioning the lookout from the crow's nest forward to the bow. Captain Calamai decided not to slow but to keep the engines running full speed ahead as the Doria was already behind schedule due to weather conditions, besides any vessels in the area would show on radar in plenty of time to alter course.


At 10:20 PM, the Andrea Doria passed within one mile of the Nantucket Lightship, which was invisible through the dense fog, and altered her course due West to complete the last leg of her journey. At approximately 10:40 PM the senior second officer of the Andrea Doria, Curzio Franchini, noticed a blip on the radarscope and notified the captain. Calamai assuming the vessel to be a fishing trawler decided to forgo the Rules of the Sea, (which require a port-to-port passage) and decided to pass the vessel starboard to starboard. At 10:50 PM a blip appeared on the radarscope of the Stockholm showing a vessel about 12 miles away. Johan-Ernst Carstens-Johannsen a young third officer on the Stockholm plotted the course of the oncoming vessel assuming the Rules of the Road and estimated the ship would pass one half to one mile to port. Carsten also made the assumption he would be able to see the vessel, as the Stockholm had not yet encountered the fog bank. At 11:03 PM the Stockholm's radarscope showed the oncoming vessel to be less then four miles away. Carsten could not see the vessels lights and made yet another assumption that either the vessel's lights were malfunctioning or was a blacked out Navy vessel on maneuvers, he had no idea that less then a thousand feet away was an incredibly thick fog bank. At 11:06 P.M. the lookout on the Stockholm sighted lights to the port and Carsten swung the Stockholm 20 degrees to starboard, the Doria sighted the Stockholm and Captain Calamai called "All left!". The maneuvering instigated by both sides was for naught, as at 11:09 PM the reinforced bow of the Stockholm pierced the starboard side of the Andrea Doria, inflicting her with a 30-foot gash. The gash proved fatal as it pierced five fuel tanks on the Doria's starboard side filling them with 500 tons of seawater while air trapped in empty tanks on the port side caused a non-correctable list. The sinking of the Andrea Doria was a tragedy that involved the loss of fifty-two people and was a long drawn out process. The Doria stayed afloat for nearly twelve hours, until 10:09 am, July 26, 1956 when she disappeared below the surface to take up her new position as a capsule back in time for generations of divers to explore.


The similarity of both accidents is unarguable, mostly because, just as in the Titanic drama, Mercury the planet of communication and transportation was on July 26th, 1956 in its yearly retrograde motion. Thus, because of this little planet role in our solar system, miscommunication, misjudgment, wrong assumption, lack of rational thoughts and ignorance of the stars impact upon human lives, another disaster strike the unaware mortal below. Incidentally, as with the Titanic, this accident happened also while the Moon was waning or 4 days after the Full Moon, while the Titanic accident took place two days before the New Moon. What’s even more incredible is that, in both days, the waning dramatic moon was crossing the sign of Pisces, ruled by Neptune, “The Lord of the Seas”. MAY 29, 1914...01:20 RMS Empress of Ireland drops off her pilot and sails into disaster. Less than an hour later this proud ocean liner collides in fog with the Norwegian collier Storstad. The Empress sinks in fourteen minutes in the St. Lawrence River, taking 1,014 passengers and crew with her in the worst maritime disaster in Canadian history. Again this disaster took place while the Moon was in the watery sign of Cancer, and five days after the Full Moon. The date is May 7, 1915, one full week after the Full Moon (in Pisces again), just nine months into World War I. A German U-boat torpedoes the Lusitania - one of the largest and fastest luxury liners in the world. Of the 1,959 people aboard, including millionaire Alfred Vanderbilt, nearly two-thirds will die. Many are trapped inside the great ship as she sinks in just eighteen minutes.


Over the centuries, thousands of ships and men met with their fate and sank to the bottom of the oceans. While cruising the seas, looking for new lands and treasures, they were looking down to the bible’s dogmatic teachings seeking divine protection. But it was in the light and above their heads in the stars, which God spoke to them. With no cosmic consciousness, they couldn’t see or hear him, thus in the name of fear and ignorance many souls lost their precious lives. Did we learn anything yet?


"Though we often live unconsciously, " on automatic pilot ", every one of us can learn to be awake. It just takes a good teacher, time and practice."

Dr. Turi


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