The UK Adventure

A guest article by Dr. Turi

The UK Adventure

by Dr. Turi (reprinted with permission)



Dear Readers:

I hope my newsletter will find every one of you in good spirits.

I left the US during a "Supernova" window and with great anticipation to return to my past. I recall leaving the UK for the US back in April 1984 and I returned to England 21 years later on April 4th, 2005. I left my natal France for the UK in 1974 and spend about 10 years deriving joy from the British life and even learned to play piano there. Note also that I arrived in London from the warm French Riviera with my guitar and a little bag of clothing only. Before "moving" to England I was working in a holiday camp in the South of France and fell in love with a beautiful English girl. I promised her that our love story would not end after the summer and I worked a little longer, saved the money then took off to the UK a few weeks later. What did I do for love then! Well being French, passionate and courageous I did not think the "English Channel" would be much of an obstacle. Little did I know about the cold, wet, English weather the language barrier and British lifestyle and suffered the consequence of being young, immature and adventurous. I ended up in a totally different world where no one spoke my language and was forced to make Victoria train Station in London my home for a few weeks.

I was playing guitar to make a living while trying hard to connect with my lovely English girlfriend living somewhere in the great city of London, something that, regardless of my efforts, never took place. Sadly enough some of my dirty neighbors living in the "tubs" did not like me and my French songs on their turf. One night after a fight both my guitar and my bag (including Jane's address) were thrown under the tramway and lost forever. Following this incident I spent many days patrolling the long line of telephone booths hoping to hear someone speaking French and get some help.

I was hurting, cold, starving and with absolutely nothing to make a few bucks with. I was reduced to annihilation far from home, in a cold wet foreign country with no one to turn to. I often thought about the warm weather the security and rich French food left behind at home in the South of France, but with no money I had no way of turning back. During those days cellular phones did not exist and money was very scarce. I took all the strengths I had left, collected myself from panic and began to take on the long streets of London, hoping to find someone who could understand me and give me a job. I was ready to do anything, absolutely anything to eat and stop my screaming stomach pain.

Once I recall going shopping with a few pennies and coming back to my "quarters" in Victoria Station to enjoy my meager meal in a remote area. I opened the small can with my pocketknife and chewed for a while on some weird, tough food. Then I took my French / English dictionary to translate the words "dog food". Imagine my surprise and how loud I laughed at myself. What a way to learn a foreign language, but for as long as I live I will never forget and even cherish this learning experience.

For hours on end I used to knock on restaurant doors, asking for a job, from people who could not understand French. For many days I returned totally depressed to the warmth inside Victoria Station and all its trashcans I was wet, cold and reduced to homelessness and total hopelessness. How could I end up in such a way, so low, so insecure so desperate and all this I thought, for a girl?

But ultimately luck finally was on my side. I was on my way back from another day knocking doors and just before reaching Victoria station I saw an old lady carrying a few trash bags. I was wet, starving sick with a bad cold but as always, courteous and ready to help anyone in trouble. I asked the lady if she needed some help with her bags and she replied to me in perfect French. I was ecstatic to finally understand someone speaking my language. Her dead husband was from Switzerland and she learned French after many years living over there. We stroked a conversation where I explained to her my situation. Luckily for me she was the owner of a small bed and breakfast and she fed me and gave me my first job as a dishwasher in the UK. I was at the end of the rope but the good heart, compassion and love of this old English lady literally saved me from a sure disaster.

But there is so much more taking place in anyone's fate, often the Universal Will is a blessing in disguise. I had dreams to be a musician then and I did not know that many years later I was to graduate, with high distinction, from the Audrey Wickens Royal School of Music in Eastbourne, Sussex and win the distinction silver cup, in front of 400 students. I did not know, that less than a year later, I was to sign a recording deal with Phonogram recording in Paris, with my entire English musician band backing me up, with the Paris French Violin Philharmonic Orchestra.

I did not know that I was to do it all over again, in the US, ten years later and make my own American dream, starting with only $50 in my pocket, in a much bigger country. I left France for a girl I never saw again, but I always wanted to be a musician. I found music in England, but found my true self in the US, while undergoing extraordinary, unbelievable experiences with UFO that bred my exceptional wisdom. I was molded by life, pushed by an unseen force that would bring the best of who I am and all I can offer to others. I felt like a worm living in the cold English Channel water transforming into a butterfly aiming for the warm sunlight of the wide Arizona desert where I now reside.

The metamorphosis took place in so many levels and in so many ways but ultimately leading me to an incredible fate and great accomplishments. Life's challenges was my school where I had to endure more pain and suffering than the average person. All the while through these terrible challenges I became stronger, wiser, compassionate to others and now can understand and guide them accordingly. What is it I did not felt or endure in my crazy life I still wonder? Again my book "You Are God" will be difficult if not impossible for many people to believe all the challenges I had to go through in my rich life, but rest assure given a chance I would not change a thing.

All along I though I knew what I wanted but I did not know where or how I was going to make it happen, I only knew to faithfully follow my powerful intuition. I did not know that years later I would RE-connect with England and do many radio shows and have newspaper articles written about my purpose in the UK. I did not know then that I would be broadcast on the BBC or the well-known top Talk Radio Sport station in London. Howard Hughes is a famous radio host and even arranged for me to broadcast from the University of Bournemouth because Sue and I could not make it to London to do a live show.

I really enjoyed the tremendous responses I generated all over England just a few weeks earlier on his show with my predictions. Well this stuff happens regularly in the US and Canada for me as I have been on major radio/TV and newspaper over the years. But really what makes it so special is that; it all started in the UK and from nowhere I also got the attention of the British population with my teachings and predictions. My show with Howard went as usual fantastic, he praised my abilities in predictive astrology and my insights with the amazed callers. As usual my mailbox exploded with requests for more readings from all over the UK but sad enough people do not understand that I can not fulfil their requests.

When I planned my trip to England I knew I was going back to my past because of the Supernova window but this one was very special to me. I even received an email from a skeptical person wondering why I was traveling during a Supernova window and not following my own advice. Well there is much more behind my teachings than to stop living because it's the "bad" moon or under Mercury retrograde period but I can not teach the dynamic of Astropsychology to anyone from my site, I simply told her that I knew better and I was safe to go.

I knew I was going to be back in the past and while working in the UK I planned to get a week off to visit my family. While there I was walking the streets of my little village and a schoolmate I did not see for nearly 40 years recognized me. He told me things I did to amuse the class then that I could never recall on my own, such as blowing into the ink and splash it all over my face and make more funny faces. During those days we did not have pens but "crayons a plumes" and a little hole in the desk kept the small container filled with black ink we used to write. Now I understand better why my teacher "fired " me from school at the tender age of 14 years old. Not to forget that I usually took revenge on his tires and car's paint following serious physical abuses and got caught doing so. Incidentally I also met with old classmates born the same month and year than me doing the healing job following a musical career, it seems the stars are somehow responsible for so much similar interest or behavior in my generation. My past really jumped at me like never before during this trip and to my amazement just before flying to France an old girlfriend I did not heard from so many years emailed me from Reykjavik Iceland. A really nice girl I dated back in 1985 in Eastbourne while studying at the Royal School of music. She landed on my site by accident looking for predictions and she was very happy to reconnect with me years later.

I also got to talk to my friend Dolores Cannon who regularly tour the UK. Sue invited her last year to lecture on Nostradamus and she is back for another presentation in Bournemouth soon. The last time Dolores and I spoke was nearly two years ago in California in one of our regular conference. We first met years ago while doing a segment on Nostradamus for NBC television in Dallas Texas.

My past really came up this time as for years my siblings and I tried to re-visit the old house where we were all born and grew up. The new owners were always absent or unwilling to let strangers in. But this time round we did got lucky and after explaining ourselves to the residents we were allowed to walk up and down the old house and all of us were near tears overloaded with emotions and memories of days long gone. It felt very strange for me to stand in the attic (my bedroom when I was 7 years old) where I witnessed my first UFO contact. The same hot/cold panicking feelings repressed for so many years enveloped my entire body mind and spirit. I felt weird as of the ET's were about to pop up from nowhere once more right in front of me. Years ago I was right there laying in bed and my terrifying screams in the middle of the cold winter nights used to wake up the entire neighborhood. This trip was memorable but it brought me a form of closure I so desperately needed to let go of the most dramatic experiences I had to go through as a child.

Following this experience from my past I enjoyed the warmth and love of my family including the great wine and food of the region for a few days then flew back to the UK.

Sue Stone is a fantastic lady blessed with smart twins (Rich and Nick) and a gorgeous 19-year old daughter named Natalie. The twins and I developed a fantastic relationship and saw me as a surrogate dad. Questions from the Indians, to guns, bikes, snakes the wild Arizona desert, the Indians and all that makes America was a daily subject. I promised them a great time and invited them to visit me for their birthday in October. Natalie loves rap music and also excited to visit the US and one of her dream is to also experience the American life.

She and her girlfriend came to pick me up at the airport from Paris and drove me back to Bourn mouth following my trip to France. Sue is a very competitive Aries lady who manages both her business and family life in perfect harmony. Almost immediately I became a part of the family and it felt really good to be accepted as such. The time spent with them is priceless and Sue's numerous friends are simply phenomenal people. Her house is a true palace located in the countryside with horses, chickens, cats and lots of wild life. Sue's moon in Cancer makes it for her great cooking and motherly caring attitude. Meantime, outside of my teachings they also enjoyed my own cooking and piano playing. She also loves to ride her horse around her neighborhood and entertain all her friends. This newsletter reach thousands of people worldwide and if you are in the UK I strongly recommend you to check Sue's website "Power of positiveliving.com" and join her highly spiritual group in Bournemouth. She is a fantastic person, an amazing organizer and a perfectionist at time (blame it on her Saturn (structure) in Virgo (details) and all went perfectly smooth. She regularly invites speakers and if you need solid guidance don't hesitate to sign up and meet spiritual people.

The lectures took place at a Durley Hall hotel just a few miles away from her ravishing home near Bourn mouth. All my topics were received superbly by the attendance especially my lectures on "Universal Predictions" and "the Power of the Subconscious" when I hypnotized the audience into a deep state of relaxation inserting positive suggestions to all. Just before my trip to France a Bournemouth newspaper journalist wrote a full-page article on my predictions and many more spiritual people from the city came to the gathering.

The lady journalist had no idea of the power of Astropsychology and I explained to her that born with a Dragon in Gemini (communication/newspaper/photography) she was set by her own stars to be in this occupation. I also told her that Gemini rules the hands and the arms and that she was prone to breaking some bones. Then amazed she told me that only a few weeks ago she broke her finger…

The crash course took place in Sue's largest room in her beautiful home. To my amazement some students came from a very long way following my radio interviews. All my students were keen to learn and it was a real challenge to teach them Cabalistic Healing and the dynamic of Astropsychology in such a short time but ultimately the twelve of them graduated and did very well indeed in gathering cosmic consciousness. I felt relieved from a job well done and thought I would then be able to relax and enjoy the last three "days off" before my return to the US but as usual happy clients spoke about my readings and I ended up booked solid until the very last day.

During my stay I met so many nice people and the very last night Sue invited all her friends for a getaway party in my honor. I can honestly say that this UK adventure was a total success and brought me new friends and a good dose of the British hospitality and love I left behind 21 years ago.

I will be lecturing in Phoenix on Universal Prediction – Go to rainoftruthtalkradiocom/nononsense.htm for all details and all speakers.

I will do a radio show on the X zone from 12:30am Saturday morning (May 7) to 2am Saturday morning (Eastern Time). Go to xzone-radio.com/archives.htm
and listen live or later to the archived show.

I will then be at the Conspiracy Conference in Santa Clara go to conspiracycon.com/ and check all great speakers there.

Then ECTV Cruise to Belize go to earthchangestv.com/cruise.html and find out all about this incredible trip.

Lastly don't hesitate to use the current deal on the LUCKY Dragon dates to reach your all your dreams at drturi.com/resolution.html

Blessings to all

Dr. Turi

About the Author

Born and raised in Provence, France, I rekindled and only exercise Nostradamus' 16th-Century Divine Astrology method. This formula does not reflect the modern astrology disciplines you may use, read, study, or practice. Realize that over 500 years ago the famous Prophet did not use a watch or any sophisticated computers. Thus, like the great Seer, I investigate outer space and the Universal Mind with my inborn spiritual telescope. A "microscopic attitude" will not help anyone to gain the golden key of spiritual knowledge and very often the forest is missed for the tree. This limited, exploitative attitude is for astronomers and scientist alike who have long lost their cosmic consciousness with their rigid mathematical minds. Every one of them is aware of the twelve constellations of the Zodiac; somehow it is still impossible for them to pass the limitations of their five rational senses and can not enter or perceive the archetypal real of consciousness. The soul's intuitive domain leading to cosmic consciousness is in the process of expansion and dictates the reason behind the young soul's "attitude."

To perceive the divine and decode the subtle meaning behind each symbol does take more than mere numbers. Only those blessed at birth with a superior spiritual intellectual legacy will be able to listen and speak the language of the gods and realize the hieroglyphs written in light. Combined with science, religious poisoning is also a serious part of fear or skepticism stopping the soul growing spiritually. Realize that Divine Astrology is an extremely old celestial art and a very complex science and must be practiced as such. Again, not every one of us is blessed with the "gift" needed to assimilate, understand, and translate correctly the heavenly dexterity of the Creator. That is why a section of the bible clearly mentions, "I will talk to you, but you won't hear me! I will present myself to you, but you won't see me!" God speaks to us within his own manifestation and through his Divine light only. Only those willing to expand their cosmic consciousness will be able to "perceive and receive." Be curious, be critical, keep an open mind and don't let induced religious fears stop you in gaining a new light. Simply "ask, and you shall receive" the understanding of God's celestial manifestation. For those born on the cusp of any zodiac sign, simply refer to the month of your birth, which reflects the exact constellation of your nativity. Divine Astrology, as practiced by Nostradamus, is the original way at looking at the stars, as did the great Seer.

In all affairs involving the mind and spirit, traditionalists and scientists alike are missing the obvious. Looking down will not bring the answers they are so desperately looking for. It is above and in the Universal Mind that one will find the golden keys to what it means to be human.

Blessing to all

Dr. Turi

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